Missouri Bills

sponsored by Peter Merideth

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HB 1277 (2018 Regular Session)
Repeals the law that specifies that a person cannot be required to become or refrain from becoming a member of or paying dues to a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment
Dec 01 2017 Referred: Economic Development(H)
May 18 2018
HB 1429 (2018 Regular Session)
Authorizes a tax credit for donations to a homeless shelter
Dec 04 2017 Dropped From Calendar - Pursuant To House Rules (H)
Mar 27 2018
HB 1433 (2018 Regular Session)
Abolishes the death penalty in Missouri
Dec 04 2017 Referred: Crime Prevention And Public Safety(H)
May 07 2018
HB 1499 (2018 Regular Session)
Allows a health care provider to transfer a long-acting reversible contraceptive to a patient other than the patient to whom it was initially prescribed in certain circumstances
Dec 05 2017 Executive Session Held (S) - Voted Do Pass
May 02 2018
HB 1586 (2018 Regular Session)
Establishes the "Protestors' Bill of Rights"
Dec 11 2017 Referred: Crime Prevention And Public Safety(H)
May 18 2018
HB 1584 (2018 Regular Session)
Requires the secretary of state to establish a system for automatic voter registration
Dec 11 2017 Referred: Elections And Elected Officials(H)
May 18 2018
HB 1581 (2018 Regular Session)
Specifies that no individual shall be incarcerated for failure to pay a child support obligation
Dec 11 2017 Referred: Children And Families(H)
May 18 2018
HB 1582 (2018 Regular Session)
Requires the state board of education to terminate the transitional school board under certain circumstances
Dec 11 2017 Referred: Elementary And Secondary Education(H)
May 18 2018
HB 1592 (2018 Regular Session)
Requires reporting of lost or stolen firearms
Dec 11 2017 Referred: General Laws(H)
Feb 21 2018
HB 1583 (2018 Regular Session)
Requires the director of the department of public safety to initiate disciplinary action when the director is presented with any information demonstrating cause to discipline a peace officer licensee
Dec 11 2017 Referred: Crime Prevention And Public Safety(H)
May 18 2018
HB 1596 (2018 Regular Session)
Provides that certain mandatory minimum sentences may be discretionary and creates provisions when a person is eligible for a parole hearing
Dec 12 2017 Referred: Crime Prevention And Public Safety(H)
Feb 07 2018
HB 1739 (2018 Regular Session)
Allows the court to depart from minimum sentencing provisions in certain circumstances
Dec 21 2017 Second Read And Referred: Senate Judiciary And Civil And Criminal Jurisprudence(S)
May 08 2018
HB 1779 (2018 Regular Session)
Allows a victim or witness of a crime to be granted an automatic full order of protection if such victim or witness is fearful of his or her safety
Dec 27 2017 Referred: Judiciary(H)
Jan 24 2018
HB 1868 (2018 Regular Session)
Establishes a statewide hearing aid distribution program for low-come individuals
Jan 03 2018 Placed On Informal Calendar
May 14 2018
HB 2092 (2018 Regular Session)
Authorizes, upon voter approval, a ten-cent tax increase on motor fuel and twelve-cent tax increase on diesel fuel
Jan 10 2018 Referred: Rules - Administrative Oversight(H)
Mar 29 2018
HB 2100 (2018 Regular Session)
Modifies provisions relating to complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights regarding discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or gender identity
Jan 11 2018 Hcs Voted Do Pass (H)
May 16 2018
HB 2172 (2018 Regular Session)
Establishes the "Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act"
Jan 17 2018 Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)
Mar 27 2018
HB 2234 (2018 Regular Session)
Requires course materials and instruction relating to human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases to contain information about sexual harassment, sexual violence, and consent
Jan 23 2018 Dropped From Calendar - Pursuant To House Rules (H)
May 17 2018
HB 2506 (2018 Regular Session)
Provides processes for the recorder of deeds to record electronic documents and procedures for remote online notarization
Feb 20 2018 Reported Do Pass (H) - Ayes: 10 Noes: 0 Present: 2
Apr 05 2018
HB 2644 (2018 Regular Session)
Creates new provisions relating to sheltered workshops
Feb 28 2018 Second Read And Referred: Senate Education(S)
May 16 2018

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