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Minnesota Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
SF 4632 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Business in violation of peacetime emergency executive orders additional penalties imposition prohibition
May 17 2020 Referred To State Government Finance And Policy And Elections
May 17 2020
HF 4415 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
COVID-19; school closures and other amendments provided for due to COVID-19; calculation of school aids formulas due to COVID-19 clarified; forecast adjustments made to funding for general education, education excellence, teachers, special education, facilities, fund transfers and accounting, nutrition and libraries, early childhood, and community education and lifelong learning; responsibilities clarified for construction and skills trades career counseling services; operation referendum calculation clarified; and base appropriations adjusted.
Mar 11 2020 House Concurred And Repassed Bill
May 17 2020
SF 4149 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Schools energy conservation revolving loan fund establishment and appropriation
Mar 09 2020 Author Added Nelson
May 17 2020
SF 4630 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Electric cogeneration activities power purchase agreement authorization
May 17 2020 Referred To Energy And Utilities Finance And Policy
May 17 2020
SR 238 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
A Senate resolution relating to notifying the House of Representatives the Senate is about to adjourn sine die
May 17 2020 Adopted (Voice Vote)
May 17 2020
SF 4622 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Mayo Memorial on Capitol grounds bond issue and appropriation
May 15 2020 Authors Added Cohen; Nelson
May 17 2020
HF 2682 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Outdoor heritage fund funding provided, money appropriated for Medal of Honor memorial, and previous appropriations from legacy funds extended and modified.
Mar 25 2019 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
HF 4206 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
2020 Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted.
Mar 05 2020 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
HF 4500 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
COVID-19 grant extensions provided, and report required.
Mar 16 2020 Taken From Table
May 17 2020
SF 3331 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Electric utility program that encourages efficient lighting to include promotion of LEDs
Feb 20 2020 Hf Substituted Hf3230
May 17 2020
SF 3020 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
North Branch public utilities commission membership increase authorization
Feb 13 2020 Returned From House
May 17 2020
HF 1842 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Solar energy incentive program modified, various renewable energy and other energy-related programs established, utility filing governed, reports required, and money appropriated.
Feb 28 2019 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
SF 4629 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Constitutional amendment to limit the governor's emergency declaration to seven days prior to legislative approval
May 17 2020 Referred To State Government Finance And Policy And Elections
May 17 2020
SR 236 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
A Senate resolution congratulating Alan Haus and Dina Colville and the community volunteers of Marty, Minnesota, for receiving the Red Cross Community Hero award for their dedicated volunteer work in the wake of the Blackhawk helicopter crash in central Minnesota
May 17 2020 Referred To Rules And Administration
May 17 2020
SF 3443 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Modular home definition modification; manufactured home relocation trust fund assessment provision modification
Feb 20 2020 Returned From House
May 17 2020
SF 4564 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Coronavirus relief fund appropriation for counties, cities and towns distribution authorization; workers compensation COVID-19 reimbursements and appropriation
May 06 2020 Bill Passed
May 17 2020
SF 3808 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Minnesota state retirement system (MSRS) provisions permitting partial repayment of refunds repeal and administrative changes authorization
Mar 02 2020 Bill Was Passed
May 17 2020
HF 2542 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Minnesota Bond Allocation Act modified relating to housing bonds, manufactured home park lot rentals and sales modified, Housing Finance Agency tax credit allocations modified, eviction cases expungement allowed, residential lease agreement terms mandated, eviction data classified, and housing improvement areas expanded.
Mar 14 2019 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
SF 2898 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Hairstyling and makeup services licensing requirement exemption; appropriation modification
May 16 2019 Bill Was Passed
May 17 2020
HF 4601 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Human services commissioner required to award opiate epidemic response account grants.
Apr 28 2020 House Concurred And Repassed Bill
May 17 2020

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