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Reginald Thomas

Democratic — Senator — District 13
Available Terms:
  • 2013-2014
  • 2015-2016

Reginald Thomas represents Senate District 13 in the Kentucky Senate, is a member of eight committees, and is the primary sponsor of 130 bills.

  • Capitol Office:

    702 Capitol Ave
    Annex Room 255
    Frankfort KY 40601
    Phone: 502-564-8100 x608
    Fax: 502-564-0777

Committee Membership

Sponsored Bills

  • SB 176

    AN ACT relating to civil rights. Amend KRS 344.010 to include definitions for "sexual orientation" and "gender identity"; amend KRS 344.020, relating to the purpose of the Kentucky's civil rights chapter, to include a prohibition on discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity; amend KRS 344.040, 344.050, 344.060, 344.070, and 344.080, relating to prohibited discrimination in various labor and employment practices, to include sexual orientation and gender identity; amend KRS 344.025, 344.100, 344.110, and 18A.095 to conform; amend KRS 344.120 and 344.140, relating to prohibited discrimination in places of public accommodation and advertisements therefor, to include sexual orientation and gender identity; amend KRS 344.170, 344.180, 344.190, 344.300, and 344.310, relating to the state and local human rights commissions, to include prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the scope of their powers and duties; amend KRS 344.360, 344.680, 344.370, and 344.380, relating to prohibited discrimination in certain housing, real estate, and other financial transactions, to include sexual orientation and gender identity; amend KRS 344.367, relating to prohibited discrimination in certain insurance sales, to include sexual orientation and gender identity; amend KRS 344.400, relating to prohibited discrimination in certain credit transactions, to include sexual orientation and gender identity; and make various technical amendments.

  • SR 115

    Honor Madisonville Community College President Dr. Judith L. Rhoads on the occasion of her pending retirement on March 18, 2016.

  • SB 159

    AN ACT relating to certificates for driving. Create new sections of KRS 186.400 to 186.640 to define the term "certificate for driving" as a document issued by the Transportation Cabinet to an individual 18 years or older who has resided in the Commonwealth for a minimum of three years and who cannot prove citizenship or meet the requirements of KRS 186.412(2) to (4); mandate that certificates for driving be clearly distinguishable from regular operator's licenses and clearly state on the face that the document is not to be used for identification purposes; require the cabinet to establish a unique identifying number system for certificates and keep a database of all certificate holders and their driving histories available for the use of law enforcement agencies; require that the certificate for driving have a color photograph of the applicant on it; provide that the certificate for driving shall be valid for one year; require that the certificate for driving clearly state on its face that it is valid in Kentucky only; prohibit the use of the certificate for driving database from being used for the investigation or enforcement of immigration laws; require the cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations to provide standards for the application, issuance, denial, and revocation of certificates; set out application procedures for certificates for driving; require application to be made in Frankfort or at a regional office of the cabinet; require the Department of Kentucky State Police to examine all applicants for a certificate; impose instruction permit restrictions on individuals applying for a certificate who do not have a valid license from another state or recognized foreign jurisdiction; set out denial criteria and revocation criteria; prohibit the Transportation Cabinet from issuing a certificate for driving to a person whose driving was suspended for any reason other than a conviction for failure to have insurance or a conviction for driving without an operator's license; require the cabinet to establish a points and suspension system for moving violations similar to the one used for operator's licenses; make certificates valid for one year, with renewal; require possession of the certificate at all times when operating a motor vehicle; require certificate holders to notify the circuit clerk of name and address changes; set the fee for a certificate at the same fee as for an operator's license; establish an initial application fee of $100; prohibit certificate holders from possessing an operator's license; prohibit certificate holders from operating a commercial motor vehicle; subject certificate holders to existing penalties for DUI and driving on a suspended license; EFFECTIVE 1/1/17.

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  • SB 157

    AN ACT relating to an earned income tax credit. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 141 and amend KRS 141.0205 to establish a refundable earned income tax credit.

  • SB 150

    AN ACT relating to DNA. Amend KRS 17.169 to include local law enforcement as persons authorized to collect DNA samples; amend KRS 17.170 to provide for the collection of DNA samples at arrest or initial appearance from all persons charged with a felony offense; amend KRS 17.175 to provide for expungement of DNA samples in specified circumstances and allow use of all samples collected in good faith; amend KRS 64.060 to establish a $5 payment from the State Treasury to the collecting agency for each DNA sample collected.

  • SR 100

    Adjourn in honor and loving memory of Georgia Montgomery Davis Powers and place a bronze plaque on her desk in the Senate.

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