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John Coghill

Republican — Senator — B
Available Terms:
  • 27
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John Coghill represents Senate District B in the Alaska Senate, is a member of 14 committees, and is the primary sponsor of 92 bills.

1998 31507.2
2000 18911.0
2002 15263.83
2004 17492.0
2006 31954.97
2008 19188.28
2010 13910.0
2012 75389.0

For detailed campaign finance information visit Influence Explorer. Figures via the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

  • Capitol Office:

    State Capitol Room 119
    Juneau AK, 99801
    Phone: 907-465-3719
    Fax: 907-465-3258
  • District Office:

    1292 Sadler Way Suite 340
    Fairbanks AK, 99701
    Phone: 907-451-2157



News and Blog Coverage

Senators: Everything but taxes, PFD on table to fix budget

Everything is on the table for budget cuts, members of the Senate majority caucus said today, but the lawmakers will avoid introducing new taxes or encroaching on Alaskans’ Permanent Fund Dividends. On the first day of the 29th Legislature, Sens. Kevin Meyer, R-Anchorage; Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks; John Coghill, R-Fairbanks; Anna ...

Gov signs 'medically necessary' abortion bill

Republican Gov. Sean Parnell signed into law Thursday a bill to legally define the term “medically necessary” in relation to abortion funding criteria. Supporters say the bill is not related to the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate but is an issue about how abortions are funded under Medicaid. “We are simply ...

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Committee Membership

Sponsored Bills

  • SB 117

    An Act relating to a tribal court diversion program for certain offenses; relating to superior court jurisdiction; and amending Rules 215, 609, 610, and 611, Alaska Rules of Appellate Procedure.

  • SJR 17

    Requesting the United States Congress to exempt Alaska from the United States built requirement of the Jones Act for large ocean-going ships.

  • SB 91

    An Act relating to protective orders; relating to conditions of release; relating to community work service; relating to credit toward a sentence of imprisonment for certain persons under electronic monitoring; relating to the restoration under certain circumstances of an administratively revoked driver's license, privilege to drive, or privilege to obtain a license; allowing a reduction of penalties for offenders successfully completing court-ordered treatment programs for persons convicted of driving under the influence; relating to termination of a revocation of a driver's license; relating to restoration of a driver's license; relating to credits toward a sentence of imprisonment, to good time deductions, and to providing for earned good time deductions for prisoners; relating to the disqualification of persons convicted of certain felony drug offenses from participation in the food stamp and temporary assistance programs; relating to probation; relating to mitigating factors; relating to treatment programs for prisoners; relating to the duties of the commissioner of corrections; amending Rules 32 and 35(b), Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; and providing for an effective date.

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  • SCR 6

    Proclaiming April 2015 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

  • SJR 16

    Expressing support for the Arctic Economic Council and the United States Arctic Economic Council delegation; requesting that the United States Congress express support for the Arctic Economic Council, for the chair of the Arctic Economic Council to be a resident of this state, and for the structure of the Arctic Economic Council leadership to mirror the rotation of the chair of the Arctic Council; and encouraging the United States Congress to cooperate with the state on matters related to and under consideration by the Arctic Economic Council.

  • SCR 4

    Relating to the duties of delegates selected by the legislature to attend a convention of the states called under art. V, Constitution of the United States, to consider a countermand amendment to the Constitution of the United States; establishing as a joint committee of the legislature the Delegate Credential Committee and relating to the duties of the committee; providing for an oath for delegates and alternates to a countermand amendment convention; providing for a chair and assistant chair of the state's countermand amendment delegation; providing for the duties of the chair and assistant chair; providing instructions for the selection of a convention president; and providing specific language for the countermand amendment on which the state's convention delegates are authorized by the legislature to vote to approve.

Recent Votes

HCR 101

Shall HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 101 Authorizing a recess by the House of Representatives or Senate for a period of more than three days, pass the Senate?

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 1575.0
•••No: 525.0
•••Other: 00.0
HB 106

Shall CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 106(STA) am "An Act relating to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, including jurisdiction by tribunals of the state, registration and proceedings related to ...

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 1470.0
•••No: 630.0
•••Other: 00.0
SCR 18

Shall SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 18 Suspending Rules 24(c), 35, 41(b), and 42(e), Uniform Rules of the Alaska State Legislature, concerning House Bill No. 105, relating to the programs and ...

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 20100.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 00.0
HB 105

Shall SENATE CS FOR CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 105(FIN) am S "An Act relating to the programs and bonds of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority; relating to ...

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 20100.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 00.0
HB 178

Shall HOUSE BILL NO. 178 "An Act relating to workers' compensation fees for medical treatment and services; providing for an effective date by amending the effective date of sec. 5, ...

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 20100.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 00.0
SR 4

Shall SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 4 Establishing the Senate Special Committee on Federal Overreach, pass the Senate?

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 20100.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 00.0
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