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John E. Courson

Republican — Senator — District 20
Available Terms:
  • 119
  • 2013-2014
  • 2015-2016

John E. Courson represents Senate District 20 in the South Carolina Senate, is a member of five committees, and is the primary sponsor of 332 bills.

1996 29536.0
1998 355339.62
2000 121105.0
2002 6950.0
2004 173809.04
2006 53549.08
2008 136875.0
2010 34600.0
2012 120199.12

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  • Columbia Address:

    412 Gressette Bldg.Columbia 29201
    Phone: 803-256-7853



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Committee Membership

Sponsored Bills

  • S 350

    A Bill To Amend Section 4 Of Act 314 Of 2000, As Last Amended By Act 248 Of 2010 To Terminate The Provisions Of The South Carolina Community Economic Development Act On June 30, 2020.

  • S 352

    A Concurrent Resolution To Express The Profound Sorrow Of The Members Of The South Carolina General Assembly Upon The Passing Of The Honorable C. Lem Harper, Sr., Of Columbia And To Extend The Deepest Sympathy To His Family And Many Friends.

  • S 348

    A Senate Resolution To Recognize And Honor Zion Chapel Baptist Church Number One For Its Deep Heritage In Richland County And To Congratulate The Congregation And Its Pastor Upon The Celebration Of The Church'S One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary.

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  • S 347

    A Senate Resolution To Congratulate Charles Mcfadden, Former Senior Vice President Of Governmental Affairs And Economic Development Of Scana Corporation, Upon The Occasion Of His Retirement, To Commend Him For His Many Years Of Dedicated Service, And To Wish Him Much Happiness And Fulfillment In All His Future Endeavors.

  • S 346

    A Concurrent Resolution To Award The South Carolina Medal Of Valor To Those South Carolinians Who Lost Their Lives While Serving In The Armed Forces During The Global War On Terrorism.

  • S 1

    A Bill To Enact The "2015 Ethics Reform Act"; To Amend The Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, By Amending Sections 2-17-20 And 2-17-25 Relating To Lobbyists, To Amend Lobbyist And Lobbyist'S Principal Registration Fees; To Amend Sections 2-17-30, 2-17-35, And 2-17-40 To Provide For Lobbying Filing Report Dates For Lobbyists, Lobbyist'S Principals And State Agencies; To Amend Section 2-19-70 To Prohibit A Member Of The General Assembly From Being Elected To A Judicial Office For Two Years After Service In The General Assembly And To Prohibit Direct Or Indirect Pledges For Judicial Candidates Until The Time Prescribed By Law; To Amend Section 8-13-130 To Permit The Senate And House Ethics Committees To Levy A Fee On A Person Who Committed An Ethics Violation For Reimbursement For The Investigation And Hearing; By Amending Chapter 13, Articles 3 And 5 Of Title 8, To Provide For The Duties And Procedures Of The South Carolina Ethics Commission And To Provide For The Duties And Procedures Of The House And Senate Ethics Committees And To Provide Penalties For Certain Violations; To Amend Section 8-13-700, Relating To Use Of An Official Position Or Office For Financial Gain, To Prohibit Private Business Dealings During Hours For Which A Public Official, Public Member, Or Public Employee Is Compensated For Governmental Services And To Provide For When A Public Official, Public Member, Or Public Employee Must Recuse Himself; To Amend Sections 8-13-720 And 8-13-725 By Providing For Additional Penalties; To Amend Section 8-13-755 To Prohibit A Public Official, Public Member, Or Public Employee From Lobbying Or Accepting Employment In An Area In Which The Official, Member, Or Employee Directly And Substantially Participated During His Public Service; To Add Section 8-13-756 To Provide Some Exceptions In The Prohibition Against Financial Gain For Higher Education Employees Who Participate In The Development Of Intellectual Property; To Amend Section 8-13-775 To Provide When A Public Official, Public Member, Or Public Employee May Not Participate In The Awarding Of A Government Contract; To Amend Section 8-13-870 To Eliminate The Option For The State Ethics Commission To Issue An Oral Warning Or Reprimand; To Amend Section 8-13-790 To Require Recovery Of The Value Of Anything Received By A Public Official Or Public Employee In Violation Of Chapter 13, Articles 1-11 Of Title 8; To Amend Section 8-13-360 To Require The State Ethics Commission To Provide For Electronic Filings Accessible To The Public; To Amend Section 8-13-1110 For Technical Changes And To Provide That All Salaried Members Of A Board, Commission, Or Agency Must File A Statement Of Economic Interests And To Remove The Requirement That Directors Of A Division, Institution, Or Facility Must File A Statement Of Economic Interests; To Amend Section 8-13-1120, Relating To Contents Of Statements Of Economic Interest, To Further Provide For These Contents; To Add Sections 8-13-1145 And 8-13-1364 To Provide For Electronic Notice Of Obligation To File A Report With The Appropriate Supervisory Office; To Amend Sections 8-13-1170 And 8-13-1372 To Eliminate Confidentiality Of Technical Violations; To Amend Section 8-13-1300, Relating To Definitions In Regard To Campaign Practices, To Revise Certain Definitions; To Amend Section 8-13-365 To Provide For Electronic Filings With The State Ethics Commission; To Amend Sections 8-13-1308 And 8-13-1309 To Provide For Pre-Election Reports To Be Filed Five Days Before An Election; To Add Section 8-13-1311 To Establish Filing Requirements Of Independent Expenditure-Only Committees; To Add Section 8-13-1313 To Establish Filing Requirements Of A Person, Who Is Not A Committee, Who Makes An Independent Expenditure; To Add Section 8-13-1315 To Provide Certain Prohibitions Against An Elected Official Or Candidate For Public Office Coordinating With An Independent Expenditure-Only Committee; To Amend Section 8-13-1318, Relating To The Acceptance Of Contributions To Retire Campaign Debts, To Require Any Such Contributions To Be Used For This Purpose Only; To Amend Section 8-13-1320 To Provide A Time Frame For When Contributions Are Attributed To A Primary Run-Off; To Amend Section 8-13-1322 To Provide That Committee Contribution Limits Do Not Apply To An Independent Expenditure-Only Committee; To Amend Section 8-13-1328 To Eliminate Provisions Concerning Candidate Loan Repayments As It Applies To The Candidate'S Family Members; To Add Section 8-13-1337, To Clarify Who May Not Solicit Contributions, Nor Provide Employment Advantages Or Disadvantages Based Upon A Contribution; To Amend Section 8-13-1340, As Amended, Relating To Restrictions On Contributions By One Candidate To Another, Or Through Committees Controlled By A Candidate, To Delete An Exception For A Committee, Other Than The Candidate'S Committee, Controlled By A Candidate If It Is The Only Such Committee, And To Make Conforming Changes; To Amend Section 8-13-1344 To Provide Restrictions On A Candidate, Committee, Or Political Party From Offering An Incentive To Endorse A Candidate; To Amend Section 8-13-1348 To Prohibit Use Of Campaign Funds To Pay Penalties From Criminal Prosecution And To Provide For Additional Penalties; To Amend Section 8-13-1356 To Require A Candidate For Countywide, Or Less Than Countywide Office, To File A Statement Of Economic Interests; To Repeal Sections 8-13-1160, 8-13-1180, 8-13-1310, 8-13-1350, 8-13-1358, 8-13-1362, And 8-13-1366; And To Provide For Technical And Conforming Changes.

Recent Votes

S 9

2nd Reading

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 3882.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 817.0
S 8

2nd Reading

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 3882.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 817.0
S 940

motion under Rule 15A

Legislator Vote: No

•••Yes: 920.0
•••No: 3271.0
•••Other: 48.0
S 825

to adopt the Conference Report

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 3475.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 1124.0
H 3945

Motion under 15A

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 1840.0
•••No: 1942.0
•••Other: 817.0
H 3945

Motion under 15A

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 1635.0
•••No: 2351.0
•••Other: 613.0
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