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HF 2513 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Firearm and ammunition lawful possession, purchase, and transfer regulated; mandatory minimum sentences established; new criminal offenses created; and restoring firearms rights procedures provided.
Apr 12 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Public Safety And Criminal Justice Reform Finance And Policy
Apr 12 2021
HF 2502 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Criminal sexual conduct provisions modified and clarified, and new crime of sexual extortion created.
Apr 09 2021 Authors Added Boldon, Backer, Lee, Freiberg, Pierson, Edelson, Elkins, Jurgens, Neu Brindley, Albright, Kiel, Howard, Lippert, Davnie, Agbaje, Franke, Quam, Frazier, And Anderson
Apr 12 2021
HF 2402 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Early learning scholarship eligibility and funding amended, and statutory appropriation made.
Mar 25 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Early Childhood Finance And Policy
Mar 25 2021
HF 2338 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Pregnant and postpartum female inmate placement in community-based programs authorized, and reports required.
Mar 22 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Public Safety And Criminal Justice Reform Finance And Policy
Mar 22 2021
HF 2259 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
COVID-19 vaccine connector tool data collection regulated, data classified, and legislative report required.
Mar 17 2021 Author Added Robbins
Apr 06 2021
HF 2202 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Legislature required three-fifths majority approval to extend peacetime emergencies beyond 30 days.
Mar 15 2021 Author Added Poston
Mar 18 2021
HF 2143 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Save our stages grant established, entertainment venue tax relief provided, and money appropriated.
Mar 11 2021 Authors Added Jurgens, Haley
Apr 09 2021
HF 2022 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Optometrists drug prescription and administration limitations modified, and technical changes made.
Mar 08 2021 Author Added Bierman
Apr 06 2021
HF 1816 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Small business investment credit amount increased and sunset repealed.
Mar 04 2021 Authors Added Robbins And Dettmer
Mar 17 2021
HF 1864 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Individual income tax and corporate franchise tax refunds modified, and refunds required to include interest calculated on estimated tax payments.
Mar 04 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Taxes
Mar 04 2021
HF 1909 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Pass-through entity allowed to file and pay a pass-through entity income tax.
Mar 04 2021 Author Added Dettmer
Apr 06 2021
HF 1739 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Online content discrimination prohibited, and civil action authorized.
Mar 01 2021 Author Added Lucero
Mar 04 2021
HF 1705 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Opportunity scholarship program created, and money appropriated.
Mar 01 2021 Author Added Robbins
Mar 04 2021
HF 1613 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
COVID-19; work from home exemption provided for private businesses.
Feb 25 2021 Authors Added Boe, Akland, Poston And Theis
Mar 01 2021
HF 1559 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Adoption provisions modified, safe place for newborn provisions added, child welfare program provisions modified, and Northstar kinship assistance provisions modified.
Feb 25 2021 Author Added Hanson, J.
Apr 09 2021
HF 1643 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
COVID-19; occupancy limits at wedding reception venues relaxed during the peacetime emergency
Feb 25 2021 Authors Added Baker And Nash
Mar 08 2021
HF 1546 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Radon licensing activity regulation moved from commissioner of health to commissioner of labor and industry, and money appropriated.
Feb 25 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Labor, Industry, Veterans And Military Affairs Finance And Policy
Feb 25 2021
HF 1583 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Contact tracing, digital contact tracing, immunizations, communicable disease testing and information disclosure limits established; data destruction required; mandatory employer digital contact tracing prohibited; and civil penalties provided.
Feb 25 2021 Author Added Robbins
Apr 06 2021
HF 1512 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Human Services; licensed individuals exempted from background studies under chapter 245C.
Feb 25 2021 Authors Added Hamilton, Rasmusson, Freiberg, And Bahner
Apr 06 2021
HF 1400 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
K-12 tuition qualified tuition plan distribution addition repealed.
Feb 22 2021 Author Added Haley
Mar 25 2021

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