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HF 100 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Cannabis finance and policy bill.
Jan 05 2023 Governor's Action Approval 05/30/23
May 30 2023
HF 1653 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Property tax refunds and individual income tax provisions modified, and renter's credit converted to refundable income tax credit.
Feb 13 2023 Author Added Kotyza-Witthuhn
May 21 2023
SF 37 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Constitutional amendment providing for equality under the law
Jan 05 2023 House Rule 1.21, Placed On Calendar For The Day Monday, May 22, 2023
May 20 2023
HF 3329 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Sales tax rate increased by three-eighths of one percent and receipts dedicated for housing purposes; homeownership opportunity fund, rental opportunity fund, and household and community stability funds created; fund councils created; appointments provided; and constitutional amendment proposed.
May 18 2023 Author Added Kraft
May 19 2023
HF 24 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Lead drinking water service line replacement grant program established, report required, and money appropriated.
Jan 04 2023 Effective Date 05/17/2023
May 17 2023
HF 2917 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
School facility renovation projects funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
Mar 15 2023 Author Added Zeleznikar
May 16 2023
HF 2335 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Housing finance and policy bill.
Mar 01 2023 Secretary Of State Chapter 37 05/15/23
May 15 2023
HF 1619 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Denial and revocation of nonferrous mining permit, license, or lease to bad actors provided.
Feb 13 2023 Author Added Lee, K.
May 13 2023
HF 2404 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Individual income tax provisions modified, and credit for teachers attaining master's degrees expanded to include special education degrees and newly licensed teachers.
Mar 02 2023 Author Added Engen
May 10 2023
HF 3 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Voter registration provisions modified; absentee voting provisions modified; voting instructions and sample ballot required to be multilingual and interpreters required to be provided; intimidation, deceptive practices, and interference regulated; campaign finance provisions modified; express advocacy definition expanded; and money appropriated.
Jan 04 2023 Secretary Of State Chapter 34 05/05/2023
May 05 2023
HF 36 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Worker safety requirements established, and money appropriated.
Jan 04 2023 Second Reading
Apr 28 2023
HF 917 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Housing; discrimination based on participation in public assistance prohibited, pet declawing and devocalization prohibited, fees prohibited, inspections required, notice provided, penalties provided, right to counsel provided, lease covenants and repairs in residential tenancy provided, renewal and termination of lease provided, residential evictions provided, and expungements provided.
Jan 26 2023 Second Reading
Apr 24 2023
HF 173 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Equality under law provided, and constitutional amendment proposed.
Jan 09 2023 Author Added Pérez-Vega
Apr 21 2023
HF 1656 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Energy grant programs established to enhance competitiveness of Minnesota entities in obtaining federal funding, account created, report required, and money appropriated.
Feb 13 2023 Effective Date 04/19/23
Apr 19 2023
HF 1048 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Youth intervention program funding provided, and money appropriated.
Jan 30 2023 Author Added Knudsen
Apr 18 2023
HF 3210 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Cooperative manufactured housing infrastructure grant program funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
Apr 12 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Housing Finance And Policy
Apr 12 2023
HF 2614 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Home Heroes Act established to provide seniors with services to age in place.
Mar 06 2023 Author Added Hussein
Apr 11 2023
HF 1816 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
The Redemption Project funding provided to assist inmates to transition from incarceration to the community, and money appropriated.
Feb 15 2023 Author Added Zeleznikar
Apr 11 2023
HF 1440 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Family homeless prevention and assistance program funding provided, report required, and money appropriated.
Feb 08 2023 Effective Date 04/01/2023
Apr 01 2023
HF 1377 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Local government aid provisions modified, calculation of local government aid modified, appropriation for local government aid increased, appropriation for county program aid increased, and Mahnomen property tax reimbursement program aid modified.
Feb 06 2023 Author Added Skraba
Mar 30 2023

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