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California Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
SB 2752 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Insurance: policy renewal.

SB 204 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Ocean fishing research.

AB 1716 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Schools: gang prevention curriculum.

SB 2023 (1989-1990 Regular Session)

AB 1101 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Household solid waste.

SB 74 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Salvageable personal property: regulatory exemption.

AB 4229 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Littering punishment.

SB 696 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Landlord and tenant: utility charges.

SB 1153 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Water supply.

AB 1553 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
County water authorities: connection charges.

AB 3729 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Fees: refunds.

AB 2342 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Structural pest control.

SJR 67 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Relative to coastal waters.

SJR 49 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Railroad retirement benefits.

AB 1202 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Schools: emergency apportionments.

AB 2788 (1989-1990 Regular Session)

AB 238 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Domestic violence.

SB 1979 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
California Health Insurance Guaranty Association.

ACR 188 (1989-1990 Regular Session)
Fiscal affairs: revision of laws: legislative procedures.

SB 4 (1989-1990 Regular Session)

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