Indiana Bills

sponsored by Chuck Goodrich

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HB 1009 (2020 Regular Session)
Various welfare matters.
Jan 06 2020 Public Law 14
Mar 30 2020
HB 1063 (2020 Regular Session)
Public safety officer death benefits.
Jan 16 2020 Public Law 99
Mar 30 2020
HB 1153 (2020 Regular Session)
Governor's workforce cabinet.
Jan 08 2020 Public Law 109
Mar 30 2020
SB 409 (2020 Regular Session)
Employment of minors.
Jan 14 2020 Signed By The Governor
Mar 21 2020
SB 307 (2020 Regular Session)
National guard life insurance program.
Jan 09 2020 Signed By The Governor
Mar 11 2020
HR 20 (2020 Regular Session)
Urging the pursuit of policy that increases organ donor supply.
Feb 17 2020 Representatives Abbott D, Austin, Aylesworth, Bauer, Beck, Burton, Carbaugh, Cherry, Clere, Cook, Davisson, Devon, Ellington, Engleman, Giaquinta, Goodrich, Heaton, Kirchhofer, Lauer, Lehe, Lindauer, Lucas, Miller, Moed, Morris, Prescott, Pressel, Schaibley, Shackleford, Sherman D, Steuerwald, Vannatter, Vermilion A, Zent, Ziemke Added As Coauthors
Mar 05 2020
HC 40 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing dyslexia in Hoosier youth.
Feb 24 2020 Representatives Austin, Aylesworth, Bacon, Bartels, Bartlett, Bauer, Beck, Behning, Borders, Bosma, Boy, Brown, T., Campbell, Candelaria Reardon, Carbaugh, Chyung, Delaney, Deal, Dvorak, Errington, Fleming, Forestal, Frye, Giaquinta, Goodin, Gutwein, Hamilton, Harris, Hatcher, Hatfield, Hostettler, Huston, Jackson, Jordan, Judy, Karickhoff, Kirchhofer, Klinker, Lauer, Lehe, Lehman, Leonard, Lindauer, Lucas, Manning, May, Mayfield, Moed, Morris, Morrison, Moseley, Nisly, Pfaff, Pierce, Porter, Pryor, Saunders, Shackleford, Smaltz, Smith, V., Soliday, Stutzman, Sullivan, Summers, Vannatter, Wesco, Wolkins, Wright, Young J, Ziemke Added As Coauthors
Mar 05 2020
HC 42 (2020 Regular Session)
Honoring Indiana's women veterans.
Feb 25 2020 Representative Lauer Added As Coauthor
Feb 27 2020
HC 37 (2020 Regular Session)
Urging Congress to display the portrait monument of Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony on U.S. currency recognizing women's fight for suffrage and honoring the 100th anniversa
Feb 17 2020 Returned To The House
Feb 25 2020
HR 30 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing Workers Memorial Day.
Feb 24 2020 Representatives Goodrich, Austin, Bartlett, Bauer, Boy, Campbell, Candelaria Reardon, Mcnamara, Chyung, Delaney, Deal, Dvorak, Errington, Fleming, Negele, Giaquinta, Goodin, Hamilton, Harris, Hatcher, Hatfield, Lehe, Jackson, Klinker, Macer, Moed, Moseley, Pfaff, Pierce, Porter, Pryor, Shackleford, Smith, V., Summers, Wright Added As Coauthors
Feb 24 2020
SC 13 (2020 Regular Session)
Congratulating the Noblesville H.S. girls soccer team.
Feb 18 2020 Returned To The Senate
Feb 20 2020
HC 30 (2020 Regular Session)
Recognizing the Indiana Rangers, Company D of the 151st Infantry Regiment of the Indiana National Guard.
Feb 10 2020 Representative Barrett Added As Coauthor
Feb 17 2020
HC 11 (2020 Regular Session)
Urging the creation of a Medal of Honor Memorial Highway in Indiana.
Jan 21 2020 Returned To The House
Feb 13 2020
SB 183 (2020 Regular Session)
Study committee review of food and beverage taxes.
Jan 06 2020 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Ways And Means
Feb 10 2020
HB 1175 (2020 Regular Session)
Common school fund advances.
Jan 08 2020 Representatives Goodrich, Cook, Goodin Added As Coauthors
Jan 23 2020
HB 1086 (2020 Regular Session)
Reservist tuition supplement program.
Jan 07 2020 Representative Macer Added As Coauthor
Jan 14 2020
HB 1038 (2020 Regular Session)
Hamilton County magistrate.
Jan 06 2020 Representatives Goodrich And Torr Added As Coauthors
Jan 09 2020
HB 1074 (2020 Regular Session)
Fair and open competition for public works projects.
Jan 07 2020 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Employment, Labor And Pensions
Jan 07 2020
SB 596 (2019 Regular Session)
A BILL FOR AN ACT to amend the Indiana Code concerning family law and juvenile law.
Jan 15 2019 Referred To The House
Feb 26 2019
SB 279 (2019 Regular Session)
A BILL FOR AN ACT to amend the Indiana Code concerning criminal law and procedure.
Jan 07 2019 First Reading: Referred To Committee On Courts And Criminal Code
Feb 26 2019

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