Minnesota Bills

sponsored by Lisa Demuth

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HF 1148 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Renewable energy requirements modified for state-funded construction projects.
Feb 01 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Climate And Energy Finance And Policy
Feb 01 2023
HF 356 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Firearms; law clarified on use of force in defense of home and person, self-defense and defense of home laws codified and extended, common law duty to retreat in cases of self-defense outside the home eliminated, boundaries of dwelling for purposes of self-defense expanded, presumption created in case of a person entering a dwelling or occupied vehicle by stealth or force, and rights available to a person in that person's dwelling extended to a person defending against entry of that person's occupied vehicle.
Jan 17 2023 Author Added Robbins
Feb 01 2023
HF 1121 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Right established for the legislature to intervene in actions where validity of statute is challenged.
Feb 01 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To State And Local Government Finance And Policy
Feb 01 2023
HF 1109 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Education savings accounts established, and rules required.
Feb 01 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Education Policy
Feb 01 2023
HF 1060 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Property tax provisions modified, and disabled veterans' homestead market value exclusion spousal benefit modified.
Jan 30 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Veterans And Military Affairs Finance And Policy
Jan 30 2023
HF 327 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Closure of shooting ranges prohibited during a state emergency.
Jan 11 2023 Author Added Schultz
Jan 25 2023
HF 461 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Aquatic invasive species grant appropriation availability extended.
Jan 17 2023 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Environment And Natural Resources Finance And Policy
Jan 17 2023
HF 136 (2023-2024 Regular Session)
Individual income tax provisions modified, and unlimited Social Security subtraction allowed.
Jan 09 2023 Author Added Bakeberg
Jan 17 2023
SF 3372 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research and caregiver support programs appropriation
Feb 21 2022 Effective Date 07/01/22
Jul 01 2022
HF 371 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Legislature permitted to terminate any order or rule promulgated by governor if peacetime emergency is continued for more than 30 days.
Jan 28 2021 Author Added Rasmusson
May 19 2022
HF 4830 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Rockville; local sales tax authority modified.
Apr 26 2022 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Taxes
Apr 26 2022
HF 3206 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Fuel consumer choice provided, rulemaking authority modified, and Clean Car rules eliminated.
Feb 10 2022 Authors Added Robbins, Demuth
Apr 24 2022
HF 330 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Catalytic converter purchase requirements established.
Jan 25 2021 Author Added Torkelson
Apr 24 2022
HR 11 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
A House resolution recognizing the first Thursday in May as a day of statewide prayer, fasting, and repentance.
Apr 24 2022 Resolution Referred To Rules And Legislative Administration
Apr 24 2022
HF 262 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Abortions prohibited when a fetal heartbeat is detected with certain exceptions, and penalties provided.
Jan 21 2021 Author Added Scott
Apr 21 2022
HF 2180 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Abortion facility licensure required, licensing fee required, and money appropriated.
Mar 15 2021 Authors Added Scott And Demuth
Apr 21 2022
HF 285 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Long-term care insurance credit expanded.
Jan 25 2021 Authors Added Scott And Demuth
Apr 21 2022
HF 4790 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Elections; various provisions modified including voter ID card, provisional ballots, absentee voting, and election expenses; criminal penalties increased; report required; and money appropriated.
Apr 08 2022 Author Added Daniels
Apr 21 2022
HF 3902 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Public pension income tax subtraction provided.
Mar 03 2022 Author Added Scott
Apr 21 2022
HF 1138 (2021-2022 Regular Session)
Burn victims and their families housing during treatment funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
Feb 15 2021 Author Added Demuth
Apr 21 2022

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