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California Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
SJR 6 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Filipino veterans of World War II: veterans' benefits.

AB 1208 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Occupational safety and health: bloodborne pathogen standard.

SB 1121 (1997-1998 Regular Session)

AB 669 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Real property: foreclosure.

SCR 36 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Girl Scouts of the United States of America: 85th anniversary.

SB 2215 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Public safety officers: procedural bill of rights.

SB 1522 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Child care and development facilities funding.

SB 2074 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Juvenile law: principles: victim's rights.

AB 4 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Sentencing: firearms.

AB 2453 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
California Small Business Development Center Program.

AB 1574 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Trial Court Funding.

AB 2558 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Unemployment compensation disability insurance.

ACR 130 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Relative to the 1998 World Gold Panning Championships.

SB 1823 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Public social services: foster care and adoption.

SB 1878 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Murder: special circumstances.

AB 425 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Community college facilities: building standards.

SB 1981 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Medical boards: sunset review.

AB 1915 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
WWII internment of Japanese Americans: California Civil Liberties Public Education Act.

AB 1382 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Vehicles: crimes: penalties.

AJR 21 (1997-1998 Regular Session)
Relative to spent nuclear fuel.

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