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HR 48 (2023 Regular Session)
Congratulating Vice Admiral Sean Buck on his retirement from the United States Navy.
Apr 27 2023 First Reading: Adopted Voice Vote
Apr 27 2023
HCR 43 (2023 Regular Session)
Celebrating the achievements and contributions of Hoosier environmental leader Tim Maloney on his retirement.
Apr 18 2023 Returned To The House
Apr 20 2023
SCR 35 (2023 Regular Session)
Memorializing Jackie R. Yenna.
Apr 04 2023 Returned To The Senate
Apr 12 2023
HR 18 (2023 Regular Session)
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and St. Patrick's Day.
Mar 13 2023 Representative Delaney Added As Coauthor
Mar 27 2023
SCR 10 (2023 Regular Session)
Commemorating the 60th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright.
Jan 31 2023 Returned To The Senate
Feb 10 2023
SB 374 (2023 Regular Session)
Regional water, sewage, or solid waste districts.
Jan 19 2023 Public Law 8
Apr 05 2023
HB 1367 (2023 Regular Session)
Natural resource entrance fees.
Jan 17 2023 Representative Pierce M Added As Coauthor
Jan 24 2023
HB 1472 (2023 Regular Session)
Hospital and health care cost and quality controls.
Jan 17 2023 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Public Health
Jan 17 2023
HCR 5 (2023 Regular Session)
Urging the Indiana Department of Transportation to rename the bridge on State Highway 27 over I-70 as the "Officer Seara Burton Memorial Bridge".
Jan 12 2023 Representatives Goodrich, Pack R, Haggard C, Teshka J, May, Baird, Pierce K, Prescott, Snow C, Smith, V., Johnson, Olthoff, Slager, Miller D, O'Brien T, Engleman, Smaltz, Negele, Manning, Mcguire J, Meltzer J, Culp K, Lucas, Sweet L, Garcia Wilburn V, Lehman, Errington, Schaibley, Patterson L, Vermilion A, Harris, Hamilton, Miller K, Judy, Abbott D, Zent, Vannatter, Clere, Rowray E, Pryor, Pfaff, Pierce M, Wesco, Jordan, Thompson, Cherry, Davis M, Giaquinta, Hatfield, Hall D, Bartels, Aylesworth, Frye, Boy, Jackson, Heine, Andrade M Added As Coauthors
Apr 17 2023
SB 271 (2023 Regular Session)
Certified technology parks.
Jan 11 2023 Public Law 105
May 01 2023
HB 1256 (2023 Regular Session)
Archives and record administration.
Jan 11 2023 Signed By The Governor
May 04 2023
HB 1011 (2023 Regular Session)
End of life options.
Jan 09 2023 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Public Health
Jan 09 2023
HR 43 (2022 Regular Session)
Reaffirming the commitment of sister ties between Indiana and Taiwan.
Mar 08 2022 Representative Morrison Added As Coauthor
Mar 08 2022
HCR 35 (2022 Regular Session)
Urging the Indiana War Memorials Commission to study and propose the construction of a suitable monument to the men and women of Indiana who died in the service of their country in the global war on terrorism.
Mar 02 2022 Returned To The House
Mar 07 2022
SCR 28 (2022 Regular Session)
Honoring the IU Jacobs School of Music.
Feb 17 2022 Returned To The Senate
Feb 23 2022
HR 24 (2022 Regular Session)
Recognizing February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.
Feb 14 2022 Representatives Summers, Delaney, Hatcher, Gore M, Negele, Mcnamara, Austin, Boy, Harris, Behning, Schaibley, Engleman, Smaltz, Heine, Johnson, Smith, V., Andrade M, Moseley, Pfaff, Bartlett, Pierce, Pryor, Saunders, Giaquinta, Hatfield, Nisly, Bauer M, Heaton, Rowray E Added As Coauthors
Feb 17 2022
HCR 22 (2022 Regular Session)
Recognizing Wednesday, February 16, 2022, as a day to honor the work and mission of the regions of the American Red Cross serving the state of Indiana.
Feb 10 2022 Returned To The House
Feb 14 2022
SCR 17 (2022 Regular Session)
Recognizing Judge Edward W. Najam, Jr.
Jan 25 2022 Returned To The Senate
Jan 31 2022
SCR 13 (2022 Regular Session)
Urging INDOT to rename a section of I-69 at Exit 120 in Monroe County "The Reserve Deputy Sheriff James Driver Memorial Bridge".
Jan 13 2022 Returned To The Senate
Feb 15 2022
HCR 7 (2022 Regular Session)
Urging the Indiana Department of Transportation to rename the State Road 46 bridge over I-69 the "James A. Driver Memorial Bridge".
Jan 11 2022 First Reading: Referred To The Committee On Roads And Transportation
Jan 11 2022

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