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McLain R. Toole

Republican — Representative — District 88
Available Terms:
  • 119
  • 2013-2014
  • 2015-2016

McLain R. Toole represents House District 88 in the South Carolina House, is a member of two committees, and is the primary sponsor of 1594 bills.

2002 16250.0
2004 13050.0
2006 13050.0
2008 20274.92
2010 15825.0
2012 19052.86

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  • Columbia Address:

    323C Blatt Bldg.Columbia 29201
    Phone: 803-734-2973

Committee Membership

Sponsored Bills

  • H 3925

    A Concurrent Resolution To Declare April 2015 As "Homeschool Recognition Month" In South Carolina, To Recognize The Diligent Efforts Of Homeschooling Parents And The Academic Success Of Their Students, And To Express Sincere Appreciation For Their Focus On The Well-Being And Overall Achievements Of Their Children.

  • H 3901

    A House Resolution To Recognize And Honor Thad Brunson, Chief Engineer For Field Operations With The South Carolina Department Of Transportation, Upon The Occasion Of His Retirement After More Than Thirty-One Years Of Outstanding Service And To Wish Him Continued Success And Happiness In All His Future Endeavors.

  • H 3906

    A Bill To Amend Section 12-43-220, As Amended, Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, Relating To The Four Percent Special Assessment Ratio, So As To Provide That, In Certain Situations, If A Person Receives The Four Percent Assessment Ratio When The Person Was Not Eligible, Any Payment In Error Is Considered Partial Payment And The Person Owes The Balance At The Correct Assessment Ratio Plus A Penalty On The Balance, And To Provide That After A Parcel Of Real Property Has Undergone An Assessable Transfer Of Interest, Delinquent Property Tax And Penalties Assessed Because The Property Was Improperly Classified As Owner-Occupied Residential Property While Owned By The Transferor Are Solely A Personal Liability Of The Transferor And Do Not Constitute A Lien On The Property And Are Not Enforceable Against The Property After The Assessable Transfer Of Interest If The Transferee Is A Bona Fide Purchaser For Value Without Notice; And To Amend Section 12-54-85, Relating To The Time Limitation On The Assessment Of Taxes And Fees, So As To Disallow Assessments After Thirty-Six Months, And To Provide That A Taxpayer May Make A Claim For A Refund On Real Property Within Thirty-Six Months Of Payment Instead Of Twenty-Four Months.

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  • H 3916

    A Bill To Amend Section 56-1-400, As Amended, Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, Relating To The Surrender Of A Person'S Driver'S License To The Department Of Motor Vehicles Upon Its Suspension Or Revocation, The Issuance Of A New Driver'S License, And The Installation Of An Ignition Interlock Device On A Vehicle For A Conviction For Certain Offenses, So As To Delete The Provision That Allows A Person Whose Employment Requires Him To Drive A Vehicle That Is Not Required To Be Equipped With The Device To Obtain A Waiver From Having The Device Installed In The Vehicle.

  • H 3887

    A Bill To Amend The Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, By Adding Section 59-1-485 So As To Provide That A Public K-12 School May Not Provide A Catering Service Or A Food Or Beverage Vending Service To The Public From A Nonacademic Food Service Of The School Or Through A Culinary Arts Program Or Similar Academic Program Offered By The School, Regardless Of Whether The Service Is Provided On-Site Or Off-Site, To Exempt Pending Contracts For These Services If Provided Within Six Months After The Effective Date Of This Act, To Provide Limited Exceptions For Food And Beverages Sold As Fundraisers For School Organizations And At Interscholastic Activities, And To Define Necessary Terminology.

  • H 3891

    A Bill To Amend Section 56-31-50, Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, Relating To Surcharges On Rental Or Private Passenger Motor Vehicles For Thirty-One Days Or Less, So As To Define Necessary Terms, To Delete Existing Surcharge Provisions, To Instead Provide Rental Companies Engaged In The Business Of Renting Vehicles For Periods Of Ninety Days Or Less May Charge Separately Stated Fees Which May Include Certain Fees And Taxes, To Provide The Amount Of The Charge Must Represent The Good Faith Estimate By The Motor Vehicle Rental Company Of Its Daily Charge Calculated To Recover Its Actual Total Annual Recoverable Costs, To Provide Requirements For When The Total Amount Of The Vehicle License Fees Collected By A Motor Vehicle Rental Company In Any Calendar Year Exceeds The Actual Costs Of The Car Rental Company During That Period, To Require A Certain Description Of Vehicle License Fees In The Vehicle Rental Agreements, And To Provide That Vehicle License Fees Are Subject To Certain Sales And Use Taxes.

Recent Votes

H 3775

Passage of Bill

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 10081.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 2318.0
H 3914

Passage of Joint Resolution

Legislator Vote: No

•••Yes: 6351.0
•••No: 3528.0
•••Other: 2520.0
H 3683

Passage of Bill

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 10484.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 1915.0
H 3349

Passage of Bill

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 10484.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 1915.0
H 3547

Passage of Bill

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 10383.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 2016.0
H 3443

Passage of Bill

Legislator Vote: Yes

•••Yes: 9980.0
•••No: 00.0
•••Other: 2419.0
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