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HB 1943 (2021 Regular Session)
To Reduce The Sentence Classifications For Certain Offenses From A Felony To A Misdemeanor.
Apr 19 2021 Notification That Hb1943 Is Now Act 1082
Apr 30 2021
HB 1891 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create A Network Of Certified Academic Language Therapists To Provide A Specialized Dyslexia Instructional Program For Public School Students With Dyslexia Or Related Reading And Written-Language Difficulties.
Apr 08 2021 Notification That Hb1891 Is Now Act 1016
Apr 29 2021
SB 314 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish The Conditions Under Which A Public School District Shall Be Returned To Local Control.
Feb 10 2021 Recommended For Study In The Interim Committee On Education Committee - Senate
Apr 27 2021
HB 1557 (2021 Regular Session)
To Require Electric Utilities To Have An Emergency Plan In Place During Certain Weather Events; And To Require An Electric Utility To Directly Notify Local Governments Of Certain Emergency Measures To Reduce Energy Consumption.
Feb 24 2021 Notification That Hb1557 Is Now Act 877
Apr 25 2021
HB 1349 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish The Every Arkansan Retirement Plan Opportunity Act.
Jan 29 2021 The Vote By Which Hb1349 Failed To Pass Was Expunged.
Apr 22 2021
HB 1495 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Concerning Load Limits For A Vehicle Transporting Certain Raw Materials And Logs; And To Declare An Emergency.
Feb 10 2021 The Vote By Which Hb1495 Failed To Pass Was Expunged.
Apr 21 2021
SB 309 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Requirements For Coverage For Colorectal Cancer Screening.
Feb 09 2021 Notification That Sb309 Is Now Act 779
Apr 21 2021
HB 1520 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Arkansas Code Concerning Occupational Criminal Background Checks; And To Ensure That Licensees Who Were Licensed Prior To The Enactment Of Acts 2019, No. 990, Are Allowed To Maintain Their Licenses.
Feb 22 2021 Notification That Hb1520 Is Now Act 762
Apr 19 2021
HB 1776 (2021 Regular Session)
To Modernize And Strengthen Nursing Facility Staffing Standards And Reporting Requirements.
Mar 17 2021 Notification That Hb1776 Is Now Act 715
Apr 14 2021
SMR 4 (2021 Regular Session)
To Remember Senator Jim Argue And To Recognize His Contributions To The State Of Arkansas And His Local Community.
Apr 08 2021 Read The Third Time And Adopted.
Apr 13 2021
HB 1659 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Death Certificate Registration Process For The Signature Of The Medical Certificate.
Mar 08 2021 Notification That Hb1659 Is Now Act 674
Apr 12 2021
HB 1678 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish The Highly Qualified Professor And Teacher Act.
Mar 09 2021 Notification That Hb1678 Is Now Act 657
Apr 12 2021
SB 160 (2021 Regular Session)
To Require Holocaust Education Be Taught In All Public Schools.
Jan 20 2021 Notification That Sb160 Is Now Act 611
Apr 12 2021
SB 462 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law With Respect To Basic Eligibility Requirements For Awards Granted Under The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship Program — Part 2.
Mar 03 2021 Re-Referred To Education Committee - Senate
Apr 07 2021
SB 531 (2021 Regular Session)
To Create The Arkansas Legislative Arts And Technology Boot Camp.
Mar 11 2021 Notification That Sb531 Is Now Act 577
Apr 07 2021
HB 1871 (2021 Regular Session)
To Establish The Creating A Respectful And Open World For Natural Hair (Crown) Act.
Apr 05 2021 Read The First Time, Rules Suspended, Read The Second Time And Referred To The Committee On Public Health, Welfare And Labor Committee- House
Apr 05 2021
HB 1640 (2021 Regular Session)
To Amend The Law Regarding Industrial Hemp Production; To Repeal The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act; And To Establish The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Production Act.
Mar 04 2021 Notification That Hb1640 Is Now Act 565
Apr 05 2021
SB 290 (2021 Regular Session)
Concerning Coverage Of Diagnostic Examinations For Breast Cancer Under Certain Health Benefit Plans.
Feb 04 2021 Delivered To Governor.
Apr 01 2021
HB 1657 (2021 Regular Session)
To Designate The Official Steam Locomotive Of The State Of Arkansas.
Mar 04 2021 Notification That Hb1657 Is Now Act 405
Mar 22 2021
HCR 1013 (2021 Regular Session)
To Recognize The Month Of March As National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.
Mar 08 2021 Approved By The Governor
Mar 22 2021

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