Minnesota Bills

sponsored by Anne Claflin

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HF 22 (2020, Third Special Session)
Farmed Cervidae provisions modified, muzzleloader provisions modified, permanent portable stands in wildlife management areas, and Cervidae carcass transportation restrictions.
Aug 12 2020 Author Added Morrison
Aug 12 2020
HF 21 (2020, Third Special Session)
Environment and natural resources trust fund funding provided, previous appropriations modified, and money appropriated.
Aug 12 2020 Authors Added Lillie, Fischer
Aug 12 2020
HF 4429 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Pay-for-performance grant program modified, and displaced homemaker program renamed.
Mar 12 2020 Effective Date 08/01/20
Aug 01 2020
HF 8 (2020, Second Special Session)
State flag design task force created.
Jul 13 2020 Author Added Jordan
Jul 20 2020
HF 20 (2020, Second Special Session)
Environment and natural resources funding provided, various provisions modified, and money appropriated.
Jul 13 2020 Author Added Bernardy
Jul 20 2020
HF 67 (2020, First Special Session)
Slavery or involuntary servitude prohibited as criminal punishment for a crime Constitutional Amendment proposed.
Jun 12 2020 Author Added Xiong, J.
Jun 19 2020
HF 134 (2020, First Special Session)
Dry cleaner environmental response and reimbursement account expenditures prioritized, perchloroethylene banned, prior appropriations modified, cost-share program funding provided, and money appropriated.
Jun 16 2020 Authors Added Fischer, Claflin, Lee, Lippert, Tabke, Fabian, Lueck, Davids, Richardson
Jun 19 2020
HF 28 (2020, First Special Session)
Environment and natural resources funding provided, provisions modified relating to certifiable fish diseases; farmed Cervidae; reporting requirements; snowmobiles; watercraft safety; all-terrain vehicle definition; insecticide use; invasive species permits; state parks; special-use permits; regulations of possessing, propagating, and selling of snakes, lizards, and salamanders; hunting and fishing; Lake Superior Management Plan; Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area; wild rice; state property interests; Water Law; soil and water conservation fund; closed landfill investment fund; Advisory Council on Water Supply Systems and Wastewater Treatment Facilities; riparian protection; priority qualified facilities; food packaging; nonwoven disposable products; accounts; outdoor recreation units; additions and deletions to state parks and recreation areas; and state land sales; prior appropriations modified; rulemaking authorized; and money appropriated.
Jun 12 2020 Author Added Fischer
Jun 19 2020
HF 1842 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Solar energy incentive program modified, various renewable energy and other energy-related programs established, utility filing governed, reports required, and money appropriated.
Feb 28 2019 Effective Date Sec. 1, 3-5 05/28/20; Sec. 2 07/01/20
May 28 2020
HF 4498 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Environment and natural resources trust fund funding provided, previous appropriations modified, and money appropriated.
Mar 16 2020 Author Added Christensen
May 16 2020
HF 2274 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Weekly hours worked required for overtime compensation modified.
Mar 07 2019 Author Added Brand
May 09 2020
HF 3423 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Water quality standards for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances funding provided, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.
Feb 17 2020 Joint Rule 2.03 Waived
May 07 2020
HF 3657 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Natural resources; various provisions modified relating to fish diseases, wild rice, school trust land reporting, insecticide use, invasive species permits, game and fish licenses after convictions, and hunting and fishing provisions.
Feb 20 2020 Joint Rule 2.03 Waived
May 04 2020
HF 3732 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Labor agreements and compensation plan ratified.
Feb 24 2020 Author Stricken O'Neill
Apr 28 2020
HF 776 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Lawns to legumes grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
Feb 07 2019 Author Added Christensen
Apr 28 2020
HF 3181 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Nonwoven disposable product labeling provided.
Feb 11 2020 Second Reading
Apr 14 2020
HF 3180 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Food packaging chemical use regulated.
Feb 11 2020 Author Added Cantrell
Apr 07 2020
HF 4 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Drug manufacturer or wholesale distributor prohibited from charging unconscionable prices for prescription drugs; Board of Pharmacy, commissioner of human services, and health plan companies required to notify the attorney general of certain prescription drug price increases; attorney general authorized to take action against drug manufacturers and wholesalers related to price increases; civil penalties imposed; and money appropriated.
Jan 10 2019 Committee Report, Without Further Rec To Amend, Re-Refer To Ways And Means
Mar 26 2020
HF 4269 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Admissibility of statements made during public safety peer support activity and critical incident stress management services limited.
Mar 09 2020 Author Added Cantrell
Mar 16 2020
HF 1782 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Firefighters with cancer or heart disease program to provide payments, counseling, and training established; and money appropriated.
Feb 27 2019 Author Added Heinrich
Mar 16 2020

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