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963597 bills contained ""

State Title Session Introduced Latest Action
DC B 19-0780


19 May 15, 2012 Dec 28, 2020 Returned by Mayor
AR SB 190


2017 Jan 24, 2017 Apr 5, 2019 Notification that SB190 is now Act 941
GA HB 642

Putnam County; Magistrate Court; revise number, manner of selection, and compensation of judges

2015_16 Mar 20, 2015 Jan 1, 2019 Effective Date
GA HB 306

Cherokee County; Board of Education; change compensation of members

2017_18 Feb 9, 2017 Jan 1, 2019 Effective Date
MD SB 1615

Test by OIS for LR5057

2017 Nov 16, 2018 Dec 13, 2018 Favorable Report by Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
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13862 legislator names contained ""

State Name District Party Chamber
WY Anthony Bouchard 6 Republican Senate
WY Tara Nethercott 4 Republican Senate
WY Affie Ellis 8 Republican Senate
WY Liisa Anselmi-Dalton 12 Democratic Senate
WY Fred Baldwin 14 Republican Senate
WY Glenn Moniz 10 Republican Senate
WY Wyatt Agar 20 Republican Senate
WY Brian Boner 2 Republican Senate
WY Stephan Pappas 7 Republican Senate
WY Jeff Wasserburger 23 Republican Senate
WY Dave Kinskey 22 Republican Senate
WY James Lee Anderson 28 Republican Senate
WY Michael Von Flatern 24 Republican Senate
WY Charles Scott 30 Republican Senate
WY Chris Rothfuss 9 Democratic Senate
WY R. Ray Peterson 19 Republican Senate
WY Drew Perkins 29 Republican Senate
WY Curt Meier 3 Republican Senate
WY Bill Landen 27 Republican Senate
WY Larry Hicks 11 Republican Senate
WY John Hastert 13 Democratic Senate
WY Fred Emerich 5 Republican Senate
WY Ogden Driskill 1 Republican Senate
WY Dan Dockstader 16 Republican Senate
WY Henry H.R. Coe 18 Republican Senate
WY Leland Christensen 17 Republican Senate
WY Cale Case 25 Republican Senate
WY Bruce Burns 21 Republican Senate
WY Eli Bebout 26 Republican Senate
WY Paul Barnard 15 Republican Senate
WY Evan Simpson 21 Republican House
WY Clark Stith 48 Republican House
WY Joe MacGuire 35 Republican House
WY Pat Sweeney 58 Republican House
WY Chuck Gray 57 Republican House
WY Timothy Hallinan 32 Republican House
WY Aaron Clausen 6 Republican House
WY Bill Henderson 41 Republican House
WY Bill Haley 46 Republican House
WY Dan Furphy 14 Republican House
WY Tom Crank 18 Republican House
WY Jared Olsen 11 Republican House
WY Scott Court 24 Republican House
WY Jamie Flitner 26 Republican House
WY Landon Brown 9 Republican House
WY Tim Salazar 34 Republican House
WY Mike Gierau 16 Democratic House
WY Jerry Obermueller 56 Republican House
WY Debbie Bovee 36 Democratic House
WY Bo Biteman 51 Republican House
WY Danny Eyre 19 Republican House
WY Lars Lone 12 Republican House
WY Mark Kinner 29 Republican House
WY Tyler Lindholm 1 Republican House
WY Charles Pelkey 45 Democratic House
WY Scott Clem 31 Republican House
WY Roy Edwards 53 Republican House
WY Andy Schwartz 23 Democratic House
WY Bill Pownall 52 Republican House
WY Jim Allen 33 Republican House
WY JoAnn Dayton 17 Democratic House
WY Dan Laursen 25 Republican House
WY Cheri Steinmetz 5 Republican House
WY Mark Jennings 30 Republican House
WY Jim Blackburn 42 Republican House
WY Nathan Winters 28 Republican House
WY Sue Wilson 7 Republican House
WY Tom Walters 38 Republican House
WY Albert Sommers 20 Republican House
WY Garry Piiparinen 49 Republican House
WY Jerry Paxton 47 Republican House
WY David Northrup 50 Republican House
WY Lloyd Larsen 54 Republican House
WY Dan Kirkbride 4 Republican House
WY Marti Halverson 22 Republican House
WY Eric Barlow 3 Republican House
WY Mark Baker 48 Republican House
WY Dan Zwonitzer 43 Republican House
WY Bob Nicholas 8 Republican House
WY David Miller 55 Republican House
WY Robert McKim 21 Republican House
WY Michael Madden 40 Republican House
WY Bunky Loucks 59 Republican House
WY Hans Hunt 2 Republican House
WY Steve Harshman 37 Republican House
WY Mike Greear 27 Republican House
WY John Freeman 60 Democratic House
WY John Eklund 10 Republican House
WY Cathy Connolly 13 Democratic House
WY James Byrd 44 Democratic House
WY Donald Burkhart Jr 15 Republican House
WY Stan Blake 39 Democratic House
WV Stephen Baldwin 10 Democratic Senate
WV Mark Drennan 4 Republican Senate
WV Charles H. Clements 2 Republican Senate
WV Chandler Swope 6 Republican Senate
WV Patricia Rucker 16 Republican Senate
WV Richard Ojeda 7 Democratic Senate
WV Ryan Weld 1 Republican Senate
WV Mike Azinger 3 Republican Senate
WV Kenny Mann 10 Republican Senate
WV Mike Maroney 2 Republican Senate
WV Randy Smith 14 Republican Senate
WV Glenn Jeffries 8 Democratic Senate
WV Sue Cline 9 Republican Senate
WV Greg Boso 11 Republican Senate
WV Ed Gaunch 8 Republican Senate
WV Tom Takubo 17 Republican Senate
WV Mark R. Maynard 6 Republican Senate
WV Jeff Mullins 9 Republican Senate
WV Charles S. Trump IV 15 Republican Senate
WV Robert L. Karnes 11 Republican Senate
WV Mike Romano 12 Democratic Senate
WV Mike Woelfel 5 Democratic Senate
WV Craig Blair 15 Republican Senate
WV Mitch Carmichael 4 Republican Senate
WV Ryan Ferns 1 Republican Senate
WV John Unger 16 Democratic Senate
WV Dave Sypolt 14 Republican Senate
WV Roman Prezioso 13 Democratic Senate
WV Robert Beach 13 Democratic Senate
WV Douglas Facemire 12 Democratic Senate
WV Ronald Miller 10 Democratic Senate
WV Corey Palumbo 17 Democratic Senate
WV Ron Stollings 7 Democratic Senate
WV Robert Plymale 5 Democratic Senate
WV Mike Hall 4 Republican Senate
WV Donna Boley 3 Republican Senate
WV Jeff Campbell 42 Democratic House
WV D. Rolland Jennings 53 Republican House
WV Dianna Graves 38 Republican House
WV Terri Sypolt 52 Republican House
WV C.E. Chuck Romine 16 Republican House
WV Joe Canestraro 4 Democratic House
WV Tony Paynter 25 Republican House
WV Shirley Love 32 Democratic House
WV Guy Ward 50 Republican House
WV Zack Maynard 22 Republican House
WV Stephen Baldwin 42 Democratic House
WV Chad Lovejoy 17 Democratic House
WV Riley Moore 67 Republican House
WV Andrew Robinson 36 Democratic House
WV Vernon Criss 10 Republican House
WV Phillip Diserio 2 Democratic House
WV Jason Harshbarger 7 Republican House
WV Rodney Miller 23 Democratic House
WV Robert Thompson 19 Democratic House
WV Ben Queen 48 Republican House
WV Ed Evans 26 Democratic House
WV Rodney A. Pyles 51 Democratic House
WV Mark Dean 21 Republican House
WV Scott Brewer 13 Democratic House
WV Ray Hollen 9 Republican House
WV S. Marshall Wilson 60 Republican House
WV Moore Capito 35 Republican House
WV John Williams 51 Democratic House
WV Patrick Martin 46 Republican House
WV Phil Isner 43 Democratic House
WV Jason Barrett 61 Democratic House
WV Richard Iaquinta 48 Democratic House
WV Joshua Higginbotham 13 Republican House
WV Nancy Reagan Foster 38 Republican House
WV Charlotte Lane 35 Republican House
WV Martin Atkinson III 11 Republican House
WV Mike Pushkin 37 Democratic House
WV Shawn Fluharty 3 Democratic House
WV Geoff Foster 15 Republican House
WV John R. Kelly 10 Republican House
WV Matthew Rohrbach 17 Republican House
WV Jill Upson 65 Republican House
WV Larry L. Rowe 36 Democratic House
WV Brad White 36 Republican House
WV Mark Zatezalo 1 Republican House
WV Andrew Byrd 35 Democratic House
WV Roger Hanshaw 33 Republican House
WV Danny Wagner 47 Republican House
WV Joe Statler 51 Republican House
WV Amy Summers 49 Republican House
WV Kenneth Hicks 19 Democratic House
WV Mick Bates 30 Democratic House
WV Sean Hornbuckle 16 Democratic House
WV Lynne Arvon 31 Republican House
WV Frank Deem 10 Republican House
WV Pat McGeehan 1 Republican House
WV Kayla Kessinger 32 Republican House
WV Jordan Hill 41 Republican House
WV Saira Blair 59 Republican House
WV Tom Fast 32 Republican House
WV Paul Espinosa 66 Republican House
WV Michael Folk 63 Republican House
WV Isaac Sponaugle 55 Democratic House
WV Cindy Frich 51 Republican House
WV Danny Hamrick 48 Republican House
WV Dana Lynch 44 Democratic House
WV George Ambler 42 Republican House
WV Roy Cooper 28 Republican House
WV John Shott 27 Republican House
WV Jeff Eldridge 22 Democratic House
WV Jim Butler 14 Republican House
WV Steve Westfall 12 Republican House
WV Justin Marcum 20 Democratic House
WV Eric Householder 64 Republican House
WV John Overington 62 Republican House
WV Daryl Cowles 58 Republican House
WV Ruth Rowan 57 Republican House
WV Gary Howell 56 Republican House
WV Allen Evans 54 Republican House
WV Barbara Fleischauer 51 Democratic House
WV Linda Longstreth 50 Democratic House
WV Mike Caputo 50 Democratic House
WV Tim Miley 48 Democratic House
WV Bill Hamilton 45 Republican House
WV William Hartman 43 Democratic House
WV Brent Boggs 34 Democratic House
WV Ron Walters 39 Republican House
WV Tim Armstead 40 Republican House
WV Eric Nelson 35 Republican House
WV John O'Neal 28 Republican House
WV Ricky Moye 29 Democratic House
WV Joe Ellington 27 Republican House
WV Marty Gearheart 27 Republican House
WV Ralph Rodighiero 24 Democratic House
WV Rupert Phillips 24 Republican House
WV Kelli Sobonya 18 Republican House
WV Carol Miller 16 Republican House
WV Bill Anderson 8 Republican House
WV William Romine 6 Republican House
WV Dave Pethtel 5 Democratic House
WV Michael Ferro 4 Democratic House
WV Erikka Storch 3 Republican House
WI Patrick Testin 24 Republican Senate
WI David Craig 28 Republican Senate
WI Dan Feyen 18 Republican Senate
WI LaTonya Johnson 6 Democratic Senate
WI Van H. Wanggaard 21 Republican Senate
WI Howard L. Marklein 17 Republican Senate
WI Robert W. Wirch 22 Democratic Senate
WI Stephen L. Nass 11 Republican Senate
WI Janis A. Ringhand 15 Democratic Senate
WI Fred A. Risser 26 Democratic Senate
WI Luther S. Olsen 14 Republican Senate
WI Robert L. Cowles 2 Republican Senate
WI Devin LeMahieu 9 Republican Senate
WI Scott L. Fitzgerald 13 Republican Senate
WI Lena C. Taylor 4 Democratic Senate
WI Frank G. Lasee 1 Republican Senate
WI Jennifer Shilling 32 Democratic Senate
WI Duey Stroebel 20 Republican Senate
WI Thomas Tiffany 12 Republican Senate
WI Chris Kapenga 33 Republican Senate
WI Janet Bewley 25 Democratic Senate
WI Terry Moulton 23 Republican Senate
WI Chris Larson 7 Democratic Senate
WI Leah Vukmir 5 Republican Senate
WI Roger Roth 19 Republican Senate
WI Jerry Petrowski 29 Republican Senate
WI Kathleen Vinehout 31 Democratic Senate
WI Mark Miller 16 Democratic Senate
WI Sheila Harsdorf 10 Republican Senate
WI Dave Hansen 30 Democratic Senate
WI Jon Erpenbach 27 Democratic Senate
WI Alberta Darling 8 Republican Senate
WI Tim Carpenter 3 Democratic Senate
WI Jason M. Fields 11 Democratic Assembly
WI Shannon M. Zimmerman 30 Republican Assembly
WI Chuck C. Wichgers 83 Republican Assembly
WI Mary Felzkowski 35 Republican Assembly
WI Don J. Vruwink 43 Democratic Assembly
WI Rob L. Summerfield 67 Republican Assembly
WI Rob R. Stafsholt 29 Republican Assembly
WI David C. Crowley 17 Democratic Assembly
WI Ron W. Tusler 3 Republican Assembly
WI Patrick J. Snyder 85 Republican Assembly
WI Jimmy P. Anderson 47 Democratic Assembly
WI Treig E. Pronschinske 92 Republican Assembly
WI Cindi S. Duchow 99 Republican Assembly
WI Cody Horlacher 33 Republican Assembly
WI Mark Spreitzer 45 Democratic Assembly
WI Dave Considine 81 Democratic Assembly
WI Jesse Kremer 59 Republican Assembly
WI Bob Gannon 58 Republican Assembly
WI Adam Jarchow 28 Republican Assembly
WI Beth Meyers 74 Democratic Assembly
WI Nancy VanderMeer 70 Republican Assembly
WI Lisa Subeck 78 Democratic Assembly
WI Jonathan Brostoff 19 Democratic Assembly
WI John Macco 88 Republican Assembly
WI Janel Brandtjen 22 Republican Assembly
WI Scott Allen 97 Republican Assembly
WI Joel Kitchens 1 Republican Assembly
WI Romaine Quinn 75 Republican Assembly
WI Robert Brooks 60 Republican Assembly
WI James Edming 87 Republican Assembly
WI David Bowen 10 Democratic Assembly
WI Mike Rohrkaste 55 Republican Assembly
WI Tyler Vorpagel 27 Republican Assembly
WI David Steffen 4 Republican Assembly
WI Terry Katsma 26 Republican Assembly
WI Amanda Stuck 57 Democratic Assembly
WI Todd Novak 51 Republican Assembly
WI Ken Skowronski 82 Republican Assembly
WI Jessie Rodriguez 21 Republican Assembly
WI Bob Kulp 69 Republican Assembly
WI Adam Neylon 98 Republican Assembly
WI Thomas Weatherston 62 Republican Assembly
WI Dana Wachs 91 Democratic Assembly
WI Paul Tittl 25 Republican Assembly
WI Rob Swearingen 34 Republican Assembly
WI John Spiros 86 Republican Assembly
WI Katrina Shankland 71 Democratic Assembly
WI Michael Schraa 53 Republican Assembly
WI Melissa Sargent 48 Democratic Assembly
WI Joe Sanfelippo 15 Republican Assembly
WI Daniel Riemer 7 Democratic Assembly
WI Tod Ohnstad 65 Democratic Assembly
WI David Murphy 56 Republican Assembly
WI Debra Kolste 44 Democratic Assembly
WI John Jagler 37 Republican Assembly
WI Rob Hutton 13 Republican Assembly
WI Dianne Hesselbein 79 Democratic Assembly
WI Evan Goyke 18 Democratic Assembly
WI Eric Genrich 90 Democratic Assembly
WI Mark Born 39 Republican Assembly
WI Chris Taylor 76 Democratic Assembly
WI Steve Doyle 94 Democratic Assembly
WI JoCasta Zamarripa 8 Democratic Assembly
WI Travis Tranel 49 Republican Assembly
WI Jeremy Thiesfeldt 52 Republican Assembly
WI Jim Steineke 5 Republican Assembly
WI Warren Petryk 93 Republican Assembly
WI Amy Loudenbeck 31 Republican Assembly
WI Mike Kuglitsch 84 Republican Assembly
WI Scott Krug 72 Republican Assembly
WI Dale Kooyenga 14 Republican Assembly
WI André Jacque 2 Republican Assembly
WI Kathleen Bernier 68 Republican Assembly
WI Tyler August 32 Republican Assembly
WI Josh Zepnick 9 Democratic Assembly
WI Leon Young 16 Democratic Assembly
WI Robin Vos 63 Republican Assembly
WI Gary Tauchen 6 Republican Assembly
WI Christine Sinicki 20 Democratic Assembly
WI Jill Billings 95 Democratic Assembly
WI Keith Ripp 42 Republican Assembly
WI Sondy Pope-Roberts 80 Democratic Assembly
WI Kevin Petersen 40 Republican Assembly
WI Jim Ott 23 Republican Assembly
WI John Nygren 89 Republican Assembly
WI Lee Nerison 96 Republican Assembly
WI Jeffrey Mursau 36 Republican Assembly
WI Nick Milroy 73 Democratic Assembly
WI Cory Mason 66 Democratic Assembly
WI Dan Knodl 24 Republican Assembly
WI Joel Kleefisch 38 Republican Assembly
WI Frederick Kessler 12 Democratic Assembly
WI Samantha Kerkman 61 Republican Assembly
WI Gordon Hintz 54 Democratic Assembly
WI Gary Hebl 46 Democratic Assembly
WI Ed Brooks 50 Republican Assembly
WI Terese Berceau 77 Democratic Assembly
WI Peter Barca 64 Democratic Assembly
WI Joan Ballweg 41 Republican Assembly
WA Marlo Braun 20 Republican Senate
WA Shelly Short 7 Republican Senate
WA Maureen Walsh 16 Republican Senate
WA Brad Hawkins 12 Republican Senate
WA Lynda Wilson 17 Republican Senate
WA Hans Zeiger 25 Republican Senate
WA Phil Fortunato 31 Republican Senate
WA Kevin Van De Wege 24 Democratic Senate
WA Guy Palumbo 1 Democratic Senate
WA Patty Kuderer 48 Democratic Senate
WA Sam Hunt 22 Democratic Senate
WA Lisa Wellman 41 Democratic Senate
WA Rebecca Saldaña 37 Democratic Senate
WA Dino Rossi 45 Republican Senate
WA Sharon Brown 8 Republican Senate
WA Steve O'Ban 28 Republican Senate
WA Annette Cleveland 49 Democratic Senate
WA Mark Mullet 5 Democratic Senate
WA Mike Padden 4 Republican Senate
WA Judy Warnick 13 Republican Senate
WA Dean Takko 19 Democratic Senate
WA Christine Rolfes 23 Democratic Senate
WA Ann Rivers 18 Republican Senate
WA Jamie Pedersen 43 Democratic Senate
WA Kirk Pearson 39 Republican Senate
WA Mark Miloscia 30 Republican Senate
WA John McCoy 38 Democratic Senate
WA Marko Liias 21 Democratic Senate
WA Bob Hasegawa 11 Democratic Senate
WA David Frockt 46 Democratic Senate
WA Jeannie Darneille 27 Democratic Senate
WA Reuven Carlyle 36 Democratic Senate
WA Andy Billig 3 Democratic Senate
WA Barbara Bailey 10 Republican Senate
WA Jan Angel 26 Republican Senate
WA Tim Sheldon 35 Democratic Senate
WA Mark Schoesler 9 Republican Senate
WA Kevin Ranker 40 Democratic Senate
WA Sharon Nelson 34 Democratic Senate
WA Curtis King 14 Republican Senate
WA Karen Keiser 33 Democratic Senate
WA Jim Honeyford 15 Republican Senate
WA Steve Hobbs 44 Democratic Senate
WA Joe Fain 47 Republican Senate
WA Doug Ericksen 42 Republican Senate
WA Steve Conway 29 Democratic Senate
WA Maralyn Chase 32 Democratic Senate
WA Randi Becker 2 Republican Senate
WA Michael Baumgartner 6 Republican Senate
WA Carolyn Eslick 39 Republican House
WA Javier Valdez 46 Democratic House
WA Jacquelin Maycumber 7 Republican House
WA Morgan Irwin 31 Republican House
WA Mike Pellicciotti 30 Democratic House
WA Paul Graves 5 Republican House
WA Mike Steele 12 Republican House
WA Kristine Reeves 30 Democratic House
WA Mike Volz 6 Republican House
WA Bill Jenkin 16 Republican House
WA Joyce McDonald 25 Republican House
WA Nicole Macri 43 Democratic House
WA Beth Doglio 22 Democratic House
WA John Koster 39 Republican House
WA Laurie Dolan 22 Democratic House
WA Shelley Kloba 1 Democratic House
WA Vandana Slatter 48 Democratic House
WA Vicki Kraft 17 Republican House
WA Monica Jurado Stonier 49 Democratic House
WA Mike Chapman 24 Democratic House
WA Andrew Barkis 2 Republican House
WA Jim Walsh 19 Republican House
WA John Lovick 44 Democratic House
WA Noel Frame 36 Democratic House
WA Mary Dye 9 Republican House
WA Joan McBride 48 Democratic House
WA Tom Dent 13 Republican House
WA Luanne Van Werven 42 Republican House
WA Melanie Stambaugh 25 Republican House
WA Drew Stokesbary 31 Republican House
WA Mark Harmsworth 44 Republican House
WA Christine Kilduff 28 Democratic House
WA Bob McCaslin 4 Republican House
WA Strom Peterson 21 Democratic House
WA Michelle Caldier 26 Republican House
WA Gina McCabe 14 Republican House
WA Dan Griffey 35 Republican House
WA Lillian Ortiz-Self 21 Democratic House
WA Jesse Young 26 Republican House
WA Mia Gregerson 33 Democratic House
WA June Robinson 38 Democratic House
WA Tana Senn 41 Democratic House
WA Dick Muri 28 Republican House
WA Gael Tarleton 36 Democratic House
WA David Sawyer 29 Democratic House
WA Marcus Riccelli 3 Democratic House
WA Drew MacEwen 35 Republican House
WA Jeff Holy 6 Republican House
WA Dave Hayes 10 Republican House
WA Jake Fey 27 Democratic House
WA Steve Bergquist 11 Democratic House
WA Brandon Vick 18 Republican House
WA Matt Manweller 13 Republican House
WA Liz Pike 18 Republican House
WA Gerry Pollet 46 Democratic House
WA Drew Hansen 23 Democratic House
WA Sharon Wylie 49 Democratic House
WA J.T. Wilcox 2 Republican House
WA Steve Tharinger 24 Democratic House
WA David Taylor 15 Republican House
WA Pat Sullivan 47 Democratic House
WA Derek Stanford 1 Democratic House
WA Larry Springer 45 Democratic House
WA Norma Smith 10 Republican House
WA Matt Shea 4 Republican House
WA Mike Sells 38 Democratic House
WA Joe Schmick 9 Republican House
WA Sharon Tomiko Santos 37 Democratic House
WA Cindy Ryu 32 Democratic House
WA Jay Rodne 5 Republican House
WA Eric Pettigrew 37 Democratic House
WA Tina Orwall 33 Democratic House
WA Timm Ormsby 3 Democratic House
WA Ed Orcutt 20 Republican House
WA Terry Nealey 16 Republican House
WA Jeff Morris 40 Democratic House
WA Kristine Lytton 40 Democratic House
WA Dan Kristiansen 39 Republican House
WA Joel Kretz 7 Republican House
WA Brad Klippert 8 Republican House
WA Steve Kirby 29 Democratic House
WA Ruth Kagi 32 Democratic House
WA Norm Johnson 14 Republican House
WA Laurie Jinkins 27 Democratic House
WA Zack Hudgins 11 Democratic House
WA Paul Harris 17 Republican House
WA Mark Hargrove 47 Republican House
WA Larry Haler 8 Republican House
WA Roger Goodman 45 Democratic House
WA Joe Fitzgibbon 34 Democratic House
WA Richard DeBolt 20 Republican House
WA Cary Condotta 12 Republican House
WA Eileen Cody 34 Democratic House
WA Judy Clibborn 41 Democratic House
WA Frank Chopp 43 Democratic House
WA Bruce Chandler 15 Republican House
WA Vincent Buys 42 Republican House
WA Brian Blake 19 Democratic House
WA Sherry Appleton 23 Democratic House
VT Francis K. Brooks Washington Democratic Senate
VT Alison Clarkson Windsor Democratic Senate
VT Debbie Ingram Chittenden Democratic Senate
VT Carolyn Whitney Branagan Franklin Republican Senate
VT Christopher A. Pearson Chittenden Progressive/Democratic Senate
VT Becca Balint Windham Democratic Senate
VT Brian Collamore Rutland Republican Senate
VT Michael Sirotkin Chittenden Democratic Senate
VT Dustin A Degree Franklin Republican Senate
VT Brian A Campion Bennington Democratic Senate
VT Richard A Westman Lamoille Republican Senate
VT Anthony Pollina Washington Progressive/Democratic Senate
VT Joe C Benning Caledonia Republican Senate
VT Philip E Baruth Chittenden Democratic/Progressive Senate
VT John S Rodgers Essex-Orleans Democratic Senate
VT Christopher A Bray Addison Democratic Senate
VT Jeanette K White Windham Democratic Senate
VT Robert A Starr Essex-Orleans Democratic Senate
VT Dick Sears Jr. Bennington Democratic Senate
VT Alice W Nitka Windsor Democratic Senate
VT Kevin J Mullin Rutland Republican Senate
VT Dick J McCormack Windsor Democratic Senate
VT Dick T Mazza Chittenden-Grand Isle Democratic Senate
VT Mark A MacDonald Orange Democratic Senate
VT Virginia V Lyons Chittenden Democratic Senate
VT Jane Kitchel Caledonia Democratic Senate
VT Peg K Flory Rutland Republican Senate
VT Ann E Cummings Washington Democratic Senate
VT Claire D Ayer Addison Democratic Senate
VT Tim R Ashe Chittenden Democratic/Progressive Senate
VT Edward Read Washington-7 Independent House
VT Terry Norris Addison-Rutland Independent House
VT Philip Jay Hooper Orange-Washington-Addison Democratic House
VT Selene Colburn Chittenden-6-4 Progressive House
VT Charles Kimbell Windsor-5 Democratic House
VT Brian Keefe Bennington-4 Republican House
VT Peter Conlon Addison-2 Democratic House
VT Carol Ode Chittenden-6-1 Democratic House
VT Brian Cina Chittenden-6-4 Progressive House
VT Trevor Squirrell Chittenden-3 Democratic House
VT Curt Taylor Chittenden-9-1 Democratic House
VT Thomas Bock Windsor-3-1 Democratic House
VT Ben W. Joseph Grand Isle-Chittenden Democratic House
VT Benjamin Jickling Orange-Washington-Addison Independent House
VT Jessica Brumsted Chittenden-5-2 Democratic House
VT Gary Nolan Lamoille-Washington Republican House
VT Robin Scheu Addison-1 Democratic House
VT Linda Joy Sullivan Bennington-Rutland Democratic House
VT Lori Houghton Chittenden-8-2 Democratic House
VT Susan Buckholz Windsor-4-1 Democratic House
VT Paul Belaski Windsor-1 Democratic House
VT Dylan Giambatista Chittenden-8-2 Democratic House
VT Cynthia Weed Franklin-7 Progressive House
VT Carl Rosenquist Franklin-1 Republican House
VT David Ainsworth Windsor-Orange-1 Republican House
VT Elizabeth "Betsy" Dunn Chittenden-8-1 Democratic House
VT Robert Frenier Orange-1 Republican House
VT David Yacovone Lamoille-Washington Democratic House
VT Brian Smith Orleans-1 Republican House
VT Marcia Gardner Chittenden-1 Democratic House
VT Annmarie Christensen Windsor-2 Democratic House
VT Kimberly Jessup Washington-5 Democratic House
VT Matthew Hill Lamoille-2 Democratic House
VT Mary E. Howard Rutland-5-3 Democratic House
VT John Gannon Windham-6 Democratic House
VT Daniel Noyes Lamoille-2 Democratic House
VT Theresa Wood Washington-Chittenden Democratic House
VT Emily Long Windham-5 Democratic House
VT Janssen Willhoit Caledonia-3 Republican House
VT Mary Sullivan Chittenden-6-5 Democratic House
VT Robin Chesnut-Tangerman Rutland-Bennington Progressive House
VT Joseph "Chip" Troiano Caledonia-2 Democratic House
VT Barbara Murphy Franklin-2 Independent House
VT Gary Viens Orleans-2 Republican House
VT Marcia Martel Caledonia-1 Republican House
VT Gabrielle Lucke Windsor-4-2 Democratic House
VT Diana Gonzalez Chittenden-6-7 Progressive House
VT Timothy Briglin Windsor-Orange-2 Democratic House
VT Fred Baser Addison-4 Republican House
VT Robert Bancroft Chittenden-8-3 Republican House
VT Ruqaiyah Morris Bennington-2-2 Democratic House
VT Robert LaClair Washington-2 Republican House
VT Amy Sheldon Addison-1 Democratic House
VT Martin LaLonde Chittenden-7-1 Democratic House
VT Laura Sibilia Windham-Bennington Independent House
VT Patricia McCoy Rutland-1 Republican House
VT Robert Forguites Windsor-3-2 Democratic House
VT Marianna Gamache Franklin-4 Republican House
VT Rachael Fields Bennington-2-1 Democratic House
VT Corey Parent Franklin-3-1 Republican House
VT Job Tate Rutland-Windsor-1 Republican House
VT Rodney Graham Orange-1 Republican House
VT Maureen Dakin Chittenden-9-2 Democratic House
VT Scott Beck Caledonia-3 Republican House
VT Paul Lefebvre Essex-Caledonia-Orleans Republican House
VT Tommy Walz Washington-3 Democratic House
VT Warren Van Wyck Addison-3 Republican House
VT Maida Townsend Chittenden-7-4 Democratic House
VT Tristan Toleno Windham-2-3 Democratic House
VT Thomas Terenzini Rutland-4 Republican House
VT Barbara Rachelson Chittenden-6-6 Democratic House
VT Constance Quimby Essex-Caledonia Republican House
VT Curtis McCormack Chittenden-6-3 Democratic House
VT Bernard Juskiewicz Lamoille-3 Republican House
VT Douglas Gage Rutland-5-4 Republican House
VT Martha Feltus Caledonia-4 Republican House
VT Lawrence Cupoli Rutland-5-2 Republican House
VT Daniel Connor Franklin-6 Democratic House
VT Stephen Carr Rutland-6 Democratic House
VT Steve Beyor Franklin-5 Republican House
VT Jill Krowinski Chittenden-6-3 Democratic House
VT Jean O'Sullivan Chittenden-6-2 Democratic House
VT Matthew A Trieber Windham-3 Democratic House
VT Sam R Young Orleans-Caledonia Democratic House
VT Mike I Yantachka Chittenden-4-1 Democratic House
VT Valerie A Stuart Windham-2-1 Democratic House
VT Vicki M Strong Orleans-Caledonia Republican House
VT Harvey T Smith Addison-5 Republican House
VT Patti J Lewis Washington-1 Republican House
VT Michael J Hebert Windham-1 Republican House
VT Kevin B Christie Windsor-4-2 Democratic House
VT Tom B Burditt Rutland-2 Republican House
VT Lynn D Batchelor Orleans-1 Republican House
VT John L Bartholomew Windsor-1 Democratic House
VT Kurt Wright Chittenden-6-1 Republican House
VT Kate L Webb Chittenden-5-1 Democratic House
VT Don H Turner Chittenden-10 Republican House
VT Kitty Beattie Toll Caledonia-Washington Democratic House
VT George W Till Chittenden-3 Democratic House
VT Tom S Stevens Washington-Chittenden Democratic House
VT Charles H Shaw Rutland-6 Republican House
VT Dave D Sharpe Addison-4 Democratic House
VT Heidi E Scheuermann Lamoille-1 Republican House
VT Brian K Savage Franklin-4 Republican House
VT Ann D Pugh Chittenden-7-2 Democratic House
VT Dave E Potter Rutland-2 Democratic House
VT Paul N Poirier Washington-3 Independent House
VT Albert E Pearce Franklin-5 Republican House
VT Carolyn W Partridge Windham-3 Democratic House
VT Oliver K Olsen Windham-Bennington-Windsor Independent House
VT Linda K Myers Chittenden-8-1 Republican House
VT Michael Mrowicki Windham-4 Democratic House
VT Mary A Morrissey Bennington-2-2 Republican House
VT Alice Miller Bennington-3 Democratic House
VT Francis M McFaun Washington-2 Republican House
VT Jim M McCullough Chittenden-2 Democratic House
VT Jim W Masland Windsor-Orange-2 Democratic House
VT Michael J Marcotte Orleans-2 Republican House
VT Terry D Macaig Chittenden-2 Democratic House
VT William J Lippert Chittenden-4-2 Democratic House
VT Richard H Lawrence Caledonia-4 Republican House
VT Diane M Lanpher Addison-3 Democratic House
VT Warren F Kitzmiller Washington-4 Democratic House
VT Kathleen C Keenan Franklin-3-1 Democratic House
VT Mitzi Johnson Grand Isle-Chittenden Democratic House
VT Ronald E Hubert Chittenden-10 Republican House
VT Mary S Hooper Washington-4 Democratic House
VT Mark A Higley Orleans-Lamoille Republican House
VT Bob G Helm Rutland-3 Republican House
VT Helen J Head Chittenden-7-3 Democratic House
VT Sandy J Haas Windsor-Rutland Progressive House
VT Adam M Greshin Washington-7 Independent House
VT Maxine Jo Grad Washington-7 Democratic House
VT Peter J Fagan Rutland-5-1 Republican House
VT Alice M Emmons Windsor-3-2 Democratic House
VT Johannah Leddy Donovan Chittenden-6-5 Democratic House
VT Anne B Donahue Washington-1 Republican House
VT Eileen G Dickinson Franklin-3-2 Republican House
VT Dennis J Devereux Rutland-Windsor-2 Republican House
VT David L Deen Windham-4 Democratic House
VT Timothy R Corcoran Bennington-2-1 Democratic House
VT Sarah L Copeland-Hanzas Orange-2 Democratic House
VT Chip W Conquest Orange-Caledonia Democratic House
VT Jim O Condon Chittenden-9-1 Democratic House
VT William P Canfield Rutland-3 Republican House
VT Mollie S Burke Windham-2-2 Progressive House
VT Cynthia M Browning Bennington-4 Democratic House
VT Patrick M Brennan Chittenden-9-2 Republican House
VT Bill G Botzow Bennington-1 Democratic House
VT Clem J Bissonnette Chittenden-6-7 Democratic House
VT Janet Ancel Washington-6 Democratic House
VA Jennifer L. McClellan 9 Democratic Senate
VA Mark J. Peake 22 Republican Senate
VA T. Montgomery "Monty" Mason 1 Democratic Senate
VA Lionell Spruill, Sr. 5 Democratic Senate
VA David R. Suetterlein 19 Republican Senate
VA Amanda F. Chase 11 Republican Senate
VA Siobhan S. Dunnavant 12 Republican Senate
VA Glen H. Sturtevant, Jr. 10 Republican Senate
VA Scott A. Surovell 36 Democratic Senate
VA Jeremy S. McPike 29 Democratic Senate
VA Bill R. DeSteph, Jr. 8 Republican Senate
VA Jennifer T. Wexton 33 Democratic Senate
VA A. Benton "Ben" Chafin 38 Republican Senate
VA Bryce E. Reeves 17 Republican Senate
VA Barbara A. Favola 31 Democratic Senate
VA Richard H. Black 13 Republican Senate
VA William M. Stanley Jr. 20 Republican Senate
VA Lynwood W Lewis Jr. 6 Democratic Senate
VA Adam P. Ebbin 30 Democratic Senate
VA Rosalyn R Dance 16 Democratic Senate
VA John A Cosgrove 14 Republican Senate
VA Charles W. Carrico Sr. 40 Republican Senate
VA Frank W Wagner 7 Republican Senate
VA Jill Holtzman Vogel 27 Republican Senate
VA Richard H Stuart 28 Republican Senate
VA Richard L Saslaw 35 Democratic Senate
VA Frank M Ruff Jr. 15 Republican Senate
VA J. Chapman Petersen 34 Democratic Senate
VA Mark D Obenshain 26 Republican Senate
VA Thomas K Norment Jr. 3 Republican Senate
VA Stephen D Newman 23 Republican Senate
VA Ryan T McDougle 4 Republican Senate
VA David W Marsden 37 Democratic Senate
VA L. Louise Lucas 18 Democratic Senate
VA Mamie E. Locke 2 Democratic Senate
VA Janet D Howell 32 Democratic Senate
VA Emmett W Hanger Jr. 24 Republican Senate
VA John S Edwards 21 Democratic Senate
VA R. Creigh Deeds 25 Democratic Senate
VA George L Barker 39 Democratic Senate
VA Jeffrey M. Bourne 71 Democratic House
VA N.D. "Rocky" Holcomb III 85 Republican House
VA Michael P. Mullin 93 Democratic House
VA C.E. Cliff Hayes, Jr. 77 Democratic House
VA Marcia S. "Cia" Price 95 Democratic House
VA John J. Bell 87 Democratic House
VA Lashrecse D. Aird 63 Democratic House
VA Christopher E. Collins 29 Republican House
VA Paul E. Krizek 44 Democratic House
VA Steve E. Heretick 79 Democratic House
VA Nicholas J. Freitas 30 Republican House
VA Jason S. Miyares 82 Republican House
VA Mark H. Levine 45 Democratic House
VA Jennifer B. Boysko 86 Democratic House
VA Lamont Bagby 74 Democratic House
VA Todd E. Pillion 4 Republican House
VA Kathleen Murphy 34 Democratic House
VA Richard C. "Rip" Sullivan, Jr. 48 Democratic House
VA Joseph C. Lindsey 90 Democratic House
VA Robert S. Bloxom, Jr. 100 Republican House
VA Sam Rasoul 11 Democratic House
VA Marcus B. Simon 53 Democratic House
VA James A. "Jay" Leftwich 78 Republican House
VA Dave A. LaRock 33 Republican House
VA Hyland F. "Buddy" Fowler 55 Republican House
VA Glenn R. Davis 84 Republican House
VA Jeffrey L. Campbell 6 Republican House
VA Terry L. Austin 19 Republican House
VA Les R. Adams 16 Republican House
VA Daun S. Hester 89 Democratic House
VA Joseph R. Yost 12 Republican House
VA David E. Yancey 94 Republican House
VA Michael J. Webert 18 Republican House
VA Nick Rush 7 Republican House
VA Margaret B. Ransone 99 Republican House
VA Israel D. O'Quinn 5 Republican House
VA Rick L. Morris 64 Republican House
VA J. Randall Minchew 10 Republican House
VA Alfonso H. Lopez 49 Democratic House
VA M. Keith Hodges 98 Republican House
VA Christopher T. Head 17 Republican House
VA Peter F. Farrell 56 Republican House
VA C. Matt Fariss 59 Republican House
VA L. Mark Dudenhefer 2 Republican House
VA Gordon C. Helsel Jr. 91 Republican House
VA Gregory D. Habeeb 8 Republican House
VA Thomas C Wright Jr. 61 Republican House
VA Tony O. Wilt 26 Republican House
VA Vivian E Watts 39 Democratic House
VA R. Lee Ware Jr. 65 Republican House
VA Jeion A Ward 92 Democratic House
VA Ronald A Villanueva 21 Republican House
VA Roslyn C Tyler 75 Democratic House
VA David J Toscano 57 Democratic House
VA Luke E Torian 52 Democratic House
VA Christopher P Stolle 83 Republican House
VA Mark D. Sickles 43 Democratic House
VA Roxann L Robinson 27 Republican House
VA Charles D. Poindexter 9 Republican House
VA Brenda L Pogge 96 Republican House
VA Kenneth R Plum 36 Democratic House
VA Christopher K Peace 97 Republican House
VA Robert D Orrock Sr. 54 Republican House
VA John M O'Bannon III 73 Republican House
VA James W. Morefield 3 Republican House
VA Jackson H Miller 50 Republican House
VA Delores L McQuinn 70 Democratic House
VA James P Massie III 72 Republican House
VA Robert G. Marshall 13 Republican House
VA Daniel W. Marshall, III 14 Republican House
VA G. Manoli Loupassi 68 Republican House
VA L. Scott Lingamfelter 31 Republican House
VA James M LeMunyon 67 Republican House
VA R. Steven Landes 25 Republican House
VA Kaye Kory 38 Democratic House
VA Barry D Knight 81 Republican House
VA Terry G. Kilgore 1 Republican House
VA Mark L Keam 35 Democratic House
VA S. Chris Jones 76 Republican House
VA Riley E Ingram 62 Republican House
VA Timothy D Hugo 40 Republican House
VA William J Howell 28 Republican House
VA Patrick A Hope 47 Democratic House
VA Charniele L Herring 46 Democratic House
VA Thomas A Greason 32 Republican House
VA Matthew James 80 Democratic House
VA C. Todd Gilbert 15 Republican House
VA T. Scott Garrett 23 Republican House
VA Eileen Filler-Corn 41 Democratic House
VA James E Edmunds II 60 Republican House
VA M. Kirkland Cox 66 Republican House
VA Mark L Cole 88 Republican House
VA Benjamin L Cline 24 Republican House
VA Betsy B Carr 69 Democratic House
VA Kathy J Byron 22 Republican House
VA David L Bulova 37 Democratic House
VA Robert B Bell 58 Republican House
VA Richard P Bell 20 Republican House
VA Richard L Anderson 51 Republican House
VA David B Albo 42 Republican House
UT David G. Buxton 20 Republican Senate
UT Jacob L. Anderegg 13 Republican Senate
UT Daniel Hemmert 14 Republican Senate
UT Don L. Ipson 29 Republican Senate
UT Lincoln Fillmore 10 Republican Senate
UT Jani Iwamoto 4 Democratic Senate
UT Ann Millner 18 Republican Senate
UT Brian E. Shiozawa 8 Republican Senate
UT Deidre M. Henderson 7 Republican Senate
UT Jim Dabakis 2 Democratic Senate
UT Todd Weiler 23 Republican Senate
UT Evan J Vickers 28 Republican Senate
UT Wayne A Harper 6 Republican Senate
UT Kevin T Van Tassell 26 Republican Senate
UT Daniel W Thatcher 12 Republican Senate
UT Jerry W Stevenson 21 Republican Senate
UT Howard A Stephenson 11 Republican Senate
UT Luz Escamilla 1 Democratic Senate
UT Ralph Okerlund 24 Republican Senate
UT Wayne L Niederhauser 9 Republican Senate
UT Karen Mayne 5 Democratic Senate
UT Peter C Knudson 17 Republican Senate
UT David P Hinkins 27 Republican Senate
UT Lyle W Hillyard 25 Republican Senate
UT Margaret Dayton 15 Republican Senate
UT Gene Davis 3 Democratic Senate
UT Allen M Christensen 19 Republican Senate
UT Curtis S Bramble 16 Republican Senate
UT J. Stuart Adams 22 Republican Senate
UT Cheryl K. Acton 43 Republican House
UT Jefferson Moss 2 Republican House
UT A. Cory Maloy 6 Republican House
UT Susan Pulsipher 50 Republican House
UT Mike Winder 30 Republican House
UT Tim Quinn 54 Republican House
UT Adam Gardiner 43 Republican House
UT Karianne Lisonbee 14 Republican House
UT Carl R. Albrecht 70 Republican House
UT Karen Kwan 34 Democratic House
UT Val K. Potter 3 Republican House
UT Logan Wilde 53 Republican House
UT Elizabeth Weight 31 Democratic House
UT Christine F Watkins 69 Republican House
UT Stewart E. Barlow 17 Republican House
UT Derrin R. Owens 58 Republican House
UT Walt Brooks 75 Republican House
UT Kim F. Coleman 42 Republican House
UT Kelly B. Miles 11 Republican House
UT Lynn N. Hemingway 40 Democratic House
UT Bruce R. Cutler 44 Republican House
UT Norman K Thurston 64 Republican House
UT Scott D. Sandall 1 Republican House
UT Scott H. Chew 55 Republican House
UT Mike Schultz 12 Republican House
UT Sandra Hollins 23 Democratic House
UT Timothy D. Hawkes 18 Republican House
UT Raymond P. Ward 19 Republican House
UT Justin L. Fawson 7 Republican House
UT Robert M. Spendlove 49 Republican House
UT John R. Westwood 72 Republican House
UT Merrill F. Nelson 68 Republican House
UT Marc K. Roberts 67 Republican House
UT Mike K. McKell 66 Republican House
UT Jon E. Stanard 62 Republican House
UT Brian M. Greene 57 Republican House
UT Kay J. Christofferson 56 Republican House
UT John Knotwell 52 Republican House
UT Craig Hall 33 Republican House
UT Michael S. Kennedy 27 Republican House
UT Angela Romero 26 Democratic House
UT Edward H. Redd 4 Republican House
UT Keven J. Stratton 48 Republican House
UT Daniel McCay 41 Republican House
UT V. Lowry Snow 74 Republican House
UT Brad R Wilson 15 Republican House
UT Mark A Wheatley 35 Democratic House
UT R. Curt Webb 5 Republican House
UT Dean Sanpei 63 Republican House
UT Douglas Sagers 21 Republican House
UT Paul Ray 13 Republican House
UT Marie H Poulson 46 Democratic House
UT Dixon M Pitcher 10 Republican House
UT Val L Peterson 59 Republican House
UT Jeremy A Peterson 9 Republican House
UT Lee B Perry 29 Republican House
UT Michael E Noel 73 Republican House
UT Carol Spackman Moss 37 Democratic House
UT Bradley G Last 71 Republican House
UT Brian S King 28 Democratic House
UT Ken Ivory 47 Republican House
UT Eric K Hutchings 38 Republican House
UT Gregory H Hughes 51 Republican House
UT Stephen G Handy 16 Republican House
UT Keith Grover 61 Republican House
UT Francis D Gibson 65 Republican House
UT Gage Froerer 8 Republican House
UT Steve Eliason 45 Republican House
UT Rebecca P Edwards 20 Republican House
UT James A Dunnigan 39 Republican House
UT Susan Duckworth 22 Democratic House
UT Bradley M Daw 60 Republican House
UT LaVar Christensen 32 Republican House
UT Rebecca Chavez-Houck 24 Democratic House
UT Joel K Briscoe 25 Democratic House
UT Patrice M Arent 36 Democratic House
TX Bryan Hughes 1 Republican Senate
TX Borris L. Miles 13 Democratic Senate
TX Dawn Buckingham 24 Republican Senate
TX Bob Hall 2 Republican Senate
TX Konni Burton 10 Republican Senate
TX Paul Bettencourt 7 Republican Senate
TX Don Huffines 16 Republican Senate
TX Sylvia R. Garcia 6 Democratic Senate
TX Donna Campbell 25 Republican Senate
TX José R. Rodríguez 29 Democratic Senate
TX Charles Schwertner 5 Republican Senate
TX Charles Perry 28 Republican Senate
TX Brian Birdwell 22 Republican Senate
TX Van Taylor 8 Republican Senate
TX Larry Taylor 11 Republican Senate
TX José Menéndez 26 Democratic Senate
TX Lois Kolkhorst 18 Republican Senate
TX Kelly Hancock 9 Republican Senate
TX Brandon Creighton 4 Republican Senate
TX Judith Zaffirini 21 Democratic Senate
TX John Whitmire 15 Democratic Senate
TX Royce West 23 Democratic Senate
TX Kirk Watson 14 Democratic Senate
TX Carlos Uresti 19 Democratic Senate
TX Kel Seliger 31 Republican Senate
TX Robert Nichols 3 Republican Senate
TX Jane Nelson 12 Republican Senate
TX Eddie Lucio, Jr. 27 Democratic Senate
TX Joan Huffman 17 Republican Senate
TX Juan Hinojosa 20 Democratic Senate
TX Craig Estes 30 Republican Senate
TX Eddie Lucio III 38 Democratic House
TX Thierry, Shawn 146 Democratic House
TX Uresti, Tomas 118 Democratic House
TX Cosper, Scott 54 Republican House
TX Cain, Briscoe 128 Republican House
TX Gooden, Lance 4 Republican House
TX Swanson, Valoree 150 Republican House
TX Bailes, Ernest 18 Republican House
TX Hinojosa, Gina 49 Democratic House
TX Dean, Jay 7 Republican House
TX Holland, Justin 33 Republican House
TX Hefner, Cole 5 Republican House
TX Roberts, Kevin 126 Republican House
TX Oliverson, Tom 130 Republican House
TX Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara 120 Democratic House
TX Shine, Hugh 55 Republican House
TX Neave, Victoria 107 Democratic House
TX Arévalo, Diana 116 Democratic House
TX Ortega, Evelina "Lina" 77 Democratic House
TX Lambert, Stan 71 Republican House
TX Stucky, Lynn 64 Republican House
TX Perez, Mary Ann 144 Democratic House
TX Wilson, Terry 20 Republican House
TX Biedermann, Kyle 73 Republican House
TX Cortez, Philip 117 Democratic House
TX Lang, Mike 60 Republican House
TX Schubert, Leighton 13 Republican House
TX Johnson, Jarvis 139 Democratic House
TX Minjarez, Ina 124 Democratic House
TX Bernal, Diego M. 123 Democratic House
TX Cyrier, John P. 17 Republican House
TX Schofield, Mike 132 Republican House
TX Romero, Jr., Ramon 90 Democratic House
TX Burns, DeWayne 58 Republican House
TX Faircloth, Wayne 23 Republican House
TX Meyer, Morgan 108 Republican House
TX Metcalf, Will 16 Republican House
TX Burrows, Dustin 83 Republican House
TX Tinderholt, Tony 94 Republican House
TX Blanco, César 76 Democratic House
TX Phelan, Dade 21 Republican House
TX Shaheen, Matt 66 Republican House
TX VanDeaver, Gary 1 Republican House
TX Rinaldi, Matt 115 Republican House
TX Koop, Linda 102 Republican House
TX Landgraf, Brooks 81 Republican House
TX Keough, Mark 15 Republican House
TX Paul, Dennis 129 Republican House
TX Wray, John 10 Republican House
TX Murr, Andrew 53 Republican House
TX Israel, Celia 50 Democratic House
TX Wu, Gene 137 Democratic House
TX Villalba, Jason 114 Republican House
TX Thompson, Ed 29 Republican House
TX Stickland, Jonathan 92 Republican House
TX Stephenson, Phil 85 Republican House
TX Springer, Drew 68 Republican House
TX Simmons, Ron 65 Republican House
TX Sheffield, J. D. 59 Republican House
TX Schaefer, Matt 6 Republican House
TX Sanford, Scott 70 Republican House
TX Rose, Toni 110 Democratic House
TX Rodriguez, Justin 125 Democratic House
TX Paddie, Chris 9 Republican House
TX Nevárez, Poncho 74 Democratic House
TX Miller, Rick 26 Republican House
TX Longoria, Oscar 35 Democratic House
TX Leach, Jeff 67 Republican House
TX Krause, Matt 93 Republican House
TX Klick, Stephanie 91 Republican House
TX King, Ken 88 Republican House
TX Kacal, Kyle 12 Republican House
TX Guerra, Bobby 41 Democratic House
TX González, Mary 75 Democratic House
TX Goldman, Craig 97 Republican House
TX Frank, James 69 Republican House
TX Fallon, Pat 106 Republican House
TX Dale, Tony 136 Republican House
TX Collier, Nicole 95 Democratic House
TX Clardy, Travis 11 Republican House
TX Capriglione, Giovanni 98 Republican House
TX Canales, Terry 40 Democratic House
TX Bonnen, Greg 24 Republican House
TX Bell, Cecil 3 Republican House
TX Ashby, Trent 57 Republican House
TX Raney, John 14 Republican House
TX William Zedler 96 Republican House
TX Paul Workman 47 Republican House
TX James White 19 Republican House
TX Ron Reynolds 27 Democratic House
TX Four Price 87 Republican House
TX Jim Murphy 133 Republican House
TX Sergio Muñoz, Jr. 36 Democratic House
TX J. M. Lozano 43 Republican House
TX Lyle Larson 122 Republican House
TX John Kuempel 44 Republican House
TX Jason Isaac 45 Republican House
TX Dan Huberty 127 Republican House
TX Larry Gonzales 52 Republican House
TX John Frullo 84 Republican House
TX Sarah Davis 134 Republican House
TX Cindy Burkett 113 Republican House
TX Rodney Anderson 105 Republican House
TX John Zerwas 28 Republican House
TX Armando Walle 140 Democratic House
TX Hubert Vo 149 Democratic House
TX Chris Turner 101 Democratic House
TX Senfronia Thompson 141 Democratic House
TX Joe Straus 121 Republican House
TX John Smithee 86 Republican House
TX Eddie Rodriguez 51 Democratic House
TX Richard Peña Raymond 42 Democratic House
TX Joe Pickett 79 Democratic House
TX Larry Phillips 62 Republican House
TX Tan Parker 63 Republican House
TX Rene Oliveira 37 Democratic House
TX Geanie Morrison 30 Republican House
TX Joseph Moody 78 Democratic House
TX Armando Martinez 39 Democratic House
TX Jodie Laubenberg 89 Republican House
TX Phil King 61 Republican House
TX Tracy King 80 Democratic House
TX Eric Johnson 100 Democratic House
TX Todd Hunter 32 Republican House
TX Donna Howard 48 Democratic House
TX Abel Herrero 34 Democratic House
TX Ana Hernandez 143 Democratic House
TX Roland Gutierrez 119 Democratic House
TX Ryan Guillen 31 Democratic House
TX Helen Giddings 109 Democratic House
TX Charlie Geren 99 Republican House
TX Dan Flynn 2 Republican House
TX Jessica Farrar 148 Democratic House
TX Gary Elkins 135 Republican House
TX Harold Dutton Jr. 142 Democratic House
TX Dawnna Dukes 46 Democratic House
TX Joe Deshotel 22 Democratic House
TX Yvonne Davis 111 Democratic House
TX Drew Darby 72 Republican House
TX Tom Craddick 82 Republican House
TX Byron Cook 8 Republican House
TX Garnet Coleman 147 Democratic House
TX Angie Chen Button 112 Republican House
TX Dennis Bonnen 25 Republican House
TX Dwayne Bohac 138 Republican House
TX Charles Anderson 56 Republican House
TX Rafael Anchia 103 Democratic House
TX Carol Alvarado 145 Democratic House
TX Roberto Alonzo 104 Democratic House
TX Alma Allen 131 Democratic House
TX Dan Patrick inactive
TN Jon Lundberg 4 Republican Senate
TN Sara Kyle 30 Democratic Senate
TN Lee Harris 29 Democratic Senate
TN Richard Briggs 7 Republican Senate
TN Ed Jackson 27 Republican Senate
TN Jeff Yarbro 21 Democratic Senate
TN Paul Bailey 15 Republican Senate
TN John Stevens 24 Republican Senate
TN Ferrell Haile 18 Republican Senate
TN Mark Green 22 Republican Senate
TN Todd Gardenhire 10 Republican Senate
TN Steven Dickerson 20 Republican Senate
TN Janice Bowling 16 Republican Senate
TN Frank S. Niceley 8 Republican Senate
TN Joey Hensley 28 Republican Senate
TN Ken Yager 12 Republican Senate
TN Bo Watson 11 Republican Senate
TN Jim Tracy 14 Republican Senate
TN Reginald Tate 33 Democratic Senate
TN Steve Southerland 1 Republican Senate
TN Kerry Roberts 25 Republican Senate
TN Doug Overbey 2 Republican Senate
TN Mark Norris 32 Republican Senate
TN Randy McNally 5 Republican Senate
TN Becky Duncan Massey 6 Republican Senate
TN Bill Ketron 13 Republican Senate
TN Brian Kelsey 31 Republican Senate
TN Jack Johnson 23 Republican Senate
TN Thelma Harper 19 Democratic Senate
TN Dolores R. Gresham 26 Republican Senate
TN Rusty Crowe 3 Republican Senate
TN Mike Bell 9 Republican Senate
TN Mae Beavers 17 Republican Senate
TN Kevin Vaughan 95 Republican House
TN Rick Staples 15 Democratic House
TN Paul Sherrell 43 Republican House
TN Sam Whitson 65 Republican House
TN Ron M. Gant 94 Republican House
TN Michael G. Curcio 69 Republican House
TN Dwayne Thompson 96 Democratic House
TN Tim Rudd 34 Republican House
TN Rick Tillis 92 Republican House
TN John Crawford 1 Republican House
TN Jason Zachary 14 Republican House
TN Gary Hicks 9 Republican House
TN Marc Gravitt 30 Republican House
TN Jay D. Reedy 74 Republican House
TN Carson W. (Bill) Beck 51 Democratic House
TN John J. DeBerry, Jr. 90 Democratic House
TN Eddie Smith 13 Republican House
TN Bryan Terry 48 Republican House
TN Sabi 'Doc' Kumar 66 Republican House
TN Bud Hulsey 2 Republican House
TN John B. Holsclaw, Jr. 4 Republican House
TN Charles Sargent 61 Republican House
TN David Byrd 71 Republican House
TN Martin Daniel 18 Republican House
TN Dan Howell 22 Republican House
TN Jerry Sexton 35 Republican House
TN Patsy Hazlewood 27 Republican House
TN John Ray Clemmons 55 Democratic House
TN Raumesh Akbari 91 Democratic House
TN Dawn White 37 Republican House
TN James (Micah) Van Huss 6 Republican House
TN Ron Travis 31 Republican House
TN Courtney Rogers 45 Republican House
TN Jason Powell 53 Democratic House
TN Debra Moody 81 Republican House
TN Bo Mitchell 50 Democratic House
TN Susan Lynn 57 Republican House
TN Harold M. Love, Jr. 58 Democratic House
TN Mary Littleton 78 Republican House
TN William Lamberth 44 Republican House
TN Roger Kane 89 Republican House
TN Darren Jernigan 60 Democratic House
TN Timothy Hill 3 Republican House
TN Tilman Goins 10 Republican House
TN Andrew Farmer 17 Republican House
TN Barry Doss 70 Republican House
TN Mike Carter 29 Republican House
TN Dale Carr 12 Republican House
TN Kent Calfee 32 Republican House
TN Tim Wirgau 75 Republican House
TN John Mark Windle 41 Democratic House
TN Ryan Williams 42 Republican House
TN Mark White 83 Republican House
TN Terri Lynn Weaver 40 Republican House
TN Johnnie Turner 85 Democratic House
TN Joe Towns, Jr. 84 Democratic House
TN Art Swann 8 Republican House
TN Mike Stewart 52 Democratic House
TN Mike Sparks 49 Republican House
TN Johnny Shaw 80 Democratic House
TN Cameron Sexton 25 Republican House
TN Bill Sanderson 77 Republican House
TN Bob Ramsey 20 Republican House
TN John Ragan 33 Republican House
TN Dennis Powers 36 Republican House
TN Mark Pody 46 Republican House
TN Joe Pitts 67 Democratic House
TN Rep. Antonio Parkinson 98 Democratic House
TN Larry J. Miller 88 Democratic House
TN Steve McDaniel 72 Republican House
TN Gerald McCormick 26 Republican House
TN Jimmy Matlock 21 Republican House
TN Judd Matheny 47 Republican House
TN Pat Marsh 62 Republican House
TN Ron Lollar 99 Republican House
TN Kelly Keisling 38 Republican House
TN Sherry Jones 59 Democratic House
TN Curtis Johnson 68 Republican House
TN Andy Holt 76 Republican House
TN Matthew Hill 7 Republican House
TN David B. Hawk 5 Republican House
TN Beth Harwell 56 Republican House
TN G. A. Hardaway 93 Democratic House
TN Curtis Halford 79 Republican House
TN Brenda Gilmore 54 Democratic House
TN John Forgety 23 Republican House
TN Craig Fitzhugh 82 Democratic House
TN JoAnne Favors 28 Democratic House
TN Jeremy Faison 11 Republican House
TN Jimmy Eldridge 73 Republican House
TN Bill Dunn 16 Republican House
TN Barbara Ward Cooper 86 Democratic House
TN Jim Coley 97 Republican House
TN Glen Casada 63 Republican House
TN Karen D. Camper 87 Democratic House
TN Sheila Butt 64 Republican House
TN Kevin Brooks 24 Republican House
TN Harry Brooks 19 Republican House
TN David Alexander 39 Republican House
SD Nesiba, Reynold F 15 Democratic Senate
SD Russell, Lance S 30 Republican Senate
SD Kolbeck, Jack 13 Republican Senate
SD Cronin, Justin R 23 Republican Senate
SD Klumb, Joshua 20 Republican Senate
SD Kennedy, Craig 18 Democratic Senate
SD Wiik, John 4 Republican Senate
SD Nelson, Stace 19 Republican Senate
SD Bolin, Jim 16 Republican Senate
SD Netherton, Jenna 10 Republican Senate
SD Haverly, Terri 35 Republican Senate
SD Killer, Kevin 27 Democratic Senate
SD Frerichs, Jason E 1 Democratic Senate
SD Langer, Kris 25 Republican Senate
SD Youngberg, Jordan 8 Republican Senate
SD Partridge, Jeffrey D 34 Republican Senate
SD Maher, Ryan 28 Republican Senate
SD Novstrup, Al 3 Republican Senate
SD Tapio, Neal 5 Republican Senate
SD Cammack, Gary L 29 Republican Senate
SD Stalzer, Jim 11 Republican Senate
SD Curd, R. Blake 12 Republican Senate
SD Solano, Alan 32 Republican Senate
SD Rusch, Arthur L 17 Republican Senate
SD Troy Heinert 26 Democratic Senate
SD Deb Soholt 14 Republican Senate
SD Ernie Otten 6 Republican Senate
SD Jeff Monroe 24 Republican Senate
SD Bob Ewing 31 Republican Senate
SD Jim White 22 Republican Senate
SD Billie H Sutton 21 Democratic Senate
SD Larry Tidemann 7 Republican Senate
SD Deb Peters 9 Republican Senate
SD Phil Jensen 33 Republican Senate
SD Brock L Greenfield 2 Republican Senate
SD Barthel, Doug 10 Republican House
SD Wiese, Marli 8 Republican House
SD Turbiville, Charles M 31 Republican House
SD Mills, John 4 Republican House
SD Willadsen, Mark 11 Republican House
SD Reed, Tim 7 Republican House
SD McPherson, Sean 32 Republican House
SD Pischke, Tom 25 Republican House
SD Bartels, Hugh M 5 Republican House
SD Peterson, Sue 13 Republican House
SD Jamison, Greg 12 Republican House
SD Heinemann, Leslie J 8 Republican House
SD Carson, Lance 20 Republican House
SD Wismer, Susan 1 Democratic House
SD Peterson, Kent 19 Republican House
SD Clark, Michael 9 Republican House
SD Jensen, Kevin D 16 Republican House
SD Smith, Jamie 15 Democratic House
SD Dennert, Drew 3 Republican House
SD Johnson, David 33 Republican House
SD Marty, Sam 28B Republican House
SD Karr, Chris 11 Republican House
SD Glanzer, Bob 22 Republican House
SD Howard, Taffy 33 Republican House
SD Livermont, Steve 27 Republican House
SD Lesmeister, Oren L 28A Democratic House
SD Gosch, Spencer 23 Republican House
SD Rhoden, Larry 29 Republican House
SD Chase, Roger D 22 Republican House
SD Ahlers, Dan 25 Democratic House
SD Steinhauer, Wayne H 9 Republican House
SD Lake, John A 23 Republican House
SD York, Nancy 5 Republican House
SD Kettwig, Jason W 4 Republican House
SD DiSanto, Lynne 35 Republican House
SD Lust, David 34 Republican House
SD Bordeaux, Shawn 26A Democratic House
SD Frye-Mueller, Julie 30 Republican House
SD Tieszen, Craig 34 Republican House
SD Goodwin, Tim 30 Republican House
SD Hunhoff, Jean M 18 Republican House
SD Zikmund, Larry P 14 Republican House
SD Anderson, David L 16 Republican House
SD Soli, Karen 15 Democratic House
SD Haugaard, Steven G 10 Republican House
SD Beal, Arch 12 Republican House
SD Conzet, Kristin A 32 Republican House
SD Holmes, Thomas R 14 Republican House
SD Campbell, Blaine "Chip" 35 Republican House
SD McCleerey, Steven D 1 Democratic House
SD Greenfield, Lana 2 Republican House
SD Tulson, Burt 2 Republican House
SD Mike Stevens 18 Republican House
SD Kyle Schoenfish 19 Republican House
SD Ray Ring 17 Democratic House
SD Nancy Rasmussen 17 Republican House
SD Lee Qualm 21 Republican House
SD Herman Otten 6 Republican House
SD G. Mark Mickelson 13 Republican House
SD Elizabeth May 27 Republican House
SD Isaac Latterell 6 Republican House
SD Dan Kaiser 3 Republican House
SD Timothy R. Johns 31 Republican House
SD Don Haggar 10 Republican House
SD Mary Duvall 24 Republican House
SD James G Schaefer 26B Republican House
SD Tona Rozum 20 Republican House
SD Spencer Hawley 7 Democratic House
SD Tim Rounds 24 Republican House
SD Thomas J Brunner 29 Republican House
SD Julie Bartling 21 Democratic House
SC Richard J. Cash 3 Republican Senate
SC Scott Talley 12 Republican Senate
SC Sandy Senn 41 Republican Senate
SC Mike Gambrell 4 Republican Senate
SC Stephen L. Goldfinch 34 Republican Senate
SC Rex F. Rice 2 Republican Senate
SC Wes Climer 15 Republican Senate
SC William Timmons 6 Republican Senate
SC Mike Fanning 17 Democratic Senate
SC Mia S. McLeod 22 Democratic Senate
SC Margie Bright Matthews 45 Democratic Senate
SC Marlon E. Kimpson 42 Democratic Senate
SC Ross Turner 8 Republican Senate
SC Katrina Frye Shealy 23 Republican Senate
SC J. Thomas McElveen, III 35 Democratic Senate
SC Greg Hembree 28 Republican Senate
SC Sean M. Bennett 38 Republican Senate
SC Thomas R. Young Jr. 24 Republican Senate
SC Ronnie A. Sabb 32 Democratic Senate
SC Kevin L. Johnson 36 Democratic Senate
SC Thomas D. Corbin 5 Republican Senate
SC Karl B. Allen 7 Democratic Senate
SC Kent M. Williams 30 Democratic Senate
SC Daniel B. Verdin III 9 Republican Senate
SC Vincent A. Sheheen 27 Democratic Senate
SC Nikki G. Setzler 26 Democratic Senate
SC John L. Scott Jr. 19 Democratic Senate
SC Glenn G. Reese 11 Democratic Senate
SC Luke A. Rankin 33 Republican Senate
SC Harvey S. Peeler Jr. 14 Republican Senate
SC Floyd Nicholson 10 Democratic Senate
SC John W. Matthews Jr. 39 Democratic Senate
SC A. Shane Massey 25 Republican Senate
SC Shane R. Martin 13 Republican Senate
SC Gerald Malloy 29 Democratic Senate
SC Hugh K. Leatherman Sr. 31 Republican Senate
SC Darrell Jackson 21 Democratic Senate
SC C. Bradley Hutto 40 Democratic Senate
SC Lawrence K. Grooms 37 Republican Senate
SC Chauncey K. Gregory 16 Republican Senate
SC Tom Davis 46 Republican Senate
SC Ronnie W. Cromer 18 Republican Senate
SC John E. Courson 20 Republican Senate
SC George E. Campsen III 43 Republican Senate
SC Paul G. Campbell Jr. 44 Republican Senate
SC Thomas C. Alexander 1 Republican Senate
SC Wendy C. Brawley 70 Democratic House
SC Bruce M. Bryant 48 Republican House
SC Ronald "Ronnie" Young 84 Republican House
SC Ivory Torrey Thigpen 79 Democratic House
SC Steven Wayne Long 37 Republican House
SC Brandon Michael Newton 45 Republican House
SC John R. McCravy, III 13 Republican House
SC William Scott Cogswell, Jr. 110 Republican House
SC Michael F. Rivers, Sr. 121 Democratic House
SC William W. "Will" Wheeler, III 50 Democratic House
SC Linda "Lin" Bennett 114 Republican House
SC Cally R. "Cal" Forrest 39 Republican House
SC Richard "Rick" Martin 40 Republican House
SC Lee Hewitt 108 Republican House
SC Bart T. Blackwell 81 Republican House
SC Micajah P. "Micah" Caskey, IV 89 Republican House
SC Jason Elliott 22 Republican House
SC Katherine E. "Katie" Arrington 94 Republican House
SC John Taliaferro "Jay" West, IV 7 Republican House
SC Josiah Magnuson 38 Republican House
SC Lucas Atkinson 57 Democratic House
SC Sylleste H. Davis 100 Republican House
SC Russell W. Fry 106 Republican House
SC Wallace H. "Jay" Jordan, Jr. 63 Republican House
SC Jonathon D. Hill 8 Republican House
SC Cezar E. McKnight 101 Democratic House
SC Neal A. Collins 5 Republican House
SC Gregory D. "Greg" Duckworth 104 Republican House
SC Justin T. Bamberg 90 Democratic House
SC Jeffrey A. "Jeff" Bradley 123 Republican House
SC Roger K. Kirby 61 Democratic House
SC Jeffrey E. "Jeff" Johnson 58 Republican House
SC Richard L. "Richie" Yow 53 Republican House
SC Gary E. Clary 3 Republican House
SC Patricia Moore "Pat" Henegan 54 Democratic House
SC Russell L. Ott 93 Democratic House
SC James Mikell "Mike" Burns 17 Republican House
SC Mike Ryhal 56 Republican House
SC Leola C. Robinson-Simpson 25 Democratic House
SC Samuel Rivers, Jr. 15 Republican House
SC Robert L. Ridgeway, III 64 Democratic House
SC Mandy Powers Norrell 44 Democratic House
SC Wm. Weston J. Newton 120 Republican House
SC Kevin Hardee 105 Republican House
SC Craig A. Gagnon 11 Republican House
SC Kirkman Finlay, III 75 Republican House
SC Raye Felder 26 Republican House
SC MaryGail K. Douglas 41 Democratic House
SC Beth E. Bernstein 78 Democratic House
SC Heather Ammons Crawford 68 Republican House
SC Mark N. Willis 16 Republican House
SC Robert Q. Williams 62 Democratic House
SC William R. Whitmire 1 Republican House
SC W. Brian White 6 Republican House
SC J. Seth Whipper 113 Democratic House
SC J. David Weeks 51 Democratic House
SC McLain R. Toole 88 Republican House
SC Anne J. Thayer 9 Republican House
SC Bill Taylor 86 Republican House
SC Edward R. Tallon Sr. 33 Republican House
SC Tommy M. Stringer 18 Republican House
SC Leonidas E. Stavrinakis 119 Democratic House
SC L. Kit Spires 96 Republican House
SC F. Michael Sottile 112 Republican House
SC James E. Smith Jr. 72 Democratic House
SC Garry R. Smith 27 Republican House
SC G. Murrell Smith Jr. 67 Republican House
SC J. Gary Simrill 46 Republican House
SC William E. Sandifer III 2 Republican House
SC J. Todd Rutherford 74 Democratic House
SC Rick Quinn 69 Republican House
SC Joshua A. Putnam 10 Republican House
SC Thomas E. Pope 47 Republican House
SC Michael A. Pitts 14 Republican House
SC J. Anne Parks 12 Democratic House
SC Christopher J. Murphy 98 Republican House
SC V. Stephen Moss 30 Republican House
SC Dennis C. Moss 29 Republican House
SC Harold Mitchell Jr. 31 Democratic House
SC James H. Merrill 99 Republican House
SC Joseph A. McEachern 77 Democratic House
SC Peter M. McCoy Jr. 115 Republican House
SC David J. Mack III 109 Democratic House
SC James H. Lucas 65 Republican House
SC Phillip D. Lowe 60 Republican House
SC Dwight A. Loftis 19 Republican House
SC Patsy G. Knight 97 Democratic House
SC John Richard C. King 49 Democratic House
SC Joseph H. Jefferson 102 Democratic House
SC Chip Huggins 85 Republican House
SC Leon Howard 76 Democratic House
SC Lonnie Hosey 91 Democratic House
SC William M. Hixon 83 Republican House
SC David R. Hiott 4 Republican House
SC William G. Herbkersman 118 Republican House
SC Phyllis Henderson 21 Republican House
SC Jackie E. Hayes 55 Democratic House
SC Christopher R. Hart 73 Democratic House
SC Daniel P. Hamilton 20 Republican House
SC Jerry N. Govan Jr. 95 Democratic House
SC Wendell G. Gilliard 111 Democratic House
SC Laurie Slade Funderburk 52 Democratic House
SC P. Michael Forrester 34 Republican House
SC Shannon S. Erickson 124 Republican House
SC Chandra E. Dillard 23 Democratic House
SC F. Gregory Delleney Jr. 43 Republican House
SC Joseph S. Daning 92 Republican House
SC William E. Crosby 117 Republican House
SC J. Derham J. Cole Jr. 32 Republican House
SC Gilda Cobb-Hunter 66 Democratic House
SC William Clyburn 82 Democratic House
SC Alan D. Clemmons 107 Republican House
SC William M. Chumley 35 Republican House
SC Robert L. Brown 116 Democratic House
SC William K. Bowers 122 Democratic House
SC Eric M. Bedingfield 28 Republican House
SC Bruce W. Bannister 24 Republican House
SC Nathan Ballentine 71 Republican House
SC Jimmy C. Bales 80 Democratic House
SC Todd K. Atwater 87 Republican House
SC Michael A. Anthony 42 Democratic House
SC Carl L. Anderson 103 Democratic House
SC Merita A. Allison 36 Republican House
SC Terry Alexander 59 Democratic House
RI Dawn Euer 13 Democratic Senate
RI Jeanine Calkin 30 Democratic Senate
RI James A. Seveney 11 Democratic Senate
RI Thomas J. Paolino 17 Republican Senate
RI Ana B. Quezada 2 Democratic Senate
RI Cynthia Armour Coyne 32 Democratic Senate
RI Mark W. Gee 35 Republican Senate
RI Elaine J. Morgan 34 Republican Senate
RI Leonidas P. Raptakis 33 Democratic Senate
RI Frank S. Lombardi 26 Democratic Senate
RI Stephen R. Archambault 22 Democratic Senate
RI Ryan W. Pearson 19 Democratic Senate
RI William J. Conley, Jr. 18 Democratic Senate
RI Adam J. Satchell 9 Democratic Senate
RI Gayle L. Goldin 3 Democratic Senate
RI Dennis L. Algiere 38 Republican Senate
RI V. Susan Sosnowski 37 Democratic Senate
RI James C. Sheehan 36 Democratic Senate
RI Erin P. Lynch Prata 31 Democratic Senate
RI Michael J. McCaffrey 29 Democratic Senate
RI Joshua B. Miller 28 Democratic Senate
RI Hanna M. Gallo 27 Democratic Senate
RI Frank Lombardo III 25 Democratic Senate
RI Marc A. Cote 24 Democratic Senate
RI Paul W. Fogarty 23 Democratic Senate
RI Nicholas D. Kettle 21 Republican Senate
RI Roger A. Picard 20 Democratic Senate
RI Elizabeth A. Crowley 16 Democratic Senate
RI Donna M. Nesselbush 15 Democratic Senate
RI Daniel Da Ponte 14 Democratic Senate
RI Louis P. DiPalma 12 Democratic Senate
RI Walter S. Felag, Jr. 10 Democratic Senate
RI James E. Doyle II 8 Democratic Senate
RI Frank A. Ciccone, III 7 Democratic Senate
RI Harold M. Metts 6 Democratic Senate
RI Paul V. Jabour 5 Democratic Senate
RI Dominick J. Ruggerio 4 Democratic Senate
RI Maryellen Goodwin 1 Democratic Senate
RI Moira J. Walsh 3 Democratic House
RI Camille Vella-Wilkinson 21 Democratic House
RI Kenneth J. Mendonca 72 Republican House
RI Susan R. Donovan 69 Democratic House
RI Helder J. Cunha 64 Democratic House
RI Robert J. Quattrocchi 41 Republican House
RI Evan P. Shanley 24 Democratic House
RI Jason Knight 67 Democratic House
RI Alex Marszalkowski 52 Democratic House
RI Ramon A. Perez 13 Democratic House
RI Marcia Ranglin-Vassell 5 Democratic House
RI Julie A. Casimiro 31 Democratic House
RI Carol Hagan McEntee 33 Democratic House
RI Joseph J. Solomon, Jr. 22 Democratic House
RI Daniel P. McKiernan 7 Democratic House
RI David A. Coughlin, Jr. 60 Democratic House
RI Shelby Maldonado 56 Democratic House
RI Sherry Roberts 29 Republican House
RI Blake A. Filippi 36 Independent House
RI Lauren H. Carson 75 Democratic House
RI Robert B. Lancia 16 Republican House
RI Justin Price 39 Republican House
RI Kathleen A. Fogarty 35 Democratic House
RI Carlos E. Tobon 58 Democratic House
RI J. Aaron Regunberg 4 Democratic House
RI Robert A. Nardolillo 28 Republican House
RI Jean Philippe Barros 59 Democratic House
RI Michael A. Morin 49 Democratic House
RI Marvin L. Abney 73 Democratic House
RI Dennis M. Canario 71 Democratic House
RI Kenneth A. Marshall 68 Democratic House
RI Gregg Amore 65 Democratic House
RI Katherine S. Kazarian 63 Democratic House
RI William W. O'Brien 54 Democratic House
RI Stephen M. Casey 50 Democratic House
RI Mia A. Ackerman 45 Democratic House
RI Gregory J. Costantino 44 Democratic House
RI Robert E. Craven, Sr. 32 Democratic House
RI Antonio Giarrusso 30 Republican House
RI K. Joseph Shekarchi 23 Democratic House
RI Joseph S. Almeida 12 Democratic House
RI John J. Lombardi 8 Democratic House
RI Deborah Ruggiero 74 Democratic House
RI John G. Edwards 70 Democratic House
RI Joy Hearn 66 Democratic House
RI Mary Duffy Messier 62 Democratic House
RI Raymond H. Johnston Jr. 61 Democratic House
RI James N. McLaughlin 57 Democratic House
RI Arthur J. Corvese 55 Democratic House
RI Thomas Winfield 53 Democratic House
RI Robert D. Phillips 51 Democratic House
RI Brian C. Newberry 48 Republican House
RI Cale P. Keable 47 Democratic House
RI Jeremiah T. O'Grady 46 Democratic House
RI Deborah A. Fellela 43 Democratic House
RI Stephen R. Ucci 42 Democratic House
RI Michael W. Chippendale 40 Republican House
RI Brian Patrick Kennedy 38 Democratic House
RI Samuel A. Azzinaro 37 Democratic House
RI Teresa Ann Tanzi 34 Democratic House
RI Patricia A. Serpa 27 Democratic House
RI Patricia L. Morgan 26 Republican House
RI Jared R. Nunes 25 Democratic House
RI David A. Bennett 20 Democratic House
RI Joseph M. McNamara 19 Democratic House
RI Arthur Handy 18 Democratic House
RI Robert B. Jacquard 17 Democratic House
RI Nicholas A. Mattiello 15 Democratic House
RI Charlene M. Lima 14 Democratic House
RI Grace Diaz 11 Democratic House
RI Scott A. Slater 10 Democratic House
RI Anastasia P. Williams 9 Democratic House
RI Raymond A. Hull 6 Democratic House
RI Edith H. Ajello 1 Democratic House
RI Christopher R. Blazejewski 2 Democratic House
PR Eddie Charbonier Chinea 1 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Guillermo Miranda Rivera 12 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Maricarmen Mas Rodríguez 19 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Joel I. Franqui Atiles 15 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Víctor M. Torres González 23 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Jacqueline Rodríguez Hernández 25 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Michael A. Quiñones Irizarry 22 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Denis Márquez Lebrón At-Large Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño House
PR Nelson Del Valle Colón 9 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Jesús Manuel Ortiz González At-Large Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Félix G. Lassalle Toro 16 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Juan O. Morales Rodríguez 3 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Victor L. Parés Otero 4 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José Luis Rivera Guerra 17 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José E. Torres Zamora At-Large Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José J. Pérez Cordero 18 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Ramón L. Rodríguez Ruiz 27 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José A. Banchs Alemán 24 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Néstor A. Alonso Vega At-Large Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Samuel Pagán Cuadrado 35 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José Anibal Díaz Collazo 29 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Yashira M. Lebrón Rodríguez 8 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Manuel A. Natal Albelo At-Large Partido Popular Democrático House
PR María M. Charbonier Laureano At-Large Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Angel N. Matos García 40 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Javier A. Aponte Dalmau 38 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Ramón Luis Cruz Burgos 34 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Jesús Santa Rodríguez 31 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Luis R. Ortiz Lugo 30 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Urayoan Hernández Alvarado 26 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Carlos Bianchi Angleró 20 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Ricardo J. Llerandi Cruz 14 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Pedro J. Santiago Guzman 10 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Antonio L. Soto Torres 6 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Luis R. Vega Ramos At-Large Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Rafael Hernández Montañez 11 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Brenda López de Arrarás At-Large Partido Popular Democrático House
PR José F. Aponte Hernández At-Large Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José E. Meléndez Ortiz At-Large Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR María de Lourdes Ramos Rivera At-Large Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Angel Bulerín Ramos 37 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Carlos Méndez Núñez 36 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Angel R. Peña Ramírez 33 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR José M. Varela Fernández 32 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Rafael Rivera Ortega 28 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Lydia Méndez Silva 21 Partido Popular Democrático House
PR Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló 13 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Luis Pérez Ortiz 7 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Jorge Navarro Suárez 5 Partido Nuevo Progresista House
PR Luis R. Torres Cruz 2 Partido Popular Democrático House
PA Martin, Scott 13 Republican Senate
PA Regan, Mike 31 Republican Senate
PA DiSanto, John 15 Republican Senate
PA Street, Sharif 3 Democratic Senate
PA Langerholc, Wayne 35 Republican Senate
PA Laughlin, Daniel 49 Republican Senate
PA Reschenthaler, Guy 37 Republican Senate
PA Bartolotta, Camera 46 Republican Senate
PA McGarrigle, Thomas J. 26 Republican Senate
PA Haywood, Art 4 Democratic Senate
PA Stefano, Patrick J. 32 Republican Senate
PA Scott Wagner 28 Republican Senate
PA Judith L. Schwank 11 Democratic Senate
PA Ryan P Aument 36 Republican Senate
PA James R Brewster 45 Democratic Senate
PA John P Blake 22 Democratic Senate
PA John T Yudichak 14 Democratic Senate
PA Randy Vulakovich 38 Republican Senate
PA Mario M Scavello 40 Republican Senate
PA John P Sabatina Jr. 5 Democratic Senate
PA Thomas H Killion 9 Republican Senate
PA Scott E Hutchinson 21 Republican Senate
PA Michele Brooks 50 Republican Senate
PA Gene Yaw 23 Republican Senate
PA Anthony H Williams 8 Democratic Senate
PA Donald D White 41 Republican Senate
PA Kim L Ward 39 Republican Senate
PA Elder A Vogel Jr. 47 Republican Senate
PA Robert M Tomlinson 6 Republican Senate
PA Christine M Tartaglione 2 Democratic Senate
PA Joseph B Scarnati III 25 Republican Senate
PA John C Rafferty Jr. 44 Republican Senate
PA Bob Mensch 24 Republican Senate
PA Charles T McIlhinney Jr. 10 Republican Senate
PA Daylin Leach 17 Democratic Senate
PA Vincent J Hughes 7 Democratic Senate
PA Stewart J Greenleaf 12 Republican Senate
PA John R Gordner 27 Republican Senate
PA Wayne D Fontana 42 Democratic Senate
PA Mike Folmer 48 Republican Senate
PA Lawrence M Farnese Jr. 1 Democratic Senate
PA John H Eichelberger 30 Republican Senate
PA Andrew E Dinniman 19 Democratic Senate
PA Jay Costa 43 Democratic Senate
PA Jake Corman 34 Republican Senate
PA Patrick M Browne 16 Republican Senate
PA Lisa M Boscola 18 Democratic Senate
PA Lisa Baker 20 Republican Senate
PA David G Argall 29 Republican Senate
PA Richard L Alloway II 33 Republican Senate
PA Vazquez, Emilio A. 197 Democratic House
PA Corr, Michael N. 150 Republican House
PA Comitta, Carolyn T. 156 Democratic House
PA Madden, Maureen E. 115 Democratic House
PA Ryan, Francis X. 101 Republican House
PA Fritz, Jonathan 111 Republican House
PA Cephas, Morgan 192 Democratic House
PA Keefer, Dawn W. 92 Republican House
PA Roe, Eric 158 Republican House
PA Solomon, Jared G. 202 Democratic House
PA Haggerty, Kevin 112 Democratic House
PA Warren, Perry S. 31 Democratic House
PA Hill-Evans, Carol 95 Democratic House
PA Kirkland, Brian 159 Democratic House
PA Rabb, Christopher M. 200 Democratic House
PA Walsh, Justin M. 58 Republican House
PA Mako, Zachary 183 Republican House
PA Charlton, Alexander T. 165 Republican House
PA Mehaffie, Thomas L. 106 Republican House
PA Cook, Bud 49 Republican House
PA Dowling, Matthew D. 51 Republican House
PA Fitzgerald, Isabella V. 203 Democratic House
PA Bernstine, Aaron 10 Republican House
PA Kulik, Anita Astorino 45 Democratic House
PA Quinn, Christopher B. 168 Republican House
PA Nelson, Eric R. 57 Republican House
PA Rothman, Greg 87 Republican House
PA Neilson, Ed 174 Democratic House
PA Krueger-Braneky, Leanne 161 Democratic House
PA McClinton, Joanna E. 191 Democratic House
PA Bullock, Donna 195 Democratic House
PA White, Martina A. 170 Republican House
PA Nesbit, Tedd C. 8 Republican House
PA Miller, Brett R. 41 Republican House
PA Jozwiak, Barry J. 5 Republican House
PA Miller, Dan L. 42 Democratic House
PA Zimmerman, David H. 99 Republican House
PA Dush, Cris 66 Republican House
PA Wheeland, Jeff C. 83 Republican House
PA Dawkins, Jason 179 Democratic House
PA Driscoll, Michael J. 173 Democratic House
PA Irvin, Rich 81 Republican House
PA Santora, James R. 163 Republican House
PA Staats, Craig T. 145 Republican House
PA Wentling, Parke 17 Republican House
PA Miccarelli, Nick 162 Republican House
PA Schweyer, Peter 22 Democratic House
PA Ward, Judy 80 Republican House
PA Schemel, Paul 90 Republican House
PA Ortitay, Jason 46 Republican House
PA Rader, Jack 176 Republican House
PA Warner, Ryan 52 Republican House
PA Hill, Kristin 93 Republican House
PA Lewis, Harry 74 Republican House
PA Kaufer, Aaron D. 120 Republican House
PA Klunk, Kate A. 169 Republican House
PA Diamond, Russ 102 Republican House
PA Jesse Topper 78 Republican House
PA Pam Snyder 50 Democratic House
PA Brian Sims 182 Democratic House
PA Michael H. Schlossberg 132 Democratic House
PA Tommy Sankey 73 Republican House
PA Mark Rozzi 126 Democratic House
PA Steven C. Mentzer 97 Republican House
PA Daniel T. McNeill 133 Democratic House
PA John D. McGinnis 79 Republican House
PA Stephen McCarter 154 Democratic House
PA Stephen Kinsey 201 Democratic House
PA Patty Kim 103 Democratic House
PA R. Lee James 64 Republican House
PA Jordan A. Harris 186 Democratic House
PA Keith J. Greiner 43 Republican House
PA Ed Gainey 24 Democratic House
PA Marty Flynn 113 Democratic House
PA Mindy Fee 37 Republican House
PA Harold A. English 30 Republican House
PA Mary Jo Daley 148 Democratic House
PA Becky Corbin 155 Republican House
PA Ryan A. Bizzarro 3 Democratic House
PA Ryan E. Mackenzie 134 Republican House
PA Madeleine Dean 153 Democratic House
PA Maria P. Donatucci 185 Democratic House
PA Tarah Toohil 116 Republican House
PA Mike Tobash 125 Republican House
PA Todd Stephens 151 Republican House
PA Justin J. Simmons 131 Republican House
PA Rick Saccone 39 Republican House
PA Brandon P Neuman 48 Democratic House
PA Gerald J Mullery 119 Democratic House
PA Kurt A Masser 107