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sponsored by Louise Stutes

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HB 216 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act relating to restitution; relating to the office of victims' rights; relating to transfers from the dividend fund; creating the restorative justice account; relating to appropriations from the restorative justice account for services for and payments to crime victims, operating costs of the Violent Crimes Compensation Board, operation of domestic violence and sexual assault programs, mental health services and substance abuse treatment for offenders, and incarceration costs; relating to contributions from dividends; relating to delinquent minors; and providing for an effective date.
Apr 07 2017 Effective Date(S) Of Law 1/1/19
Jun 27 2018
HB 301 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act relating to the renewal of a license involving alcoholic beverages; relating to the renewal and transfer of ownership of a beverage dispensary license or restaurant or eating place license; and relating to issuance of an outdoor recreation lodge license in a local option area.
Jan 24 2018 Moved To Bottom Of Calendar
May 12 2018
HB 287 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act making appropriations for public education and transportation of students; and providing for an effective date.
Jan 16 2018 Effective Date(S) Of Law See Chapter
May 04 2018
HB 177 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act relating to the response to, and control of, aquatic invasive species; establishing the aquatic invasive species response fund; and relating to the provision of information about aquatic invasive species to certain persons registering or transporting boats.
Mar 14 2017 Referred To Resources
May 03 2018
HB 262 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act relating to temporary courtesy licenses for certain nonresident professionals; and relating to the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.
Jan 08 2018 Cross Sponsor(S): Costello, Stevens, Micciche, Egan, Meyer
Apr 25 2018
HB 82 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act relating to vehicle registration; relating to off-highway restricted areas; and relating to motor vehicle liability insurance.
Jan 25 2017 Referred To State Affairs
Apr 19 2018
HB 183 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act relating to the state land disposal bank; relating to the state land disposal program; providing for a state program that sells state land to an individual eligible for a permanent fund dividend; allowing an individual to use permanent fund dividends to purchase certain land from the state; requiring the Department of Revenue to confirm the eligibility of an individual to receive a dividend for the purposes of a state land sale program; and providing for an effective date.
Mar 17 2017 Cosponsors Added: Johnson
Feb 07 2018
HB 200 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act establishing a top two nonpartisan open primary election system for elective state executive and state and national legislative offices; repealing the special runoff election for the office of United States senator or United States representative; changing appointment procedures relating to precinct watchers and members of precinct election boards, election district absentee and questioned ballot counting boards, and the Alaska Public Offices Commission; requiring certain written notices to appear in election pamphlets and polling places; relating to declarations of candidacy and letters of intent; and amending the definition of 'political party.'
Mar 29 2017 Cosponsors Added: Stutes
May 12 2017
HB 143 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act naming the Daniel R. Fauske Building.
Feb 24 2017 Effective Date(S) Of Law 7/7/17
Apr 10 2017
HB 24 (30th Legislature (2017-2018))
An Act classifying U-47700 as a schedule IA controlled substance; classifying tramadol and related substances as schedule IVA controlled substances; and providing for an effective date.
Jan 09 2017 Concur Message Read And Held
Apr 05 2017

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