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HB 1848 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Healthy Active Arkansas Schools Act.
Mar 31 2021 Notification That Hb1848 Is Now Act 1074
Apr 30 2021
HB 1805 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish A Property Owner'S Right To Repair Any Defect Or Disrepair On The Premises.
Mar 18 2021 Notification That Hb1805 Is Now Act 1073
Apr 30 2021
HB 1800 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Regarding Contractors; To Require Registration Of Roofing Contractors; And To Authorize The Residential Contractors Committee To Issue Roofing Contractor Registration Certificates.
Mar 18 2021 Notification That Hb1800 Is Now Act 1072
Apr 30 2021
HB 1792 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Collection Of Fines Ordered To Be Paid By A Person Convicted Of A Felony.
Mar 18 2021 Notification That Hb1792 Is Now Act 1071
Apr 30 2021
HB 1783 (2021 Regular Session)
To Allow Students In Certain Grades In-School Access To Vending Machines Offering Food And Beverages That Meet The Nutrition Standards Of The Federal Smart Snacks In School Program.
Mar 18 2021 Notification That Hb1783 Is Now Act 1070
Apr 30 2021
HB 1770 (2021 Regular Session)
To Require That Certain Information Be Included On Student Identification Cards Or Identification Badges.
Mar 17 2021 Notification That Hb1770 Is Now Act 1069
Apr 30 2021
HB 1724 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Domestic Violence Orders Of Protection; And Concerning Course Of Control.
Mar 12 2021 Notification That Hb1724 Is Now Act 1068
Apr 30 2021
HB 1702 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Bicycle Safety; And To Clarify The Rights And Duties Of A Person Operating A Bicycle.
Mar 11 2021 Notification That Hb1702 Is Now Act 1067
Apr 30 2021
HB 1700 (2021 Regular Session)
To Improve Student Outcomes By Providing Students, Parents, And Guidance Counselors With Reliable Information Regarding The Cost Of College And Job Opportunities In Arkansas.
Mar 11 2021 Notification That Hb1700 Is Now Act 1066
Apr 30 2021
HB 1698 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Delinquent Property Taxes; And To Amend The Law Concerning The Fee Charged For Setting Off Debts Against State Tax Refunds.
Mar 10 2021 Notification That Hb1698 Is Now Act 1065
Apr 30 2021
HB 1642 (2021 Regular Session)
To Promote Successful Families In Public Housing.
Mar 04 2021 Notification That Hb1642 Is Now Act 1064
Apr 30 2021
HB 1615 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend Election Procedures; To Amend The Requirements For Election Officials; To Amend The Location Of Polling Places; And To Amend The Law Concerning The Information Contained In The Voter Registration List.
Mar 03 2021 Notification That Hb1615 Is Now Act 1063
Apr 30 2021
HB 1525 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Unlawful Possession, Transportation, And Use Of Medical Marijuana.
Feb 22 2021 Notification That Hb1525 Is Now Act 1062
Apr 30 2021
SB 599 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish The Arkansas Financial Education Commission.
Mar 23 2021 Notification That Sb599 Is Now Act 1025
Apr 30 2021
SB 375 (2021 Regular Session)
An Act To Define The Monies To Be Available In The Restricted Reserve Fund; And To Allow That Additional Funds May Be Made Available For State Agencies And Institutions Appropriations; And For Other Purposes
Feb 23 2021 Notification That Sb375 Is Now Act 1058
Apr 30 2021
SB 657 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Watercrafts.
Apr 07 2021 Notification That Sb657 Is Now Act 1057
Apr 30 2021
SB 541 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Signs Designating The Birthplace Of The Bowie Knife, Arkansas Heritage Site.
Mar 15 2021 Notification That Sb541 Is Now Act 1056
Apr 30 2021
SB 663 (2021 Regular Session)
To Modify The Authority Of The Department Of Health During A Public Health Emergency; And To Declare An Emergency.
Apr 08 2021 Notification That Sb663 Is Now Act 1055
Apr 30 2021
SB 639 (2021 Regular Session)
To Authorize Off-Label Use Of Drug Treatments To Treat Patients Diagnosed With Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome And Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated With Streptococcal Infection.
Apr 06 2021 Notification That Sb639 Is Now Act 1054
Apr 30 2021
SB 617 (2021 Regular Session)
To Require Written Consent Of A Patient To Transfer A Prescription From A Pharmacy; To Require Certain Disclosures Of Ownership Interest Or Possible Conflicts Of Interest; And To Prohibit Data Mining Of Patient Information.
Mar 31 2021 Notification That Sb617 Is Now Act 1053
Apr 30 2021

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