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SB 193 (2019 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Training And Instruction Of A Deputy Coroner.
Jan 29 2019 Notification That Sb193 Is Now Act 238
Feb 28 2019
SB 409 (2019 Regular Session)
To Allow For The Electronic Notification Of An Invitation For Bids And Electronic Submission Of Bids; And To Create The Fair Notice And Efficiency In Public Works Act.
Feb 26 2019 Notification That Sb409 Is Now Act 1075
Apr 18 2019
SR 18 (2019 Regular Session)
To Clarify Gun Rights.
Feb 27 2019 Sine Die Adjournment
Apr 25 2019
SB 575 (2019 Regular Session)
Concerning The Fines, Fees, And Costs That May Be Assessed For Certain Violations.
Mar 15 2019 Notification That Sb575 Is Now Act 743
Apr 08 2019
SB 599 (2019 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Regarding The Issuance Of A Bond By A Regional Solid Waste Management District; And To Require Approval By The Quorum Court Prior To The Issuance Of A Bond.
Mar 18 2019 Notification That Sb599 Is Now Act 891
Apr 17 2019
SB 6 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Arkansas Unborn Child Protection Act; To Abolish Abortion In Arkansas And Protect The Lives Of Unborn Children; And To Protect All Human Life.
Nov 18 2020 Notification That Sb6 Is Now Act 308
Mar 10 2021
HB 1061 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The No Patient Left Alone Act; Concerning Visitation Rights Of Patients; And To Declare An Emergency.
Dec 22 2020 Notification That Hb1061 Is Now Act 311
Mar 10 2021
SB 24 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Defense Of A Person With The Use Of Physical Force Or Deadly Physical Force.
Dec 23 2020 Notification That Sb24 Is Now Act 250
Mar 03 2021
SB 78 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish Arkansas Occupational Licensing Of Uniformed Service Members, Veterans, And Spouses Act Of 2021; And To Declare An Emergency.
Jan 11 2021 Notification That Sb78 Is Now Act 135
Feb 23 2021
HCR 1007 (2021 Regular Session)
To Recognize January 22 As The Day Of Tears In Arkansas.
Jan 12 2021 Approved By The Governor
Apr 19 2021
SB 117 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Requirement That An Additional Registration Fee Be Paid For Electric And Hybrid Vehicles; And To Repeal The Additional Fee For The Registration Of Hybrid Vehicles.
Jan 13 2021 Sine Die Adjournment
Oct 15 2021
SB 153 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Workforce Expansion Act Of 2021.
Jan 19 2021 Notification That Sb153 Is Now Act 725
Apr 19 2021
HB 1269 (2021 Regular Session)
To Allow A County To Authorize The Operation Of Golf Carts On Certain County Roads By Ordinance; To Declare An Emergency.
Jan 26 2021 Notification That Hb1269 Is Now Act 188
Mar 01 2021
HB 1315 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create A State Meat Inspection Program; To Amend The Arkansas Meat And Meat Products Inspection Act; To Transfer Authority Over Meat Inspection To The Department Of Agriculture; And To Declare An Emergency.
Jan 27 2021 Notification That Hb1315 Is Now Act 418
Mar 23 2021
SB 236 (2021 Regular Session)
To Exempt Unemployment Compensation Benefits From Income Tax During A Certain Time Period; And To Declare An Emergency.
Jan 28 2021 Notification That Sb236 Is Now Act 154
Mar 01 2021
HB 1351 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Use Of Certain Chemicals In Firefighting Foam.
Jan 29 2021 Notification That Hb1351 Is Now Act 315
Mar 10 2021
HB 1361 (2021 Regular Session)
To Provide For The Tax Treatment Of Certain Loans, Payments, And Expenses Related To Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) Relief Programs; And To Declare An Emergency.
Feb 01 2021 Notification That Hb1361 Is Now Act 248
Mar 02 2021
HB 1406 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning The Limitations On The Issuance Of Military And Veterans Special License Plates; And To Authorize The Issuance Of Additional Special License Plates In Certain Circumstances.
Feb 03 2021 Notification That Hb1406 Is Now Act 318
Mar 10 2021
SB 289 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Medical Ethics And Diversity Act.
Feb 04 2021 Notification That Sb289 Is Now Act 462
Mar 29 2021
SB 294 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning The Service Weapon Used By An Employee Of The Department Of Corrections; And To Repeal Redundant Language.
Feb 08 2021 Notification That Sb294 Is Now Act 329
Mar 15 2021

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