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Hawaii Committees

Chamber Name Members
Senate Ways and Means
Senate Water, Land, and Agriculture [data not yet available]
Senate Water and Land
House Water & Land
House Veterans, Military, & International Affairs, & Culture and the Arts
Senate Transportation and Energy
House Transportation
Senate Tourism and International Affairs [data not yet available]
House Tourism
Senate Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs
House Public Safety
House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs
House Legislative Management
House Labor & Public Employment
Senate Labor
Senate Judiciary and Labor [data not yet available]
Senate Judiciary
House Judiciary
House Intrastate Commerce
Senate International Affairs and the Arts [data not yet available]
Senate Human Services
House Human Services [data not yet available]
Senate Housing
House Housing
Senate Higher Education and the Arts [data not yet available]
Senate Higher Education
House Higher Education
House Health & Human Services
House Health [data not yet available]
Senate Hawaiian Affairs
Senate Government Operations
House Finance
House Energy & Environmental Protection
Senate Education
House Education
Senate Economic Development, Tourism, and Technology
Senate Economic Development, Environment, and Technology [data not yet available]
House Economic Development & Business
House Consumer Protection & Commerce
Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health
Senate Agriculture and Environment
House Agriculture