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HB 1891 (2019 Regular Session)
To Allow The Diversion Of Certain Juvenile Offenses.
Mar 20 2019 Died On House Calendar At Sine Die Adjournment
Apr 24 2019
HB 1919 (2019 Regular Session)
Concerning The Use Of Instruments Of Restraint On Individuals Who Are Under Eighteen (18) Years Of Age During A Court Appearance.
Mar 26 2019 Died On House Calendar At Sine Die Adjournment
Apr 24 2019
HB 1695 (2019 Regular Session)
To Protect Children Who Are Being Trafficked From Being Prosecuted For Prostitution.
Mar 05 2019 Notification That Hb1695 Is Now Act 1020
Apr 15 2019
HB 1755 (2019 Regular Session)
Concerning The Punitive Isolation Or Solitary Confinement Of Individuals Who Are Under Eighteen (18) Years Of Age.
Mar 07 2019 Notification That Hb1755 Is Now Act 971
Apr 12 2019
HR 1076 (2019 Regular Session)
To Celebrate The Life And Contributions Of Hazel Bullock.
Apr 04 2019 Read And Adopted.
Apr 09 2019
HB 1794 (2019 Regular Session)
To Require A State-Supported Two-Year Or Four-Year Institution Of Higher Education To Designate From Amongst Current Staff Members Of The Institution Of Higher Education A Homeless And Foster Student Liaison.
Mar 12 2019 Recommended For Study In The Interim By Joint Interim Committee On Education Committee- House
Mar 29 2019
HR 1051 (2019 Regular Session)
To Commend Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., For Its Service Work And Contributions To Its Communities And To Designate March 25 As Alpha Kappa Alpha Day At The State Capitol.
Mar 13 2019 Read And Adopted.
Mar 25 2019
HB 1608 (2019 Regular Session)
Requiring The Study Of Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Feb 26 2019 Withdrawn By Author
Mar 25 2019
HB 1617 (2019 Regular Session)
To Require That A Public School Adopt A Policy That Addresses Teen Dating Violence; And To Require That Such A Policy Include Guidelines That Address Alleged Incidents Of Teen Dating Violence.
Feb 27 2019 Withdrawn By Author
Mar 11 2019
HR 1008 (2019 Regular Session)
Honoring The North Little Rock Six.
Jan 23 2019 Read And Adopted.
Feb 11 2019

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