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New Hampshire Committees

Chamber Name Members
Senate Capital Budget
House Children and Family Law
Senate Commerce
House Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Senate Committee Of Conference [data not yet available]
House Committee of Conference [data not yet available]
House Criminal Justice and Public Safety
House Education
Senate Education
House Election Law
Senate Election Law and Internal Affairs
Senate Energy and Natural Resources
House Environment and Agriculture
Senate Executive Departments and Administration
House Executive Departments and Administration
House Finance
Senate Finance
House Fish and Game and Marine Resources
Senate Health and Human Services
House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs
House Judiciary
Senate Judiciary
House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services
House Legislative Administration
House Municipal and County Government
House No Committee Assignment [data not yet available]
House Public Works and Highways
Senate Public and Municipal Affairs
House Resources, Recreation and Development
House Rules
Senate Rules and Enrolled Bills
Senate Rules, Enrolled Bills and Internal Affairs [data not yet available]
House Science, Technology and Energy
Senate Special Committee [data not yet available]
House Special Committee on Public Employee Pension Plans [data not yet available]
House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs
House Transportation
Senate Transportation
Senate Ways and Means
House Ways and Means