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California Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
AB 363 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Wetlands habitat: mitigation bank sites.

SB 437 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Air pollution: trip reduction.

SB 1952 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Public utilities: economic development.

AB 2300 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Joint exercise of powers.

SB 37 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Air pollution: motor vehicles.

AB 2035 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Street terrorism.

SCR 20 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Appropriative water rights: United States Bureau of Reclamation.

AB 40 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Consumer protection: wheelchairs.

AB 2296 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Testimony of a witness: hypnosis.

SCR 17 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Relative to Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

AB 704 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Commercial fishing: fish and wildlife violations.

SB 51 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Inverse condemnation.

SB 7 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Juvenile offenders.

AB 1291 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Mammography equipment.

SB 223 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Vehicles: towing and storage : liens.

SB 670 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Firearms: dealers' record of sale.

SB 645 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Job training report cards.

AB 843 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Vehicles: speed limits: enforcement.

AB 1100 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Civil rights: price discrimination.

SB 517 (1995-1996 Regular Session)
Crimes: bail.

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