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A 4864 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Makes FY 2021 supplemental appropriation of $3,000,000 to DHS for temporary 25 percent increase to certain assisted living resident provider in Medicaid.*
Oct 22 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.186.
Jul 23 2021
S 854 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
"Laura Wooten's Law"; Requires civics instruction in middle school; authorizes New Jersey Center for Civic Education to provide curricula, professional development and technical assistance for middle and high school civics.*
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.185.
Jul 23 2021
S 1558 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires automobile insurers to disclose policy limits upon request by an attorney under certain circumstances.
Feb 13 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.177.
Jul 22 2021
A 5343 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires public community water systems to inventory and replace lead service lines within 10 years; provides for recoupment of costs by investor-owned public water systems.*
Feb 22 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.183.
Jul 22 2021
A 5758 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Provides funding for experiential housing advocacy programs to provide legal services for low- and moderate-income tenants in need of housing assistance; appropriates $2 million. *
May 17 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.181.
Jul 22 2021
A 5407 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Removes restrictions on special assessments and bond issuances for replacement of residential lead service lines; revises budgetary requirements for operators of certain water systems.*
Mar 01 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.184.
Jul 22 2021
A 4250 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Revises law concerning notaries and notarial acts; authorizes electronic signatures.
Jun 11 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.179.
Jul 22 2021
S 3926 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes certain offshore wind projects to construct power lines and obtain real property interests; grants BPU authority to supersede certain local governmental powers upon petition from offshore wind project.
Jun 10 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.178.
Jul 22 2021
S 961 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes annual grant program to recognize institutions of higher education that offer comprehensive array of veteran programs and services.*
Jan 27 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.176.
Jul 22 2021
S 1147 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires lead paint inspection on certain residential rental property, including upon tenant turnover; establishes lead-based paint hazard education program; appropriates $3,900,000. *
Feb 03 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.182.
Jul 22 2021
A 5310 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Increases limit on number of social affairs permits that can be issued for one premises from 25 to 52 for designated premises owned by municipality or for event sponsored by municipality.*
Jan 29 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.180.
Jul 22 2021
S 956 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Extends veterans' property tax exemption to tenant shareholders in cooperatives and mutual housing corporations.
Jan 27 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.175.
Jul 22 2021
S 278 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes certain rights for students with military obligations attending public institutions of higher education and permits late registration for students with military obligations.*
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.174.
Jul 22 2021
S 3982 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Makes $135 million in federal funds available to EDA to support eligible entities impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.
Jun 17 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.173.
Jul 21 2021
S 2503 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Increases strangulation assault to crime of second degree.
May 28 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.172.
Jul 12 2021
S 3223 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes numerical requirements and zoning standards for installation of electric vehicle supply equipment and Make-Ready parking spaces. *
Dec 07 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.171.
Jul 09 2021
A 4554 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes successor program to solar renewable energy certificate program in BPU, including solicitation process for certain solar power generation facilities. *
Aug 24 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.169.
Jul 09 2021
A 1653 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Encourages development of zero-emission vehicle fueling and charging infrastructure in redevelopment projects.
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.168.
Jul 09 2021
A 5434 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes dual-use solar project pilot program for unpreserved farmland; allows land used for dual-use solar project to be eligible for farmland assessment under certain conditions.
Mar 08 2021 Approved P.L.2021, C.170.
Jul 09 2021
A 1171 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to create Statewide database of certified payroll information for public works projects.
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.164.
Jul 08 2021

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