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Colorado Senate Committees

Name Members
Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy
Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy [data not yet available]
Alternatives to the Gallagher Amendment Interim Study Committee
Appropriations [data not yet available]
Business, Labor and Technology [data not yet available]
Business, Labor, & Technology
Capital Development Committee
Capitol Building Advisory Committee
  • Kurt Morrison,
  • Marilyn Eddins,
  • Aly Jabrocki,
  • Richard Lee,
  • Kevin J. Grantham,
  • Effie Ameen,
  • Steve Turner,
  • Susan Lontine,
  • Frank McNulty,
  • Georgianna Contiguglia,
  • David Halaas,
  • Gary Petri
Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws
  • Gardner, Bob,
  • Brandon Shaffer,
  • Pat Steadman,
  • Anne McGihon,
  • Claire Levy,
  • Charley Pike,
  • Cole Wist,
  • Thomas Grimshaw,
  • Donald Mielke,
  • Thomas Morris
Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee
Committee on Legal Services
Committee on Legal Services Subcommittee for Executive Director Search [data not yet available]
County Courthouse and County Jail Funding and Overcrowding Solutions Interim Study Committee [data not yet available]
Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative Commission
Education [data not yet available]
Executive Committee of the Legislative Council
  • KC Becker,
  • Chris Holbert,
  • Crisanta Duran,
  • Leroy M. Garcia, Jr.,
  • Kevin J. Grantham,
  • Patrick Neville
Finance [data not yet available]
Health & Human Services
Health and Human Services [data not yet available]
House Select Committee on Climate Responsibility
  • Jeni James Arndt,
  • Cole Wist,
  • Chris Hansen,
  • Yeulin Willett,
  • Faith Winter
Joint Budget Committee
Joint Technology Committee
Judiciary [data not yet available]
Legislative Audit Committee
Legislative Council
Legislative Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery
Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance
Legislative Workplace Interim Study Committee
Local Government [data not yet available]
Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Interim Study Committee [data not yet available]
Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Study Committee
Pension Review Commission
  • Kagan, Daniel,
  • Tony Exum, Sr.,
  • Donald Valdez,
  • Jovan Melton,
  • Perry Buck,
  • Kevin Van Winkle,
  • Cooke, John,
  • Ray Scott,
  • Dave Williams,
  • Dominique Jackson,
  • Joann Ginal,
  • Phil Covarrubias,
  • Leroy M. Garcia, Jr.,
  • Jessie Danielson,
  • Tate, Jack
Pension Review Subcommittee [data not yet available]
Police Officers' and Firefighters' Pension Reform Commission [data not yet available]
Sale and Use Tax Simplification Task Force [data not yet available]
Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force
  • Kevin Bommer,
  • Judith Birch Vorndran,
  • Angela Williams,
  • Paul Archer,
  • Heather Pezzella,
  • Bruce Nelson,
  • Bryan Archer,
  • Neil Pomerantz,
  • Steve Ellington,
  • Kristin Baumgartner,
  • Tracy Hines,
  • Kevin Van Winkle,
  • Tracy Kraft-Tharp,
  • Neville, Tim,
  • Brendon Reese
School Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee
School Start Time Interim Study Committee
Select Committee on Energy and the Environment [data not yet available]
Senate Select Committee on Energy and the Environment
Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System Interim Study Committee [data not yet available]
State, Veterans, & Military Affairs
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs [data not yet available]
Statutory Revision Committee
Task Force on 911 Oversight, Outage Reporting, and Reliability [data not yet available]
Transportation Legislation Review Committee
  • Cooke, John,
  • Paul Lundeen,
  • Lori Saine,
  • Kimmi Lewis,
  • Zenzinger, Rachel,
  • Daneya Esgar,
  • Joann Ginal,
  • Dominique Jackson,
  • Polly Lawrence,
  • Ray Scott,
  • Jeff Bridges,
  • Jon Becker,
  • Nancy Todd,
  • Dylan Roberts,
  • Faith Winter,
  • Chris Hansen,
  • Barbara McLachlan,
  • Perry Buck,
  • Terri Carver
Treatment of Persons with Mental Health Disorders in the Criminal Justice System
Water Resources Review Committee
Wildfire Matters Review Committee
Young and Beginning Farmers Interim Study Committee [data not yet available]