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sponsored by Duane Quam

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HF 28 (2021, First Special Session)
Citizen rights protected, citizen responsibilities specified, civil cause of action established, terms defined, legislative approval to extended declared emergency beyond five days required, and legislative approval required before executive orders and rules have the effect and force of law.
Jun 14 2021 Authors Added Backer, Quam And Novotny
Jun 26 2021
HF 2640 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
COVID-19; public health disaster response established, and peacetime emergency declared in Executive Order No. 20-01 terminated.
May 15 2021 Authors Added Robbins, Quam, Daniels, Jurgens, Raleigh, Hamilton, Erickson, Franson, Dettmer, Bliss, Urdahl, Davids, Gruenhagen, Koznick, Theis, Igo And Poston
May 17 2021
HF 101 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Emergency declaration by governor method modified, and constitutional amendment proposed.
Jan 14 2021 Author Added Mueller
May 12 2021
HF 1965 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Voters registered on election day required to cast provisions ballots, and conforming changes made.
Mar 08 2021 Author Added Pfarr
May 06 2021
HF 2140 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Fiscal constraints; a resolution memorializing Congress to call a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution to impose fiscal constraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.
Mar 11 2021 Author Added Pfarr
Apr 29 2021
SF 304 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Confidential informants use by law enforcement policy and training requirements
Jan 25 2021 Second Reading
Apr 15 2021
HF 2502 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Criminal sexual conduct provisions modified and clarified, and new crime of sexual extortion created.
Apr 09 2021 Authors Added Boldon, Backer, Lee, Freiberg, Pierson, Edelson, Elkins, Jurgens, Neu Brindley, Albright, Kiel, Howard, Lippert, Davnie, Agbaje, Franke, Quam, Frazier, And Anderson
Apr 12 2021
HF 2505 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Political subdivisions prohibited from establishing or enforcing ranked-choice voting.
Apr 09 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To State Government Finance And Elections
Apr 09 2021
HF 2444 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Wasioja Historic District preservation and enhancement funding provided, and money appropriated.
Apr 06 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Legacy Finance
Apr 06 2021
HF 2443 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Wasioja Historic District seminary ruins stabilization funding provided, and money appropriated.
Apr 06 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Legacy Finance
Apr 06 2021
HF 2387 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Town approval required before a county road is reverted to the town, rural residential district speed limit amended, utility requirements for road restoration after excavation or other use amended.
Mar 23 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Transportation Finance And Policy
Mar 23 2021
HF 81 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Minnesota Board of Pharmacy requested to establish pharmacogenomics (PGx) task force, report required, and money appropriated.
Jan 14 2021 Committee Report, To Adopt As Amended And Re-Refer To Health Finance And Policy
Mar 18 2021
HF 2202 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Legislature required three-fifths majority approval to extend peacetime emergencies beyond 30 days.
Mar 15 2021 Author Added Poston
Mar 18 2021
HF 1966 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Redevelopment grants and demolition loans, Minnesota investment fund, and job creation fund funding provided; and money appropriated.
Mar 08 2021 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Workforce And Business Development Finance And Policy
Mar 08 2021
HF 1449 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Deaf and hard-of-hearing student and for oral/aural deaf education licensure requirements modified, rulemaking authorizing, and report required.
Feb 22 2021 Author Added Baker
Mar 04 2021
HF 548 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Historic structure rehabilitation tax credit sunset extended.
Feb 01 2021 Author Added Ecklund
Mar 01 2021
HF 1469 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Minneapolis City Council annual salary of members prohibited from exceeding the state median household income.
Feb 22 2021 Authors Added Scott, Gruenhagen, Anderson, Mcdonald, Pfarr, Quam
Feb 25 2021
HF 540 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Commercial-industrial property market value portion exempted from city levy.
Feb 01 2021 Author Added Lucero
Feb 25 2021
HF 83 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Electronic benefit transfer cards use modified.
Jan 14 2021 Author Added Lucero
Feb 25 2021
HF 227 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Public union release time restricted.
Jan 21 2021 Author Added Lucero
Feb 25 2021

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