Kansas Bills

sponsored by Aaron Coleman

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HR 6014 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Strengthening the sister-state ties between the State of Kansas and Taiwan.
Mar 24 2021 Enrolled On Thursday, May 6, 2021
May 06 2021
HR 6016 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Designating May 3, 2021, as Michael Mosher Day.
May 03 2021 Enrolled On Thursday, May 6, 2021
May 06 2021
HB 2288 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Decriminalizing the possession of drugs, reducing the criminal penalty for distributing or manufacturing drugs, referring those found in possession of a controlled substance to drug abuse treatment and creating the crime of failure to comply with drug abuse treatment.
Feb 09 2021 Referred To Committee On Corrections And Juvenile Justice
Feb 10 2021
HB 2290 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Requiring the secretary of health and environment to assess carbon content fees upon certain fuel sales and the secretary of the department of revenue to distribute carbon content dividend payments to Kansans.
Feb 09 2021 Referred To Committee On Energy, Utilities And Telecommunications
Feb 10 2021
HB 2235 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Requiring lobbyists to wear body cameras while in the statehouse, making such recordings public records and prohibiting any economic benefit or hospitality provided by a lobbyist to a legislator or candidates for the legislature.
Feb 04 2021 Referred To Committee On Elections
Feb 05 2021
HR 6008 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Urging the President of the United States to honor surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipients with designated state funerals.
Jan 28 2021 Enrolled On Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Feb 02 2021
HB 2018 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Increasing the minimum wage to $17.25 over 10 years.
Jan 11 2021 Referred To Committee On Commerce, Labor And Economic Development
Jan 12 2021
HB 2037 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Establishing public school training and instruction standards for identifying child sexual abuse.
Jan 11 2021 Referred To Committee On Education
Jan 12 2021

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