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SB 703 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Telemedicine Act; To Amend The Definitions Of "Professional Relationship" And "Telemedicine" Within The Telemedicine Act; And To Allow Telehealth Certification For Medical Marijuana.
Apr 21 2021 Notification That Sb703 Is Now Act 1112
May 03 2021
SB 671 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Identification Of Cost Savings By Cabinet-Level Departments; And To Declare An Emergency.
Apr 12 2021 Notification That Sb671 Is Now Act 1111
May 03 2021
SB 544 (2021 Regular Session)
Requiring A Person In The Custody Of A Correctional Facility To Use Funds From Federal Relief Or Stimulus Programs To First Pay Outstanding Fines, Fees, Costs, Or Restitution; And To Declare An Emergency.
Mar 16 2021 Notification That Sb544 Is Now Act 1110
May 03 2021
SB 336 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create An Exemption From The Sales And Use Tax For Coins, Currency, And Bullion.
Feb 22 2021 Notification That Sb336 Is Now Act 1109
May 03 2021
SB 673 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Statutory Foreclosure Act Of 1987.
Apr 12 2021 Notification That Sb673 Is Now Act 1108
May 03 2021
SB 627 (2021 Regular Session)
To Prohibit The Propagation Of Divisive Concepts; And To Review State Entity Training Materials.
Apr 01 2021 Notification That Sb627 Is Now Act 1100
May 03 2021
HB 1793 (2021 Regular Session)
Requiring A Correctional Or Detention Facility Operated By The Department Of Corrections To Establish A Policy To Offer Mammograms And Prostate Screenings To Inmates And Detainees, As Appropriate.
Mar 18 2021 Notification That Hb1793 Is Now Act 1107
May 03 2021
HB 1554 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish Safe Harbor Provisions For Victims Of Human Trafficking; And To Establish An Affirmative Defense.
Feb 24 2021 Notification That Hb1554 Is Now Act 1106
May 03 2021
HB 1907 (2021 Regular Session)
To Enable Healthcare Providers To Make Appropriate Billing Decisions That Are In The Best Interest Of Patients; And To Establish The Billing In The Best Interest Of Patients Act.
Apr 12 2021 Notification That Hb1907 Is Now Act 1105
May 03 2021
HB 1709 (2021 Regular Session)
To Provide Guidelines On How Rebates Are Offered By A Pharmaceutical Manufacturer That Sells Insulin In This State.
Mar 11 2021 Notification That Hb1709 Is Now Act 1104
May 03 2021
HB 1881 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish The 340B Drug Pricing Nondiscrimination Act.
Apr 06 2021 Notification That Hb1881 Is Now Act 1103
May 03 2021
HB 1934 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Available Sentences For Certain Sex Offenses Involving A Child.
Apr 14 2021 Notification That Hb1934 Is Now Act 1102
May 03 2021
HB 1937 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend Arkansas Law Concerning Administrative Fees And Penalties; And To Amend The Law Concerning Review Of Agency Rules By The Legislative Council.
Apr 15 2021 Notification That Hb1937 Is Now Act 1101
May 03 2021
SB 247 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Penalties For A Violation Of The Offense Of Racing A Vehicle On A Public Highway.
Feb 01 2021 Notification That Sb247 Is Now Act 1061
May 03 2021
SB 631 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Regarding Hard Cider; And To Authorize A Hard Cider Manufacturer To Deliver Hard Cider.
Apr 05 2021 Notification That Sb631 Is Now Act 1060
May 03 2021
HB 1949 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Revenue Stabilization Law; And To Declare An Emergency.
Apr 20 2021 Notification That Hb1949 Is Now Act 1099
Apr 30 2021
HB 1740 (2021 Regular Session)
To Combat Sex Trafficking Of Minors; And To Protect The Children Of Arkansas From Sexual Predators And Pedophiles.
Mar 15 2021 Notification That Hb1740 Is Now Act 1098
Apr 30 2021
HB 1605 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning Payment For A Court Transcript.
Mar 02 2021 Notification That Hb1605 Is Now Act 1097
Apr 30 2021
HB 1323 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Arkansas In-Life Photograph Act; And Permitting The In-Life Photograph Of A Crime Victim To Be Displayed At The Trial Of A Person Accused Of Committing The Homicide.
Jan 27 2021 Notification That Hb1323 Is Now Act 1096
Apr 30 2021
HB 1944 (2021 Regular Session)
To Facilitate The Conversion Of Plastics And Other Recovered Materials Through Advanced Recycling Processes.
Apr 19 2021 Notification That Hb1944 Is Now Act 1095
Apr 30 2021

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