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AB 706 (California)

Community colleges: academic employees.

  • Introduced Feb 19 2019
  • Read first time. To print. May 16 2019

HB 360 (Tennessee)

Driver Licenses - As introduced, on or after January 1, 2020, requires any person 75 years of age or older who applies for renewal of a driver license to pass a vision test unless the person submits a certified statement reporting the results of an examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist and the need for any corrective lenses or diagnosed impaired night vision; authorizes persons with diagnosed impaired night vision to use night vision equipment without a driving-during-daytime-only restriction. - Amends TCA Title 55, Chapter 50.

  • Introduced Jan 30 2019
  • Filed for introduction Feb 06 2019

HB 304 (Missouri)

Provides that certain mandatory minimum sentences may be discretionary and creates provisions when a person is eligible for a parole hearing

  • Introduced Dec 18 2018
  • Prefiled (H) May 17 2019