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Minnesota Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
HF 4695 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
National Guard Blackhawk helicopter crash; a joint resolution honoring the community volunteers of Marty for their work following the crash.
May 17 2020 Introduction And First Reading, Referred To Rules And Legislative Administration
May 17 2020
SF 4554 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Gifted and talented programs increase funding and provisions modification
May 04 2020 Author Added Champion
May 17 2020
SF 4633 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Cosmetology board imposition of additional penalties for violation of executive peacetime executive orders prohibition
May 17 2020 Referred To State Government Finance And Policy And Elections
May 17 2020
SR 237 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
A Senate resolution relating to notifying the Governor the Senate is about to adjourn sine die
May 17 2020 Adopted (Voice Vote)
May 17 2020
HF 1842 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Solar energy incentive program modified, various renewable energy and other energy-related programs established, utility filing governed, reports required, and money appropriated.
Feb 28 2019 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
SF 3463 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Omnibus bonding bill
Feb 20 2020 Third Reading Failed To Pass
May 17 2020
SF 4483 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Olmsted county trunk highway #14 and county road #104 interchange construction bond issue and appropriation
Apr 16 2020 Author Added Nelson
May 17 2020
HF 2796 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Labor agreement and compensation plan ratified.
Apr 03 2019 Third Reading Passed As Amended
May 17 2020
SF 4631 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Joint resolution honoring the community volunteers of Marty, Minnesota, for their dedicated volunteer work in the wake of the Blackhawk helicopter crash in central Minnesota
May 17 2020 Referred To State Government Finance And Policy And Elections
May 17 2020
SF 3683 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Office of higher education policy, financial aid, institutional approval, and reporting modifications
Feb 27 2020 Bill Was Passed
May 17 2020
SF 2130 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Omnibus liquor bill
Mar 07 2019 Third Reading
May 17 2020
HF 3230 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Electric utility program that encourages efficient lighting amended to include LED promotion.
Feb 13 2020 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
HF 4597 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Revenue and reimbursement provisions modified, and discretion to the commission for operation of a card club granted.
Apr 28 2020 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
HF 4206 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
2020 Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted.
Mar 05 2020 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
SF 4564 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Coronavirus relief fund appropriation for counties, cities and towns distribution authorization; workers compensation COVID-19 reimbursements and appropriation
May 06 2020 Bill Passed
May 17 2020
SF 2898 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Hairstyling and makeup services licensing requirement exemption; appropriation modification
May 16 2019 Bill Was Passed
May 17 2020
SF 3443 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Modular home definition modification; manufactured home relocation trust fund assessment provision modification
Feb 20 2020 Returned From House
May 17 2020
SF 3020 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
North Branch public utilities commission membership increase authorization
Feb 13 2020 Returned From House
May 17 2020
HF 2682 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Outdoor heritage fund funding provided, money appropriated for Medal of Honor memorial, and previous appropriations from legacy funds extended and modified.
Mar 25 2019 Third Reading Passed
May 17 2020
SF 4622 (2019-2020 Regular Session)
Mayo Memorial on Capitol grounds bond issue and appropriation
May 15 2020 Authors Added Cohen; Nelson
May 17 2020

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