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Georgia Committees

Chamber Name Members
Senate Administrative Affairs
House Agriculture & Consumer Affairs
Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
Senate Appropriations
House Appropriations
Senate Appropriations: Agriculture & Natural Resources
Senate Appropriations: Community Health
Senate Appropriations: Criminal Justice [data not yet available]
Senate Appropriations: Criminal Justice & Public Safety
Senate Appropriations: Economic Development
House Appropriations: Economic Development
House Appropriations: Education
Senate Appropriations: Education
Senate Appropriations: Fiscal Management [data not yet available]
House Appropriations: General Government
Senate Appropriations: General Government [data not yet available]
House Appropriations: Health
Senate Appropriations: Higher Education
House Appropriations: Higher Education
Senate Appropriations: Human Dev. & Public Health
House Appropriations: Human Resources
Senate Appropriations: Insurance
Senate Appropriations: Judicial
House Appropriations: Public Safety
House Appropriations: Transportation
Senate Assignments
Senate Banking and Financial Institutions
House Banks & Banking
House Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight
House Code Revision
House Defense & Veterans Affairs
House Economic Development & Tourism
Senate Economic Development and Tourism
House Education
Senate Education and Youth
House Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications
Senate Ethics
House Ethics
Senate Finance
Senate Finance: Ad Valorem Tax
Senate Finance: Income Tax
Senate Finance: Public Policy & Finance
Senate Finance: Sales Tax
Senate Finance: Tax Reform
House Game, Fish, & Parks
Senate Government Oversight
House Governmental Affairs
House Health & Human Services
Senate Health and Human Services
Senate Health and Human Services: Abusive Billing Practices
Senate Health and Human Services: Health Care Delivery
Senate Health and Human Services: Pharmacology
Senate Health and Human Services: Scope of Practice
Senate Health and Human Services: Technology and Education
Senate Higher Education
House Higher Education
House Human Relations & Aging
House Industry and Labor
House Information and Audits
House Insurance
Senate Insurance and Labor
Senate Insurance and Labor: Employee Missclassification [data not yet available]
Senate Interstate Cooperation
House Interstate Cooperation
House Intragovernmental Coordination
Senate Judiciary
House Judiciary
House Judiciary Non-Civil
Senate Judiciary Non-Civil [data not yet available]
House Juvenile Justice
House Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment
Joint MARTOC [data not yet available]
House Motor Vehicles
House Natural Resources & Environment
Senate Natural Resources and the Environment
Senate Public Safety
House Public Safety and Homeland Security
Senate Reapportionment and Redistricting
House Regulated Industries
Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities
Senate Regulated Industries and Utilities: Pool Industry Standards and Licensing [data not yet available]
Senate Retirement
House Retirement
Senate Rules
House Rules
Senate Science and Technology
House Science and Technology
House Small Business Development
Senate Special Judiciary
House Special Rules
Senate State Institutions and Property
House State Planning & Community Affairs
House State Properties
Senate State and Local Governmental Operations
Senate Transportation
House Transportation
Senate Urban Affairs
Senate Veterans, Military and Homeland Security
House Ways & Means