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HF 3881 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Sexually explicit material involving children creation, possession, or distribution penalties increased.
Mar 03 2022 Author Added Petersburg
May 21 2022
HF 371 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Legislature permitted to terminate any order or rule promulgated by governor if peacetime emergency is continued for more than 30 days.
Jan 28 2021 Author Added Rasmusson
May 19 2022
HF 124 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Legislative approval required to extend the duration of a peacetime emergency declared by the governor, and duration of peacetime emergency extensions limited.
Jan 14 2021 Author Added Rasmusson
May 19 2022
HF 3605 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Broadband; financial assistance program established to extend service to unserved areas, and process established to allow existing easements for use of service.
Feb 21 2022 Author Added Ecklund
May 05 2022
HF 3100 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Disability waiver service reimbursement rate modified.
Feb 03 2022 Author Added Boe
May 03 2022
SF 2677 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Unemployment insurance trust fund loan repayment and replenishment; Frontline worker payments; appropriating money
Jan 31 2022 House Adopted Scc Report And Repassed Bill
May 02 2022
HF 1456 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Agricultural asset sale beginning farmer tax credit eligibility modified.
Feb 22 2021 Authors Added Rasmusson And Jurgens
Apr 28 2022
HF 3331 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Peace officer education expense reimbursement grant program established, and money appropriated.
Feb 14 2022 Author Added Heinrich
Apr 28 2022
HF 4239 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Patient or resident right to have support person present while receiving care or service established.
Mar 14 2022 Author Added Mekeland
Apr 27 2022
HF 262 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Abortions prohibited when a fetal heartbeat is detected with certain exceptions, and penalties provided.
Jan 21 2021 Author Added Scott
Apr 21 2022
HF 293 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Photo ID required to register to vote and to vote, voter ID card created, provisional ballots established, reports required, and money appropriated.
Jan 25 2021 Author Added Boe
Apr 19 2022
HF 2821 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Statewide public safety radio communication system equipment grant program established, and money appropriated.
Jan 31 2022 Author Added Franke
Apr 19 2022
HF 3325 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Carjacking crime established, and conforming changes made.
Feb 14 2022 Authors Added Torkelson, Anderson, Akland, And Boe
Apr 08 2022
HF 26 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Social Security unlimited subtraction allowed.
Jan 07 2021 Authors Added Quam; Franson; Nelson, N.; Swedzinski; And Franke
Apr 08 2022
HF 3326 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Aggravated sentence required for violent offenders, consecutive sentences required for violent offenders, and offenders required to serve entire announced sentence in custody.
Feb 14 2022 Authors Added Pfarr, Torkelson, Anderson, And Akland
Apr 08 2022
HF 131 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Firearms; law on use of force in defense of home and person clarified, Minnesota's self-defense and defense of home laws codified and extended, common law duty to retreat in cases of self-defense outside the home eliminated, boundaries of dwelling expanded, presumption created, and rights available to a person in that person's dwelling extended.
Jan 14 2021 Author Added Torkelson
Apr 08 2022
HF 3277 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Firearms; use of force in defense of home and person law clarified, self-defense and defense of home law codified and extended, common law duty to retreat eliminated for self-defense outside the home, and various other provisions changed.
Feb 10 2022 Author Added Boe
Apr 08 2022
HF 3166 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Unemployment insurance trust fund loans repaid, unemployment insurance trust fund replenished, and money appropriated.
Feb 07 2022 Author Added Sandstede
Apr 07 2022
HF 1518 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Absentee voting compensation methods prohibited, identification of individuals acting as absentee voter agent required, identification of individuals assisting a voter in a polling place required, voter registration and absentee voting activities prohibited, and criminal penalties increased.
Feb 25 2021 Authors Added Demuth, Boe And Bliss
Apr 07 2022
HF 4754 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Workforce development scholarships expanded.
Apr 04 2022 Author Added Theis
Apr 07 2022

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