Open States

Appropriations (House)


Name Role District Party
Chad Nimmer Chairman Of Subcommittee 178 Republican
Tom Kirby Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 114 Republican
Stacey Evans Member
Rich Golick Member 40 Republican
Brooks Coleman Member 97 Republican
Carolyn Hugley Member 136 Democratic
Steve Tarvin Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 2 Republican
Alan Powell Member 32 Republican
Pamela Dickerson Member 113 Democratic
Brian Strickland Member
Lee Hawkins Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 27 Republican
Chuck Williams Member
James Epps Member Not available Not available
Jan Tankersley Member 160 Republican
Chuck Efstration Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 104 Republican
David Clark Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 98 Republican
Ron Stephens Member 164 Republican
Mack Jackson Member 128 Democratic
David Knight Member 130 Republican
Timothy Barr Member 103 Republican
Paulette Rakestraw Member 19 Republican
Regina Quick Member
Kevin Cooke Member 18 Republican
Randy Nix Member 69 Republican
Tom Taylor Member 79 Republican
Calvin Smyre Member 135 Democratic
Rick Jasperse Member 11 Republican
Barry Fleming Member 121 Republican
Michele Henson Member 86 Democratic
Micah Gravley Member 67 Republican
Stacey Abrams Member
Chuck Martin Member 49 Republican
Jay Powell Ex-Officio 171 Republican
Shaw Blackmon Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 146 Republican
Terry Rogers Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 10 Republican
Terry England Chairman 116 Republican
Bill Hitchens Member 161 Republican
Mary Oliver Member Not available Not available
Buzz Brockway Member 102 Republican
Tommy Benton Member 31 Republican
Greg Morris Member 156 Republican
Brian Prince Member 127 Democratic
Robert Dickey Chairman Of Subcommittee 140 Republican
Don Parsons Member 44 Republican
Howard Maxwell Member 17 Republican
Gerald Greene Member 151 Republican
Andy Welch Chairman Of Subcommittee 110 Republican
Bruce Broadrick Member
Bill Werkheiser Member 157 Republican
Eddie Lumsden Member 12 Republican
Al Williams Member 168 Democratic
Allen Peake Member 141 Republican
Mike Glanton Member 75 Democratic
Penny Houston Chairman Of Subcommittee 170 Republican
Jason Shaw Chairman Of Subcommittee 176 Republican
Matt Dollar Member 45 Republican
Kevin Tanner Member 9 Republican
Jimmy Pruett Member 149 Republican
Paul Battles Member 15 Republican
Joyce Chandler Vice-Chairman Of Subcommittee 105 Republican
Wayne Howard Member 124 Democratic
Sam Watson Member 172 Republican
Katie Dempsey Chairman Of Subcommittee 13 Republican
Johnnie Caldwell, Jr. Member 131 Republican
Christian Coomer Member 14 Republican
James Beverly Member 143 Democratic
Jon Burns Member 159 Republican
Dominic LaRiccia Member 169 Republican
Richard H. Smith Member 134 Republican
Ed Rynders Secretary 152 Republican
Lynn Smith Member 70 Republican
Mandi L. Ballinger Member 23 Republican
Sheila Jones Member 53 Democratic
Earl Ehrhart Chairman Of Subcommittee 36 Republican
Wendell Willard Member 51 Republican
David Casas Member 107 Republican
John Carson Vice Chairman 46 Republican
Butch Parrish Chairman Of Subcommittee 158 Republican
Darlene Taylor Member 173 Republican
Jan Jones Member 47 Republican
Buddy Harden Member 148 Republican
Ed Setzler Member 35 Republican
Trey Kelley Ex-Officio 16 Republican
Jesse Petrea Member 166 Republican
Pat Gardner Member 57 Democratic
Matt Hatchett Member 150 Republican
Amy Carter Member


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