Minnesota Bills

sponsored by Matt D. Klein

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SF 2939 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Health boards unnecessary criminal background fee removal; occupational therapy clarifying, technical and conforming changes; social work practice requirements, licensing and regulatory provisions modification; dental employee licensure requirements modifications; reemploying retired members of PERA and MSRS for health care workers during peacetime emergency
Feb 11 2020 Effective Date Art. 1-4 08/01/20; Art. 5 05/13/20
Aug 01 2020
SF 1098 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency Act
Feb 11 2019 Effective Date 07/01/20
Jul 01 2020
SF 164 (2020, First Special Session)
Electronic monitoring requirements modification; board of executives for long-term service and supports fees modification; private cause of action for retaliation in certain long-term care settings establishment
Jun 19 2020 Referred To Rules And Administration
Jun 19 2020
SF 148 (2020, First Special Session)
COVID-19 emergency civil liability immunity for responder inability to provide certain care
Jun 19 2020 Referred To Rules And Administration
Jun 19 2020
SF 16 (2020, First Special Session)
Self-directed caregiver grants provisions modification
Jun 12 2020 Referred To Rules And Administration
Jun 12 2020
SF 3204 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Health care services utilization review and prior authorization requirements modification
Feb 17 2020 Secretary Of State, Filed 05/27/2020
May 27 2020
SF 13 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Omnibus health and human services bill
Jan 10 2019 Secretary Of State, Filed 05/27/2020
May 27 2020
SF 4603 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
COVID-19 criminal, civil, and administrative immunity to persons engaged in health care services during the peacetime public health emergency authorization
May 12 2020 Author Added Jensen
May 15 2020
SF 4616 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Class D drivers license road exams requirement
May 14 2020 Referred To Transportation Finance And Policy
May 14 2020
SF 463 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Tobacco in schools prohibition extension to charter schools; tobacco and tobacco-related products sale minimum age increase requirement
Jan 24 2019 Chief Author Added Chamberlain
May 13 2020
SF 3017 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Aging board self-directed caregiver grants requirements modifications
Feb 11 2020 Second Reading
Apr 30 2020
SF 4371 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Resolution memorializing Congress to overturn the United States Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC; requesting that Congress clarify that the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not the rights of artificial entities and that spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment asking that Congress propose a constitutional amendment to provide such clarification
Mar 16 2020 Author Added Wiklund
Apr 23 2020
SF 4455 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Resolution to ensure the United States Postal Service (USPS) remains an independent establishment of the federal government not subject to privatization
Apr 07 2020 Author Added Klein
Apr 14 2020
SF 4334 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Public health response contingency account money transfer authorization; health care response fund and provider grant loan program establishment; telemedicine services coverage authorization
Mar 16 2020 Returned From House
Mar 26 2020
SF 4332 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Crimes motivated by bias reporting expansion; crime of property damage motivated by bias modification; Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) board training update in recognizing, responding to, and reporting crimes of bias requirement; law enforcement agencies adoption of standard policies regarding crimes motivated by bias requirement; appropriating money
Mar 16 2020 Author Added Hawj
Mar 26 2020
SF 4375 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
County speed limits establishment authorization
Mar 16 2020 Referred To Transportation Finance And Policy
Mar 16 2020
SF 4338 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Tobacco in public schools prohibition exception for American Indian students
Mar 16 2020 Referred To Health And Human Services Finance And Policy
Mar 16 2020
SF 4374 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Electric bus grant program establishment and appropriation
Mar 16 2020 Referred To Transportation Finance And Policy
Mar 16 2020
SF 3400 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Pharmacy and provider choice related to prescribing and dispensing of biological products authorization
Feb 20 2020 Author Added Klein
Mar 16 2020
SF 1360 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Corn or soybean seed coated or treated with a neonicotinoid pesticide additional label statement requirement
Feb 18 2019 Author Added Klein
Mar 16 2020

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