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Alabama Committees

Chamber Name Members
House Ways and Means General Fund
House Ways and Means Education
Senate Veterans and Military Affairs
House Urban and Rural Development
House Tuscaloosa County Legislation
House Transportation Utilities and Infrastructure
Senate Transportation & Energy
Senate Tourism & Marketing
House Technology and Research
House State Government
House Shelby County Legislation
Senate Rules
House Rules [data not yet available]
House Public Safety and Homeland Security
House Montgomery County Legislation
House Mobile County Legislation
House Military and Veterans Affairs
House Madison County Legislation
Senate Local Legislation Shelby County
Senate Local Legislation Mobile County
Senate Local Legislation Madison County
Senate Local Legislation Jefferson County
Senate Local Legislation
  • Harry Shiver,
  • David Standridge,
  • Gerald Dial,
  • Corley Ellis,
  • Alan Baker,
  • Louise Alexander,
  • Isaac Whorton,
  • Tim Wadsworth,
  • Mary Moore,
  • Randall Shedd,
  • Dexter Grimsley,
  • Ralph Howard,
  • Del Marsh
House Local Legislation [data not yet available]
House Limestone County Legislation
House Lee County Legislation
Senate Judiciary
House Judiciary [data not yet available]
House Jefferson County Legislation
House Internal Affairs
House Insurance
Senate Health and Human Services
House Health
Senate Governmental Affairs
Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development
House Fiscal Responsibility
House Financial Services
Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund
Senate Finance and Taxation Education
House Ethics and Campaign Finance
House Education Policy
Senate Education & Youth Affairs
House Economic Development and Tourism
Senate County and Municipal Government
House County and Municipal Government [data not yet available]
Senate Constitution Ethics and Elections
House Constitution Campaigns and Elections
Senate Confirmations
House Commerce and Small Business
House Children and Senior Advocacy
House Boards Agencies and Commissions
Senate Banking and Insurance
House Baldwin County Legislation
House Agriculture and Forestry
Senate Agriculture Conservation and Forestry