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HB 265 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to training for telecommunicators. Amend KRS 15.550 to require telecommunicators that provide dispatch for emergency medical conditions to be trained in high-quality telephone cardiopulmonary resuscitation (T-CPR).
Jan 29 2018 Became Law Without Governor's Signature (Acts, Ch. 203)
Apr 27 2018
HB 487 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to tax credits and declaring an emergency. Amend KRS 337.055 to insert gender-neutral language.
Feb 26 2018 Became Law Without Governor's Signature (Acts, Ch. 207)
Apr 27 2018
SB 88 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to city mandates. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 6 to prohibit the General Assembly from imposing requirements on cities that require city expenditures or tax levies without fully funding the requirement or making the requirements contingent on city legislative body approval; exempt requirements that are the result of a federal mandate; ensure that the provisions do not affect the obligations under KRS 6.950 to 6.975.
Jan 17 2018 Became Law Without Governor's Signature (Acts, Ch. 204)
Apr 27 2018
HB 203 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT making appropriations for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the Judicial Branch of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, boards, commissions, subdivisions, and other state-supported activities. The Judicial Branch Budget: appropriate $440,265,200 in fiscal year 2018-2019 and $445,291,600 in fiscal year 2019-2020 from the General Fund, Restricted Funds, and Federal Funds; provide General Fund moneys for pay equity initiative; provide General Fund moneys for defined calculations; provide General Fund moneys to replace Federal Funds; provide that funds in the Court Operations and Administration appropriation unit carry forward; provide that if the Supreme Court retains the 2008 increase in civil filing fees, the additional income, not to exceed $5,000,000 in each fiscal year, shall be deposited in a trust and agency account for court operations; provide General Fund moneys for local facility assessments; provide General Fund moneys for increased CERS rates on janitorial and maintenance staff in judicial centers and courthouses; provide funds to compensate local units of government for providing court space and for costs incurred in the development of local court facilities; provide that funds in the Local Facilities Fund carry forward; provide that funds in the Local Facilities Use Allowance Contingency Fund carry forward; provide funds for actuarial-assessed judicial retirement benefits; detail project scope and use allowance payments for Bath, Butler, Crittenden, Jessamine, and Jefferson County court houses; authorize lease purchase of a Court of Appeals office building in Franklin County; provide General Fund support for use allowance payments for Jefferson County; defer General Fund support for operating costs, annualized use allowance payments, and nonrecurring furniture and equipment costs for Bath, Butler, Crittenden, and Jessamine Counties to the 2020-2022 fiscal biennium; authorize leases; clarify that nothing in this bill shall reduce funding of court facility projects authorized by the General Assembly; provide that if a court facility project is occupied and use allowance funding is insufficient that use allowance payments must be approved from the Local Facilities Use Allowance Contingency Fund, or if funds are not available in the Local Facilities Use Allowance Contingency Fund, the use allowance payments shall be deemed a necessary government expense; provide the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts with expenditure authority; provide for severability of budget provisions and priority of individual appropriations; declare that KRS 48.312 controls duplicate appropriations; clarify that KRS 48.313 controls when a total or subtotal of the bill conflicts with a sum of the appropriations of which it consists; provide that any unexpended balance remaining in the Court's Restricted Funds or Federal Funds accounts carry forward; provide for the final budget document; provide for the transferability of funds; provide for appropriations revisions; include funds for trial commissioner salaries as provided for in the Judicial Branch Budget Recommendation; provide that issuance of paychecks scheduled for June 30, 2018, June 30, 2019, and June 30, 2020, shall not be issued prior to July 1, 2018, July 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020; provide for participation in any Budget Reduction Plan or Surplus Expenditure Plan.
Jan 16 2018 Delivered To Secretary Of State (Acts, Ch. 209)
Apr 27 2018
SB 228 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to athlete agents. Amend KRS 164.6901 to rename KRS 164.6901 to 164.6935 the Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act; amend KRS 164.6903 to revise the definitions of "athlete agent" and "student-athlete" and to define "educational institution," "enrolled," "interscholastic sport," "licensed, registered or certified professional," "recruit or solicit," and "sign"; amend KRS 164.6907 to clarify time period for submitting an application; amend KRS 164.6909 expand the requirements for an athlete agent application form and the registration process; amend KRS 164.6911 clarify reasons for which registration may be denied and the license renewal process; amend KRS 164.6913 to clarify reasons for refusing to issue or to suspend or revoke a registration; create a new section of KRS 164.6901 to 164.6935 to allow the department to issue a temporary license; amend KRS 164.6915 to establish a fee to renew a registration based on registration in another state; amend KRS 164.6917 to specify requirements for an agency contract; amend KRS 164.6919 to specify communication requirements an athlete agent must meet; amend KRS 164.6921 to include parents or guardians of minor student-athletes; amend KRS 164.6923 to require an athlete agent to create records; amend KRS 164.6925 to clarify actions prohibited by athlete agents; amend KRS 164.6929 to allow student-athletes as well as educational institutions to bring action for damages and increase civil penalty from $25,000 to $50,000; amend KRS 164.6933 clarify the interaction of KRS 164.6901 to 164.6935 with regard to federal electronic signatures statutes.
Feb 28 2018 Became Law Without Governor's Signature (Acts, Ch. 205)
Apr 27 2018
SB 200 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to executive orders. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 11 to require executive orders issued by the Governor to be identified by year of issuance and subject area, to be numbered consecutively within year of issuance and subject area categories, and to be filed with the Secretary of State; require the Secretary of State to forward certain executive orders identified to the director of the Legislative Research Commission on the date filed; require the co-chairs of the Legislative Research Commission to refer executive orders relating to reorganization of state government and other matters pertaining to the operation or official policy of the government, to the legislative committee of jurisdiction within two working days after the order is received by the Legislative Research Commission; provide that executive orders relating to appointments requiring confirmation, reorganization of state government, and other matters pertaining to the operation or official policy of the government shall not become effective until 35 days after being filed with the Secretary of State; require the committee of referral to review the executive order within 30 days and report its findings and objections; require an objection by the reviewing committee to be upon the vote of a majority of the committee members of either chamber; direct that executive orders pertaining to governmental policy which were objected to by a reviewing committee be identified in legislation drafted for introduction by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House on the first day of the regular session; require the proposed legislation to declare each identified deficient executive order void upon enactment of the legislation, prohibit the Governor from adopting executive orders that are the same or substantially the same as the voided executive order for one year from sine die adjournment of the legislative session in which the legislation is enacted, and contain an emergency clause; permit the General Assembly to amend the proposed legislation to add executive orders, delete executive orders, or include reorganization orders which have not been enacted into law; require the Governor to compile a list of all executive orders currently in effect and provide the list to the Legislative Research Commission by September 30, 2018; require the Governor to identify executive orders that should remain in effect and those he or she shall revoke or repeal as obsolete or no longer necessary; provide that executive orders the Governor does not continue in effect or revoke or repeal on another date will cease to exist as of October 1, 2018; require legislative review of executive orders that the Govenor has identified should remain in effect; create a new section of KRS Chapter 12 to require each administrative body created by executive order or administrative order to cease to exist at the end of the issuing Governor's or other statewide elected official's term of office unless established by General Assembly enactment; amend KRS 12.028, relating to the reorganization of state government, to conform.
Feb 23 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 201)
Apr 26 2018
HB 334 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT authorizing the payment of certain claims against the state which have been duly audited and approved according to law, and have not been paid because of the lapsing or insufficiency of former appropriations against which the claims were chargeable, or the lack of an appropriate procurement document in place, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency. Appropriate funds for the payment of claims against the Commonwealth; APPROPRIATION; EMERGENCY.
Feb 08 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 179)
Apr 26 2018
HB 11 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to power of attorney. Establish KRS Chapter 457 to adopt portions of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act of 2006; establish definitions for the chapter; provide that the chapter shall apply to all powers of attorney except for certain exceptions; provide that powers of attorney are durable and for their execution; provide a choice-of-law rule for determining the law that governs the meaning and effect of the power of attorney; detail the relationship between a power of attorney and a conservator or guardian; outline when a power of attorney becomes effective; detail when a power of attorney terminates; establish default rules for coagents and successor agents; allow for the reimbursement and compensation of an agent; detail how an agent accepts his or her appointment; outline an agent's duties; provide that a principal can lower the standard of liability for an agent with a few exceptions; establish a list of persons that may petition the court to review the agent's conduct; address when an agent is liable; detail how an agent can resign; provide protections for persons who accept a power of attorney in good faith; impose liability for refusal to accept a power of attorney; clarify that the principles of law and equity supplement the chapter unless displaced by a provision of the chapter; provide that the remedies under the chapter are not exclusive and do not abrogate any other cause of action or remedy; amend KRS 367.93103, relating to funeral planning declarations, to clarify that a funeral declaration included in a will or power of attorney does not invalidate the will or power of attorney; amend KRS 372.140 and 387.530 to conform; repeal KRS 386.093, relating to the effect of incapacity or death on a power of attorney.
Jan 11 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 185)
Apr 26 2018
HB 476 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to compensatory time. Amend KRS 337.285 to allow Trooper R and CVE R law enforcement officers to receive and use compensatory time for time worked over forty hours per week.
Feb 26 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 195)
Apr 26 2018
HB 513 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to privately owned small wastewater treatment plants. Create new sections of Subchapter 73 of KRS Chapter 224 to define "sewage" and "small wastewater treatment plant"; allow the Energy and Environment Cabinet to require structural analyses of small wastewater treatment plants under certain conditions; allow the cabinet to require small wastewater treatment plants' owners to secure financial or performance measures that may include insurance policies or financial instruments, surety bonds or other instrument or reasonable guaranties, the utilization of asset management plans or capacity, management, operation and maintenance measures, and financial assurance measures that ensure the plant operates in conformity with applicable laws and that the plant is maintained properly; allow the cabinet have the ability to seek the appointment of a permanent or temporary receiver, custodian, or fiduciary to assume the management and operations of a plant.
Feb 26 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 196)
Apr 26 2018
SB 150 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to executive branch ethics. Amend KRS 13B.020 to include hearings by the Executive Branch Ethics Commission in the list of administrative hearings exempt from KRS Chapter 13B; amend KRS 11A.100 to conform.
Feb 15 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 188)
Apr 26 2018
HB 193 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to assault in the third degree. Amend KRS 508.025, relating to the Class D felony of assault in the third degree, to add intentionally causing a peace officer to come in contact with bodily fluids or bodily waste to the elements of the crime; increase the criminal penalty to a Class C felony for contact with fluids which could transmit a communicable disease; and clarify that the existing provisions regarding detention facilities apply to adult and juvenile facilities.
Jan 11 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 189)
Apr 26 2018
HB 430 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to reorganization. Amend KRS 196.026 to add the Division of Reentry to the Office of Community Services and Facilities in the Department of Corrections; confirm Executive Order 2017-749, dated October 31, 2017.
Feb 21 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 191)
Apr 26 2018
HB 517 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to grandparent visitation. Amend KRS 405.021 to create a presumption that grandparent visitation is in the child's best interest when there is a significant and viable relationship between the child and grandparent, and the parent who is the child of the grandparent is deceased; amend KRS 620.090 to require the court to consider granting visitation rights to the grandparents who are not granted temporary custody.
Feb 26 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 197)
Apr 26 2018
HB 367 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT establishing support for dyslexia and making an appropriation therefor. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 157 to create a dyslexia trust fund to be administered by the Kentucky Department of Education to finance grants to school districts for support of students identified with characteristics of dyslexia; require a report on expenditures from the fund; create a new section of KRS Chapter 186 to create a Dyslexia Ready to Read special license plate with extra fees funding the dyslexia trust fund; amend KRS 186.162 to establish the fees for the Dyslexia Ready to Read special license plate; amend KRS 186.166 to update the list of license plates to include the Dyslexia Ready to Read special license plate; APPROPRIATION; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2019.
Feb 14 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 206)
Apr 26 2018
HB 427 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to nurses. Amend KRS 314.011 to eliminate reference to the Controlled Substance Formulary Development Committee and to change the term "noncontrolled" to "nonscheduled;" amend KRS 314.031 to reference the disciplinary statute and to eliminate the list of reportable offenses; amend KRS 314.035 to establish a mandatory reporting requirement for anyone who has knowledge of a potential violation by a dialysis technician; amend KRS 314.042 to update language concerning the definition of an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), require an applicant for an APRN license to take a jurisprudence examination; simplify reporting of the rescission of a CAPA-NS or CS; amend KRS 314.085 to clarify that evaluations must be submitted within 30 days; amend KRS 314.089 to clarify when an immediate suspension of a license is warranted; amend KRS 314.091 to add use or possession of a Schedule I controlled substance and use or impairment by use of alcohol or drugs to the list of violations; amend 314.101 to clarify when a nurse that is temporarily in the state does not need a license; amend KRS 314.181 to clarify when a registered nurse may pronounce the death of a patient; amend KRS 314.111 to allow the Board of Nursing to fine a program of nursing that is not in compliance with regulations; amend KRS 311A.185 to conform; repeal KRS 314.046 and 314.105.
Feb 21 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 183)
Apr 26 2018
HB 356 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to sex offender registrants. Amend KRS 17.545 to prohibit a sex offender registrant who is 18 years of age or older and has committed a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor from having the same residence as a minor; provide an exception if the registrant is the minor's spouse, parent, grandparent, stepparent, sibling, stepsibling, or court-appointed guardian of the minor, unless the minor was a victim of the registrant.
Feb 12 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 181)
Apr 26 2018
HB 75 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to investments made by local governments. Amend KRS 66.480, relating to investments for local governments, to remove the 20% restriction from securities and to add to the permitted investments local governments may make mutual funds, closed-end, and exchange-traded funds and funds investing in individual preferred stock or equities as long as no more than 7% of the portfolio is composed of individual equities at the time of purchase and qualifying high-quality corporate bonds if the funds are managed by a professional investment advisor; specify that these two additional investment types cannot exceed 20% of the total amount of money invested by the local government; establish an investment limit of 5% of the total amount of money invested in any one issuer unless the issuer is the U.S. government or an agency thereof, or an entity whose obligations are guaranteed by the federal government.
Dec 07 2017 Vetoed
Apr 26 2018
HB 130 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to administrative regulations. Create a new section of KRS 13A.290 to 13A.335 to require the staff of the Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee to submit to that committee's co-chairs an annual report on administrative regulations found deficient by a legislative committee; list the information that is necessary to complete the report; include prominent text on the first page of the report outlining potential legislative options; amend KRS 13A.290, 13A.330, and 13A.331 to allow a committee to take action on an administrative regulation within 60 days of LRC referral.
Jan 04 2018 Vetoed
Apr 26 2018
HB 323 (2018 Regular Session)
AN ACT relating to crimes affecting insurance. Amend KRS 304.47-020 to make technical corrections, establish range of criminal penalties resulting from conviction of insurance fraud, allow restitution to insurers that have contracted to indemify a victim, remove conviction requirement for creating private cause of action for persons damaged by violation of statute; amend KRS 431.200, 532.032, 532.034, 532.160, 532.350, 533.030, 533.254, and 610.030 to allow restitution to insurers that have contracted to indemnify a victim, amend KRS 439.3107, 439.563, 532.162, 532.356, 532.358, and 446.010 to conform.
Feb 07 2018 Signed By Governor (Acts, Ch. 178)
Apr 26 2018

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