Minnesota Bills

sponsored by Steve Elkins

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HF 1900 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Environment and natural resources trust fund renewal provided, community grant program established, community grant program advisory council established, report required, money appropriated, and constitutional amendment proposed.
Feb 16 2023 Governor's Action Approval 05/26/23
May 26 2023
HF 197 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
A resolution memorializing Congress to resolve that the requirements have been met to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and that it shall now be known as the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.
Jan 09 2023 Governor's Action Approval 05/26/23
May 26 2023
HF 2 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Family and medical benefit insurance program created, employment leave required, private plan substitution allowed, retaliation prohibited, data classified, expedited rulemaking authorized, money transferred, and money appropriated.
Jan 04 2023 Secretary Of State Chapter 59 05/25/23
May 25 2023
HF 1040 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Individual income tax provisions modified, and Social Security benefits subtraction expanded.
Jan 30 2023 Author Added Kotyza-Witthuhn
May 22 2023
HF 100 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Cannabis finance and policy bill.
Jan 05 2023 Senate Adopted Conference Committee Report, Bill Repassed
May 21 2023
HF 1700 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act of 2023; hospital nurse staffing committee and hospital nurse workload committee requirements established, hospital core staffing plan requirements modified, commissioner of health required to grade and publicly disclose hospital compliance with core staffing plans, requirements related to hospital preparedness and incident response action plans to acts of violence modified, eligibility for nursing facility employee scholarships modified, hospital nursing education loan forgiveness program established, eligibility for health professional education loan forgiveness program modified, commissioner of health required to study hospital staffing, grant program established to improve mental health of health care workers, report required, and money appropriated.
Feb 13 2023 Author Stricken Davids
May 20 2023
SF 37 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Constitutional amendment providing for equality under the law
Jan 05 2023 House Rule 1.21, Placed On Calendar For The Day Monday, May 22, 2023
May 20 2023
HF 2707 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
St. Paul; Ethiopian Community Center funding provided, and money appropriated.
Mar 08 2023 Author Added Reyer
May 19 2023
HF 3321 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Outdoor School for All grant program created, and money appropriated.
May 16 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Environment And Natural Resources Finance And Policy
May 16 2023
HF 1031 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Optometrist limitations on prescribing and administering drugs modified.
Jan 30 2023 Author Added Pérez-Vega
May 08 2023
HF 3 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Voter registration provisions modified; absentee voting provisions modified; voting instructions and sample ballot required to be multilingual and interpreters required to be provided; intimidation, deceptive practices, and interference with registration and voting regulated; campaign finance provisions modified; express advocacy definition expanded; penalties provided; reports required; and money appropriated.
Jan 04 2023 Secretary Of State Chapter 34 05/05/2023
May 05 2023
HF 1930 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
End-of-life option established for terminally ill adults.
Feb 16 2023 Author Added Tabke
May 02 2023
SF 10 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Skilled and trained contractor workforce use at petroleum refineries authorization
Jan 04 2023 Secretary Of State, Filed 05/02/23
May 02 2023
HF 181 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Reporting of crimes motivated by bias expanded; crimes of assault, property damage, and harassment motivated by bias amended; Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training required to update training in recognizing, responding to, and reporting crimes of bias; and money appropriated.
Jan 09 2023 Authors Added Pursell; Hicks; Kraft; Smith; Elkins; Lee, K.; Rehm
May 01 2023
HF 1272 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Minimum crew size required for rail carriers, and penalties imposed.
Feb 06 2023 Author Added Pursell
Apr 27 2023
HF 1778 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Adult adoptee access to their own original birth records and other adoption-related information governing provisions modified.
Feb 15 2023 Author Added Kozlowski
Apr 26 2023
HF 438 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
County authorized to establish speed limits.
Jan 17 2023 Author Added Hornstein
Apr 26 2023
HF 1960 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Information and telecommunications technology systems and services protected during emergencies.
Feb 20 2023 Second Reading
Apr 25 2023
HF 10 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Skilled and trained contractor workforce use provided at petroleum refineries.
Jan 04 2023 Author Added Brand
Apr 25 2023
HF 733 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Nursing facility payment rates modified, elderly waiver rates modified, payment rates for customized living services provided under disability waivers modified, payment rates for home-delivered meals under disability waivers modified, and money appropriated.
Jan 23 2023 Author Added Pursell
Apr 25 2023

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