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To be true to that goal, we can not stand by and be silent when a large portion of Americans face systemic racism and other forms of oppression. That oppression has meant being excluded from civic participation at the ballot box, being called un-American for peaceful protests, and being denied justice for crimes committed against them.

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Indiana Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
HB 1081 (2020 Regular Session)
Commission for supplier diversity.
Jan 07 2020 Public Law 15
Mar 30 2020
HB 1265 (2020 Regular Session)
Drinking water testing.
Jan 13 2020 Public Law 122
Mar 30 2020
HB 1166 (2020 Regular Session)
State commission and board meetings.
Jan 08 2020 Public Law 21
Mar 30 2020
HB 1063 (2020 Regular Session)
Public safety officer death benefits.
Jan 16 2020 Public Law 99
Mar 30 2020
HB 1279 (2020 Regular Session)
Local transportation projects.
Jan 14 2020 Rules Suspended. Conference Committee Report 1: Adopted By The Senate; Roll Call 400: Yeas 46, Nays 3
Mar 11 2020
HR 64 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing "Farmworkers Awareness Week", Cesar Chavez, and the work of Proteus, Inc.
Mar 10 2020 First Reading: Adopted Voice Vote
Mar 10 2020
HC 40 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing dyslexia in Hoosier youth.
Feb 24 2020 Representatives Austin, Aylesworth, Bacon, Bartels, Bartlett, Bauer, Beck, Behning, Borders, Bosma, Boy, Brown, T., Campbell, Candelaria Reardon, Carbaugh, Chyung, Delaney, Deal, Dvorak, Errington, Fleming, Forestal, Frye, Giaquinta, Goodin, Gutwein, Hamilton, Harris, Hatcher, Hatfield, Hostettler, Huston, Jackson, Jordan, Judy, Karickhoff, Kirchhofer, Klinker, Lauer, Lehe, Lehman, Leonard, Lindauer, Lucas, Manning, May, Mayfield, Moed, Morris, Morrison, Moseley, Nisly, Pfaff, Pierce, Porter, Pryor, Saunders, Shackleford, Smaltz, Smith, V., Soliday, Stutzman, Sullivan, Summers, Vannatter, Wesco, Wolkins, Wright, Young J, Ziemke Added As Coauthors
Mar 05 2020
HC 44 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing teachers and the work they do.
Mar 02 2020 Returned To The House
Mar 04 2020
HR 40 (2020 Regular Session)
Congratulating Bernice Bohannon on her 110th birthday.
Mar 03 2020 First Reading: Adopted Voice Vote
Mar 03 2020
HR 30 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing Workers Memorial Day.
Feb 24 2020 Representatives Goodrich, Austin, Bartlett, Bauer, Boy, Campbell, Candelaria Reardon, Mcnamara, Chyung, Delaney, Deal, Dvorak, Errington, Fleming, Negele, Giaquinta, Goodin, Hamilton, Harris, Hatcher, Hatfield, Lehe, Jackson, Klinker, Macer, Moed, Moseley, Pfaff, Pierce, Porter, Pryor, Shackleford, Smith, V., Summers, Wright Added As Coauthors
Feb 24 2020
HR 29 (2020 Regular Session)
To honor and congratulate the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority on the organization's 100th Anniversary.
Feb 20 2020 First Reading: Adopted Voice Vote
Feb 20 2020
HR 10 (2020 Regular Session)
Celebrating Black History Month.
Feb 18 2020 Representative Goodin Added As Coauthor
Feb 18 2020
HC 30 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing the Indiana Rangers, Company D of the 151st Infantry Regiment of the Indiana National Guard.
Feb 10 2020 Representative Barrett Added As Coauthor
Feb 17 2020
HC 11 (2020 Regular Session)
Urging the creation of a Medal of Honor Memorial Highway in Indiana.
Jan 21 2020 Returned To The House
Feb 13 2020
SB 416 (2020 Regular Session)
Gary Community School Corporation.
Jan 14 2020 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Ways And Means
Feb 11 2020
HC 29 (2020 Regular Session)
Remembering Dr. Walter "Jerry" Watkins.
Feb 03 2020 Returned To The House
Feb 11 2020
SB 214 (2020 Regular Session)
Testing of school drinking water for lead.
Jan 06 2020 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Environmental Affairs
Feb 10 2020
SC 7 (2020 Regular Session)
Honoring Indiana University in recognition of its Bicentennial Anniversary.
Jan 16 2020 Representatives Bosma, Abbott D, Austin, Aylesworth, Baird, Bartels, Bartlett, Bauer, Beck, Behning, Boy, Brown, T., Burton, Campbell, Cherry, Chyung, Clere, Cook, Davisson, Deal, Delaney, Devon, Dvorak, Eberhart, Ellington, Engleman, Errington, Frye, Giaquinta, Goodin, Hamilton, Harris, Heaton, Heine, Huston, Jordan, Karickhoff, Lauer, Lehman, Leonard, Lindauer, Lucas, Manning, May, Mayfield, Mcnamara, Morris, Negele, Prescott, Schaibley, Sherman D, Smaltz, Soliday, Speedy, Stutzman, Thompson, Vermilion A, Zent, Ziemke Added As Cosponsors
Jan 28 2020
HR 11 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing Strack and Van Til on the occasion of their 91st Anniversary.
Jan 28 2020 First Reading: Adopted Voice Vote
Jan 28 2020
HB 1030 (2020 Regular Session)
Membership in the 1977 fund.
Jan 16 2020 Representative Harris Added As Coauthor
Jan 27 2020

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