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Hawaii Committees

Chamber Name Members
Senate Judiciary
Senate Labor
Senate Water and Land
Senate Agriculture and Environment
Senate Higher Education
Senate Economic Development, Tourism, and Technology
Senate International Affairs and the Arts [data not yet available]
Senate Transportation and Energy
Senate Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs
Senate Water, Land, and Agriculture [data not yet available]
Senate Economic Development, Environment, and Technology [data not yet available]
Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health
Senate Human Services
Senate Housing
Senate Government Operations
Senate Tourism and International Affairs [data not yet available]
Senate Higher Education and the Arts [data not yet available]
Senate Hawaiian Affairs
Senate Judiciary and Labor [data not yet available]
Senate Ways and Means
Senate Education
House Health & Human Services
House Intrastate Commerce
House Public Safety
House Water & Land
House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs
House Veterans, Military, & International Affairs, & Culture and the Arts
House Economic Development & Business
House Transportation
House Tourism
House Legislative Management
House Labor & Public Employment
House Judiciary
House Human Services [data not yet available]
House Housing
House Health [data not yet available]
House Higher Education
House Finance
House Energy & Environmental Protection
House Education
House Consumer Protection & Commerce
House Agriculture