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SB 339 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Board of Regents and University System; establishment of free speech policies for institutions of the university system; provide

Jan 19, 2018 Jul 1, 2018 Effective Date
SB 350 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Notice of Information Practices By Institution or Agent; policy renewal to comport with federal law; update notice practices requirements

Jan 24, 2018 Jul 1, 2018 Effective Date
SB 353 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Boilers and Pressure Vessels; violations concerning the regulation; civil enforcement and penalty authority in the Safety Fire Commissioner; establish

Jan 24, 2018 Jul 1, 2018 Effective Date
SB 371 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Taxes; furnishing of sales and use tax information to municipalities and counties; change provisions

Jan 30, 2018 Jul 1, 2018 Effective Date
SB 397 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Real and Personal Property; municipalities to hire state licensed real estate brokers to assist in sale; allow

Feb 7, 2018 Jul 1, 2018 Effective Date
SB 338 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Administrative Procedure; agency rule making; modify requirements

Jan 19, 2018 May 8, 2018 Veto V19
SR 794 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Joint Georgia-North Carolina and Georgia-Tennessee Boundary Line Commission; create

Feb 14, 2018 May 8, 2018 Effective Date
SB 336 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Georgia Bureau of Investigation; general provisions; subpoena issued for production of electronic communication; not provide notice to the subscriber

Jan 19, 2018 May 6, 2018 Effective Date
SB 286 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

State Court of Troup County; charge and collect a technology fee for certain filings; authorize

Mar 15, 2017 May 3, 2018 Effective Date
SB 367 (2017-2018 Regular Session)

Payment of Indemnification for Death or Disability; option of payment to an estate in the case of death; law enforcement officer; firefighter; emergency medical technician, ...

Jan 30, 2018 Mar 29, 2018 Senate Disagreed House Amend or Sub