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HB 1202 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend Election Laws; To Amend Publication Requirements For Elections; And To Require Publication Of Sample Ballots On An Internet Site.
Jan 15 2021 Notification That Hb1202 Is Now Act 128
Feb 10 2021
HB 1455 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Conveyance Of Real Property By Power Of Attorney.
Feb 09 2021 Notification That Hb1455 Is Now Act 356
Mar 15 2021
HB 1437 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Unlawful Use Of A Person'S Booking Photograph On A Publish-For-Pay Website.
Feb 08 2021 Notification That Hb1437 Is Now Act 450
Mar 24 2021
HB 1373 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law To Require That Personnel Of Public Safety Answering Points Or Dispatch Centers That Offer Pre-Arrival Instructions For Emergency Medical Conditions Be Trained In Telephone Cpr.
Feb 02 2021 Notification That Hb1373 Is Now Act 505
Apr 01 2021
HB 1716 (2021 Regular Session)
To Enhance Economic Opportunities In Rural Areas Of Arkansas; And To Expand The Options For Constructing And Operating Motor Vehicle Racing Facilities In Certain Rural Areas.
Mar 11 2021 Notification That Hb1716 Is Now Act 520
Apr 01 2021
HB 1732 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Offenses Of Voyeurism And Video Voyeurism.
Mar 15 2021 Notification That Hb1732 Is Now Act 597
Apr 06 2021
SB 531 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Arkansas Legislative Arts And Technology Boot Camp.
Mar 11 2021 Notification That Sb531 Is Now Act 577
Apr 07 2021
SB 160 (2021 Regular Session)
To Require Holocaust Education Be Taught In All Public Schools.
Jan 20 2021 Notification That Sb160 Is Now Act 611
Apr 12 2021
HR 1030 (2021 Regular Session)
To Thank The Spouses, Families, And Friends Of The Members Of The House Of Representatives For Ongoing Support And To Proclaim The 2021 House Of Representatives Family Day.
Apr 07 2021 Read And Adopted.
Apr 13 2021
SB 550 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Fee Charged For A Phone Call By An Inmate In A Correctional Facility.
Mar 16 2021 Notification That Sb550 Is Now Act 702
Apr 14 2021
SB 479 (2021 Regular Session)
To Provide Relief For Restaurants; To Allow Restaurants To Expand Outdoor Dining; To Delay The Payment Of Restaurant Sales Taxes; And To Declare An Emergency.
Mar 04 2021 Notification That Sb479 Is Now Act 705
Apr 15 2021
HB 1728 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Related To Campaign Finance; To Allow Campaign Funds To Pay Childcare Expenses; And To Amend Portions Of Initiated Act 1 Of 1990 And Initiated Act 1 Of 1996.
Mar 15 2021 Notification That Hb1728 Is Now Act 734
Apr 15 2021
HB 1374 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Which Sales By Charitable Organizations Are Exempt From Sales And Use Tax; And To Amend The Criteria To Determine When A Sale By A Charitable Organization Competes With A Sale By A For-Profit Business.
Feb 02 2021 Notification That Hb1374 Is Now Act 807
Apr 20 2021
HB 1555 (2021 Regular Session)
To Increase The Annual Cap On And Extend The Sunset Date Of The Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Income Tax Credit; And To Amend The Use Of Fees Collected Under The Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Income Tax Credit Act.
Feb 24 2021 Notification That Hb1555 Is Now Act 840
Apr 22 2021
HB 1673 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning A Defendant'S Ability Or Inability To Pay A Fine Or Fee.
Mar 09 2021 Recommended For Study In The Interim By Joint Interim Committee On Judiciary Committee- House
Apr 27 2021
HB 1824 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Recorders; And To Amend The Law Concerning The Uniform Fee For Recording Instruments.
Mar 23 2021 Notification That Hb1824 Is Now Act 982
Apr 28 2021
SB 334 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Use Of Eminent Domain By A State Agency; And To Add New Definitions Under Eminent Domain.
Feb 10 2021 Notification That Sb334 Is Now Act 945
Apr 29 2021
HCR 1018 (2021 Regular Session)
To Express Support For Two Arkansas Universities To Play An In-State Football Game Against Each Other.
Apr 06 2021 Approved By The Governor
Apr 29 2021
SB 513 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Suspension Or Revocation Of A Person'S Driver'S License For Failure To Pay Or Failure To Appear; And To Amend The Law Concerning A Restricted Driver'S Permit Issued Under Certain Circumstances.
Mar 09 2021 Notification That Sb513 Is Now Act 1049
Apr 30 2021
HB 1792 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Collection Of Fines Ordered To Be Paid By A Person Convicted Of A Felony.
Mar 18 2021 Notification That Hb1792 Is Now Act 1071
Apr 30 2021

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