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California Senate Committees

Name Members
Agriculture: Olive Oil Production and Emerging Products
Agriculture: Invasive Species
Banking and Financial Institutions
Budget and Fiscal Review: Education
Budget and Fiscal Review: Corrections, Public Safety and the Judiciary
Budget and Fiscal Review: Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation
  • Lois Wolk,
  • Fran Pavley
Budget and Fiscal Review: Health and Human Services
Budget and Fiscal Review
Budget and Fiscal Review: State Administration and General Government
Business, Professions and Economic Development
Business, Professions and Economic Development: California's Innovation, Technology and Life Sciences Economy
Education: Community Schools
  • Carol Liu,
  • Loni Hancock
Elections and Constitutional Amendments
Energy, Utilities and Communications
Energy, Utilities and Communications: Gas, Electric and Transportation Safety
Environmental Quality
Governance and Finance
Governance and Finance: Modernizing Government
Governmental Organization
Governmental Organization: Emergencies, Disaster Response and Port Security
Health: Healthcare Workforce and Access to Care
Human Services
Labor and Industrial Relations
Legislative Ethics
Natural Resources and Water
Public Employment and Retirement
Public Safety
Transportation and Housing
Veterans Affairs