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Open States

Colorado Legislators

Name District Party Chamber
Lontine, Susan 1 Democratic House
Jerry Sonnenberg 1 Republican Senate
Garnett, Alec 2 Democratic House
Kevin Grantham 2 Republican Senate
Daniel Kagan 3 Democratic House
Garcia, Leroy M. 3 Democratic Senate
Daniel Pabon 4 Democratic House
Mark Scheffel 4 Republican Senate
Crisanta Duran 5 Democratic House
Donovan, Kerry 5 Democratic Senate
Lois Court 6 Democratic House
Ellen S. Roberts 6 Republican Senate
Angela Williams 7 Democratic House
Ray Scott 7 Republican Senate
Elizabeth "Beth" McCann 8 Democratic House
Randy Baumgardner 8 Republican Senate
Paul Rosenthal 9 Democratic House
Kent D. Lambert 9 Republican Senate
Dickey Lee Hullinghorst 10 Democratic House
Owen Hill 10 Republican Senate
Jonathan Singer 11 Democratic House
Merrifield, Michael 11 Democratic Senate
Mike Foote 12 Democratic House
Bill Cadman 12 Republican Senate
KC Becker 13 Democratic House
Cooke, John 13 Republican Senate
Dan Nordberg 14 Republican House
John Kefalas 14 Democratic Senate
Klingenschmitt, Gordon Ph.D. 15 Republican House
Kevin Lundberg 15 Republican Senate
Janak Joshi 16 Republican House
Neville, Tim 16 Republican Senate
Roupe, Catherine "Kit" 17 Republican House
Matt Jones 17 Democratic Senate
Sanford E "Pete" Lee 18 Democratic House
Rollie Heath 18 Democratic Senate
Lundeen, Paul 19 Republican House
Woods, Laura J. 19 Republican Senate
Carver, Terri 20 Republican House
Cheri Jahn 20 Democratic Senate
Lois Landgraf 21 Republican House
Jessie Ulibarri 21 Democratic Senate
Justin Everett 22 Republican House
Andy Kerr 22 Democratic Senate
Max Tyler 23 Democratic House
Vicki Marble 23 Republican Senate
Danielson, Jessie 24 Democratic House
Martinez Humenik, Beth 24 Republican Senate
Leonard, Timothy 25 Republican House
Mary Hodge 25 Democratic Senate
Diane Mitsch Bush 26 Democratic House
Linda Newell 26 Democratic Senate
Sias, Lang 27 Republican House
Tate, Jack 27 Republican Senate
Brittany Pettersen 28 Democratic House
Nancy Todd 28 Democratic Senate
Tracy Kraft-Tharp 29 Democratic House
Morgan Carroll 29 Democratic Senate
Windholz, JoAnn 30 Republican House
Chris Holbert 30 Republican Senate
Joseph A. Salazar 31 Democratic House
Pat Steadman 31 Democratic Senate
Dominick Moreno 32 Democratic House
Irene Aguilar 32 Democratic Senate
Dianne Primavera 33 Democratic House
Michael Johnston 33 Democratic Senate
Steve Lebsock 34 Democratic House
Lucia Guzman 34 Democratic Senate
Winter, Faith 35 Democratic House
Larry Crowder 35 Republican Senate
Su Ryden 36 Democratic House
Wist, Cole 37 Republican House
Kathleen Conti 38 Republican House
Polly Lawrence 39 Republican House
Buckner, Janet P 40 Democratic House
Jovan Melton 41 Democratic House
Rhonda Fields 42 Democratic House
Van Winkle, Kevin 43 Republican House
Ransom, Kim 44 Republican House
Neville, Patrick 45 Republican House
Esgar, Daneya 46 Democratic House
Clarice Navarro 47 Republican House
Stephen Humphrey 48 Republican House
Perry Buck 49 Republican House
Dave Young 50 Democratic House
Brian DelGrosso 51 Republican House
Joann Ginal 52 Democratic House
Arndt, Jeni James 53 Democratic House
Willett, Yeulin 54 Republican House
Thurlow, Dan 55 Republican House
Kevin Priola 56 Republican House
Bob Rankin 57 Republican House
Don Coram 58 Republican House
J. Paul Brown 59 Republican House
James "Jim" D. Wilson 60 Republican House
Millie Hamner 61 Democratic House
Edward Vigil 62 Democratic House
Lori Saine 63 Republican House
Timothy Dore 64 Republican House
Jon Becker 65 Republican House
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