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Alabama Senate Committees

Name Members
Agriculture Conservation and Forestry
Banking and Insurance
Constitution Ethics and Elections
County and Municipal Government
Education & Youth Affairs
Finance and Taxation Education
Finance and Taxation General Fund
Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development
Governmental Affairs
Health and Human Services
Local Legislation
  • Mary Moore,
  • Gerald Dial,
  • Isaac Whorton,
  • Randall Shedd,
  • Corley Ellis,
  • Tim Wadsworth,
  • Del Marsh,
  • Dexter Grimsley,
  • Louise Alexander,
  • Ralph Howard,
  • David Standridge,
  • Alan Baker,
  • Harry Shiver
Local Legislation Jefferson County
Local Legislation Madison County
Local Legislation Mobile County
Local Legislation Shelby County
Tourism & Marketing
Transportation & Energy
Veterans and Military Affairs