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Open States

Arizona Legislators

Name District Party Chamber
Karen Fann 1 Republican House
Noel W. Campbell 1 Republican House
Steve Pierce 1 Republican Senate
Rosanna Gabaldón 2 Democratic House
J. Christopher Ackerley 2 Republican House
Andrea Dalessandro 2 Democratic Senate
Sally Ann Gonzales 3 Democratic House
Macario Saldate IV 3 Democratic House
Olivia Cajero Bedford 3 Democratic Senate
Charlene R. Fernandez 4 Democratic House
Lisa A. Otondo 4 Democratic House
Lynne Pancrazi 4 Democratic Senate
Sonny Borrelli 5 Republican House
Regina Cobb 5 Republican House
Susan Donahue 5 Republican Senate
Brenda Barton 6 Republican House
Bob Thorpe 6 Republican House
Sylvia Allen 6 Republican Senate
Albert Hale 7 Democratic House
Jennifer D. Benally 7 Democratic House
Carlyle Begay 7 Republican Senate
Thomas "T.J." Shope 8 Republican House
Franklin M. Pratt 8 Republican House
Barbara McGuire 8 Democratic Senate
Randall Friese 9 Democratic House
Matthew A. Kopec 9 Democratic House
Steve Farley 9 Democratic Senate
Bruce Wheeler 10 Democratic House
Stefanie Mach 10 Democratic House
David Bradley 10 Democratic Senate
Vince Leach 11 Republican House
Mark Finchem 11 Republican House
Steve Smith 11 Republican Senate
Eddie Farnsworth 12 Republican House
Warren H. Petersen 12 Republican House
Andy Biggs 12 Republican Senate
Steve Montenegro 13 Republican House
Darin Mitchell 13 Republican House
Don Shooter 13 Republican Senate
David Gowan 14 Republican House
David W Stevens 14 Republican House
Gail Griffin 14 Republican Senate
Heather Carter 15 Republican House
John M. Allen 15 Republican House
Nancy K Barto 15 Republican Senate
Doug Coleman 16 Republican House
Kelly Townsend 16 Republican House
David C. Farnsworth 16 Republican Senate
Javan Mesnard 17 Republican House
Jeff Weninger 17 Republican House
Steven Yarbrough 17 Republican Senate
Bob Robson 18 Republican House
Jill Norgaard 18 Republican House
Jeff Dial 18 Republican Senate
Mark A. Cardenas 19 Democratic House
Diego Espinoza 19 Democratic House
Lupe Contreras 19 Democratic Senate
Paul Boyer 20 Republican House
Anthony Kern 20 Republican House
Kimberly Yee 20 Republican Senate
Rick Gray 21 Republican House
Tony Rivero 21 Republican House
Debbie Lesko 21 Republican Senate
Phil Lovas 22 Republican House
David Livingston 22 Republican House
Judy Burges 22 Republican Senate
Michelle Ugenti 23 Republican House
Jay Lawrence 23 Republican House
John Kavanagh 23 Republican Senate
Lela Alston 24 Democratic House
Ken Clark 24 Democratic House
Katie Hobbs 24 Democratic Senate
Justin Olson 25 Republican House
Russell "Rusty" Bowers 25 Republican House
Bob Worsley 25 Republican Senate
Juan Jose Mendez 26 Democratic House
Celeste Plumlee 26 Democratic House
Andrew C. Sherwood 26 Democratic Senate
Rebecca Rios 27 Democratic House
Reginald Bolding Jr. 27 Democratic House
Catherine H Miranda 27 Democratic Senate
Eric Meyer 28 Democratic House
Kate Brophy McGee 28 Republican House
Adam Driggs 28 Republican Senate
Ceci Velasquez 29 Democratic House
Richard C. Andrade 29 Democratic House
Martin Quezada 29 Democratic Senate
Debbie McCune Davis 30 Democratic House
Jonathan R. Larkin 30 Democratic House
Robert Meza 30 Democratic Senate
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