Mississippi Bills

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HB 296 (2020 Regular Session)
Income tax; exclude from gross income compensation and income of honorable discharged veterans.

HB 257 (2020 Regular Session)
Mississippi Special Needs Housing Steering Council; create.

HB 271 (2020 Regular Session)
Life estates; authorize grantor to revoke at any time before his or her death.

HB 331 (2020 Regular Session)
Possession of cell phones and certain contraband by incarcerated offenders and correctional employees; provide enhanced penalty.

HB 334 (2020 Regular Session)
Bonds; authorize issuance to provide funds to school districts for vocational education improvements.

HB 243 (2020 Regular Session)
School board members; establish annual salary based on student enrollment.

HB 252 (2020 Regular Session)
Expungement; authorize automatically for first-time offenders.

HB 264 (2020 Regular Session)
Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol officers and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics officers; clarify salaries of.

HB 339 (2020 Regular Session)
Appropriations; MDES to fund Mississippi Works Career-Tech Scholars Program at community colleges.

HB 305 (2020 Regular Session)
Victims of crimes; authorize to choose the prosecutor of choice.

HB 298 (2020 Regular Session)
Bible courses; require the State Board of Education to develop a curriculum and guidelines for inclusion at the high school level.

HB 304 (2020 Regular Session)
Income tax; exclude overtime compensation from gross income.

HB 289 (2020 Regular Session)
Firearms; revise limits placed on counties and municipalities to regulate.

HB 247 (2020 Regular Session)
Bonds; authorize issuance to assist Holmes County with construction of a park.

HB 311 (2020 Regular Session)
Circuit and county courts; authorize to obtain certain mental health records for bond/sentencing hearings.

HB 321 (2020 Regular Session)
Student records; require school districts to store permanent and cumulative records in digital format.

HB 267 (2020 Regular Session)
School districts; require each school to have epinephrine auto-injectors and AEDs in every building and cafeteria.

HB 308 (2020 Regular Session)
Cash Deposit Bond; create supplemental provisions to existing law.

HC 12 (2020 Regular Session)
Joint Rules; adopt for 2020-2024 term.

HB 250 (2020 Regular Session)
Nursing homes; require to purchase and maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance.

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