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Colorado Senate Committees

Name Members
Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy
Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy [data not yet available]
Business, Labor and Technology [data not yet available]
Business, Labor, & Technology
Capital Development Committee
Capitol Building Advisory Committee
  • Effie Ameen,
  • Gary Petri,
  • Susan Lontine,
  • Frank McNulty,
  • Aly Jabrocki,
  • Kevin J. Grantham,
  • Kurt Morrison,
  • Rick Lee,
  • Georgianna Contiguglia,
  • Steve Turner,
  • Marilyn Eddins,
  • David Halaas
Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws
  • Gardner, Bob,
  • Donald Mielke,
  • Cole Wist,
  • Thomas Grimshaw,
  • Brandon Shaffer,
  • Pat Steadman,
  • Thomas Morris,
  • Charley Pike,
  • Claire Levy,
  • Anne McGihon
Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee
Committee on Legal Services
Committee on Legal Services Subcommittee for Executive Director Search
County Courthouse and County Jail Funding and Overcrowding Solutions Interim Study Committee
  • Rhonda Fields,
  • Adrienne Benavidez,
  • Larry W. Crowder,
  • Coram, Don,
  • Dafna Michaelson Jenet,
  • Susan Beckman
Executive Committee of the Legislative Council
Health & Human Services
Health and Human Services [data not yet available]
Joint Budget Committee
Joint Technology Committee
Legislative Audit Committee
Legislative Council
Legislative Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery
  • Colonel Kent D. Lambert,
  • Faith Winter,
  • Lori Saine,
  • Leroy M. Garcia, Jr.
Legislative Interim Committee on School Finance
Local Government
Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Interim Study Committee
Police Officers' and Firefighters' Pension Reform Commission
  • Tony Exum, Sr.,
  • Ray Scott,
  • Dave Williams,
  • Jessie Danielson,
  • Cooke, John,
  • Dominique Jackson,
  • Leroy M. Garcia, Jr.,
  • Donald Valdez,
  • Matt Jones,
  • Jovan Melton,
  • Kevin Van Winkle,
  • Tate, Jack,
  • Phil Covarrubias,
  • Joann Ginal,
  • Perry Buck
Sale and Use Tax Simplification Task Force [data not yet available]
Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force
  • Heather Pezzella,
  • Neville, Tim,
  • Neil Pomerantz,
  • Brendon Reese,
  • Tracy Kraft-Tharp,
  • Dianne Criswell,
  • Bruce Nelson,
  • Cheri Jahn,
  • Bryan Archer,
  • Steve Ellington,
  • Kristin Baumgartner,
  • Paul Archer,
  • Judith Birch Vorndran,
  • Lang Sias,
  • Tracy Hines
School Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee
Select Committee on Energy and the Environment
Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System Interim Study Committee
State, Veterans, & Military Affairs
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs [data not yet available]
Statutory Revision Committee
Task Force on 911 Oversight, Outage Reporting, and Reliability [data not yet available]
Transportation Legislation Review Committee
  • Nancy Todd,
  • Ray Scott,
  • Dan Nordberg,
  • Chris Hansen,
  • Joann Ginal,
  • Jon Becker,
  • Terri Carver,
  • Faith Winter,
  • Polly Lawrence,
  • Barbara McLachlan,
  • Cooke, John,
  • Randy L. Baumgardner,
  • Diane Mitsch Bush,
  • Dominique Jackson,
  • Daneya Esgar,
  • Perry Buck,
  • Jeff Bridges,
  • Zenzinger, Rachel
Treatment of Persons with Mental Health Disorders in the Criminal Justice System
Water Resources Review Committee
Wildfire Matters Review Committee
Young and Beginning Farmers Interim Study Committee