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Indiana Committees

Chamber Name Members
Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources
House Agriculture and Rural Development
Senate Appropriations
Senate Civil Law
Senate Commerce, Economic Development & Technology
House Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development
Senate Corrections & Criminal Law
Senate Corrections Subcommittee
House Courts and Criminal Code
Senate Courts and Juvenile Justice Subcommittee
Senate Criminal Law Subcommittee
House Education
Senate Education and Career Development
Senate Elections
House Elections and Apportionment
House Employment, Labor and Pensions
Senate Environmental Affairs
House Environmental Affairs
Senate Ethics
House Family, Children and Human Affairs
House Financial Institutions
Senate Financial Institutions
House Government and Regulatory Reform
Senate Health and Provider Services
Senate Homeland Security, Transportation, and Veterans Affairs
House Insurance
Senate Insurance
Senate Joint Rules
House Judiciary
Senate Judiciary
House Local Government
Senate Local Government
House Natural Resources
Senate Pensions and Labor
Senate Probate Code and Trusts Subcommittee
Senate Provider Services Subcommittee
House Public Health
Senate Public Health Subcommittee
House Public Policy
Senate Public Policy
Senate Public Safety Subcommittee
House Roads and Transportation
Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure
House Rules and Legislative Procedures
House Select Committee on Government Reduction
House Statutory Committee on Ethics
House Statutory Committee on Interstate and International Cooperation
Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy
Senate Transportation Subcommittee
Senate Utilities
House Utilities and Energy
House Veterans Affairs and Public Safety
House Ways and Means