Open States

Appropriations (House)


Name Role District Party
Holly Grange Member 20 Republican
Dana Bumgardner Member 109 Republican
William Brawley Vice Chairman 103 Republican
Carla D. Cunningham Member 106 Democratic
Evelyn Terry Member 71 Democratic
Shelly Willingham Member 23 Democratic
D. Craig Horn Vice Chairman 68 Republican
John A. Fraley Vice Chairman 95 Republican
David Rogers Member 112 Republican
Debra Conrad Member 74 Republican
Pat B Hurley Vice Chairman 70 Republican
Charles Graham Member 47 Democratic
Verla Insko Member 56 Democratic
John R. Bell, IV Member 10 Republican
George Graham Member 12 Democratic
Kevin Corbin Member 120 Republican
Kyle Hall Vice Chairman 91 Republican
William D Brisson Vice Chairman 22 Republican
John Faircloth Chairman 61 Republican
Gale Adcock Member 41 Democratic
Henry M Michaux Jr. Member 31 Democratic
Beverly G. Boswell Member 6 Republican
Lee Zachary Member 73 Republican
Phil R Shepard Vice Chairman 15 Republican
Chuck McGrady Chairman 117 Republican
Frank Iler Vice Chairman 17 Republican
Hugh Blackwell Vice Chairman 86 Republican
Brian Turner Member 116 Democratic
Duane Hall Member 11 Democratic
Amos L. Quick, III Member 58 Democratic
Pricey Harrison Member 57 Democratic
Rosa U Gill Member 33 Democratic
MaryAnn Black Member 29 Democratic
Grier Martin Member 34 Democratic
Jeffrey Elmore Vice Chairman 94 Republican
Sam Watford Member 80 Republican
Larry M Bell Member 21 Democratic
Brenden Jones Member Not available Not available
John Ager Member 115 Democratic
Cecil Brockman Member 60 Democratic
Marvin W Lucas Member 42 Democratic
Dean Arp Chairman 69 Republican
William O. Richardson Member 44 Democratic
Elmer Floyd Member 43 Democratic
Michele D. Presnell Vice Chairman 118 Republican
Josh Dobson Vice Chairman 85 Republican
Mitchell S Setzer Member 89 Republican
Michael H Wray Member 27 Democratic
Dennis Riddell Vice Chairman 64 Republican
Jimmy Dixon Vice Chairman 4 Republican
Susan C Fisher Member 114 Democratic
Mark Brody Member 55 Republican
George G Cleveland Vice Chairman 14 Republican
Beverly M Earle Member 101 Democratic
Joe John Member 40 Democratic
Ted Davis, Jr. Vice Chairman 19 Republican
Michael Speciale Member 3 Republican
James L Boles Jr. Vice Chairman 52 Republican
David R. Lewis Vice Chairman 53 Republican
Terry E. Garrison Member 32 Democratic
John Autry Member 100 Democratic
John Sauls Member 51 Republican
Andy Dulin Member 104 Republican
Justin P Burr Chairman 67 Republican
Linda P Johnson Chairman 83 Republican
Stephen M. Ross Vice Chairman 63 Republican
Jean Farmer-Butterfield Member 24 Democratic
Donny Lambeth Chairman 75 Republican
Mike Clampitt Member 119 Republican
Allen McNeill Vice Chairman 78 Republican
Jason Saine Vice Chairman 97 Republican
Bob Muller Member 16 Republican
Cynthia Ball Member 49 Democratic
Carl Ford Member 76 Republican
Bobbie Richardson Member 7 Democratic
Garland E Pierce Member 48 Democratic
Sarah Stevens Member 90 Republican
Jon Hardister Vice Chairman 59 Republican
Larry Yarborough Member 2 Republican
John A Torbett Vice Chairman 108 Republican
Mary Belk Member 88 Democratic
Darren G Jackson Vice Chairman 39 Democratic
Chris Malone Vice Chairman 35 Republican
Larry C. Strickland Member 28 Republican
Larry G. Pittman Member 82 Republican
Pat McElraft Vice Chairman 13 Republican
R.Turner Vice Chairman Not available Not available
Howard J. Hunter, III Member 5 Democratic
Gregory F. Murphy, MD Vice Chairman 9 Republican
Nelson Dollar Senior Chairman 36 Republican
Larry W. Potts Member 81 Republican
Donna McDowell White Member 26 Republican


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