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Louisiana Committees

Chamber Name Members
House Administration of Criminal Justice [data not yet available]
House Administration of the House Subcommittee
House Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture & Rural Dev [data not yet available]
Senate Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development
House Appropriations [data not yet available]
House Appropriations Subcommittee: Business Development
House Appropriations Subcommittee: Elementary and Secondary Education
House Appropriations Subcommittee: General Government
House Appropriations Subcommittee: Health and Human Services
House Appropriations Subcommittee: Infrastructure and Resources
House Appropriations Subcommittee: Postsecondary Education
House Appropriations Subcommittee: Public Safety and Corrections
House Atchafalaya Basin Program Oversight Committee
House Civil Law and Procedure [data not yet available]
Senate Coastal Restoration and Flood Control
House Commerce [data not yet available]
Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and International Affairs
Senate Disaster Recovery
House Education [data not yet available]
Senate Education
Senate Environmental Quality
Senate Executive
Senate Finance
Senate Health & Welfare
House Health and Welfare [data not yet available]
Senate Homeland Security
  • Mike Walsworth,
  • Jay Luneau,
  • Francis Thompson,
  • Eddie Lambert,
  • Neil Riser,
  • Mack "Bodi" White,
  • Wesley Bishop
House House Executive Committee
House House Select Committee on Homeland Security
House House Select Leadership Committee
House House and Governmental Affairs [data not yet available]
Senate Hurricane Recovery [data not yet available]
House Insurance [data not yet available]
Senate Insurance
Joint Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget [data not yet available]
Senate Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget
Joint Joint Oversight of the Deepwater Horizon Claims [data not yet available]
Senate Joint Oversight of the Deepwater Horizon Claims
  • Walt III Leger,
  • Taylor F. Barras,
  • Robert A. Johnson,
  • Gregory A. Miller,
  • Wesley T. Bishop,
  • James K. Armes,
  • Bob Hensgens,
  • Christopher J. Leopold,
  • Raymond E. Garofalo,
  • Randal L. Gaines,
  • Chad Brown,
  • Jerry Gisclair,
  • Taylor F. Barras,
  • Vincent J. Pierre,
  • R. L. Bret Allain, II,
  • Robert A. Johnson,
  • Barbara M. Norton,
  • Robert E. Billiot,
  • Stephen F. Carter,
  • Jean-Paul "JP" Morrell,
  • Cameron Henry,
  • Marcus L. Hunter,
  • Julie Stokes,
  • Wesley T. Bishop,
  • Taylor F. Barras,
  • Franklin J. Foil,
  • Eric LaFleur,
  • Walt III Leger,
  • Walt III Leger,
  • Major Thibaut,
  • Barrow Peacock,
  • Mike Huval,
  • Kenny R. Cox,
  • Terry Landry,
  • Clay Schexnayder,
  • Katrina R. Jackson,
  • Rick Edmonds,
  • Franklin J. Foil,
  • Cameron Henry,
  • Taylor F. Barras,
  • Jimmy Harris,
  • Blake Miguez,
  • Raymond J. Crews,
  • Sam Jones,
  • Gregory A. Miller,
  • James "Jim" Morris,
  • Lowell C. "Chris" Hazel
House Judiciary [data not yet available]
Senate Judiciary A
Senate Judiciary B
Senate Judiciary C
House Labor & Industrial [data not yet available]
Senate Labor & Industrial Relations
House Legislative Audit Advisory Council
House Legislative Budgetary Control Council
House Litigation Subcommittee of Joint Budget
House Litigation Subcommittee of the House Executive Committee
Senate Local & Municipal Affairs
House Municipal [data not yet available]
Senate Natural Resources
House Natural Resources & Environment [data not yet available]
Senate Oversight of the Deepwater Horizon Claims
House Personnel Subcommittee
House Retirement [data not yet available]
Senate Retirement
Senate Revenue & Fiscal Affairs
House Select Committee on Disaster Recovery
House Select Committee on Hurricane Recovery [data not yet available]
Senate Senate & Governmental Affairs
House Special Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs
House Transportation [data not yet available]
Senate Transportation, Highways & Public Works
Senate Veterans Affairs
Senate Vocational & Technical Education
House Ways & Means [data not yet available]
Senate Women and Children