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Recently Passed
  • SB 1531
    Sponsored by: Kimberly Yee
    revenues; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
  • SB 1528
    Sponsored by: Kimberly Yee
    higher education; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
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Recently Passed
  • HB 2540
    Sponsored by: Javan Mesnard
    criminal justice; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018.
  • HB 2547
    Sponsored by: Paul Boyer
    university infrastructure capital financing; appropriations.
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Available Sessions

Session Bills
49th Legislature, 1st Special Session (2009) 13 bills
49th Legislature, 2nd Special Session (2009) 4 bills
49th Legislature, 1st Regular Session (2009) 1240 bills
49th Legislature, 3rd Special Session (2009) 49 bills
49th Legislature, 4th Special Session (2009) 8 bills
49th Legislature, 5th Special Session (2009) 3 bills
49th Legislature, 6th Special Session (2010) 11 bills
49th Legislature, 7th Special Session (2010) 30 bills
49th Legislature, 8th Special Session (2010) 5 bills
49th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (2010) 1401 bills
49th Legislature, 9th Special Session (2010) 3 bills
50th Legislature, 1st Special Session (2011) 8 bills
50th Legislature, 2nd Special Session (2011) 2 bills
50th Legislature, 3rd Special Session (2011) 7 bills
50th Legislature, 4th Special Session (2011) 5 bills
50th Legislature, 1st Regular Session (2011) 1498 bills
50th Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (2012) 1552 bills
51st Legislature - 1st Regular Session (2013) 1237 bills
51st Legislature - 1st Special Session (2013) 20 bills
51st Legislature - 2nd Regular Session 1318 bills
51st Legislature - 2nd Special Session 5 bills
52nd Legislature - 1st Regular Session 1260 bills
52nd Legislature - 2nd Regular Session 1375 bills
53rd Legislature - 1st Regular Session 1180 bills
53rd Legislature - 2nd Regular Session 768 bills


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